Mastering Time Management


Mastering Time Management – Learn to go from swamped to structured in 16 minutes

Length of Training: 16:06

Mastering Time Management - Learn to go from swamped to structured in 16 minutes

Time evades us, but only when we choose not to manage it effectively. We live in a world where the word “busy” has become a badge of honor. But take a moment to think about what busy really means to you. What might happen if you didn’t tether yourself to the importance of being busy? But rather focused on what truly managing your time would allow you to accomplish?

Length of Training: 16:06

Your hours and minutes matter! And how you use them impacts how you feel about your day. You can truly commit to the things that matter most when you understand the value of your time.

You will learn:

  • why you're more at risk of burn out if you don't manage your time well
  • how effective most people are in an 8-hour workday
  • why "time is money" is a BS statement
  • how to start time blocking (and what time blocking even is)
  • how to structure your work hours so you have enough time to work on your business, help your clients, and have time for you
  • my 4 rules for time management and how they can drastically change your productivity

What one client had to say about this training: "This tool is the best thing ever. Just the ability to know I have scheduled time waiting in certain areas is life-changing. And I don't say that lightly; literally, I have felt a huge stress relief just by learning this one simple thing."

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