Sales Call Techniques that Convert Prospects to Clients


Sales Calls Techniques that Convert Prospects to Clients
Making sales calls is a very real – and sometimes frustrating – part of running a business. But what if I told you that making successful sales calls doesn’t have to be that hard? If you spend hours booking and making sales calls, but they seldom convert into paying clients, then this course is for you. This course covers the 10 mistakes small service-based business owners make and how to reverse them!

Length of Training: 23:03

Enjoying successful sales calls requires a hard look at some of the mistakes you may be making when it comes to initial client communication. You will learn the 10 mistakes below that most entrepreneurs make when it comes to sales calls and how to fix them. As a result, you will not only enjoy your sales call process but you also convert more prospects to clients.

You will learn how to fix the top 10 mistakes most business owners make:

  1. You're giving away too much for free
  2. You're marketing to the wrong audience
  3. You're letting the prospect lead the conversation
  4. You aren't fully holding space for your client's needs
  5. You're making it too complicated for the client
  6. You aren't clear about your approach so the client can understand
  7. You're rushing through the benefits to get to the pricing
  8. You're avoiding talking about money objections
  9. You aren't outright asking for the sale
  10. You're waiting too long to follow up

Length of Training: 23:03

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