3-Month Private Group Coaching Intensive

You work hard to serve as many clients as possible and you’re famous for giving away your time. The problem is, there is only so much of you to go around. Owning a business can feel like you’re working in a bubble. Trial and error. Rinse and repeat. Some days you just want to have someone to bounce ideas off of, to help you figure out what to do next, and to celebrate with you.

This program is for you if you’re a holistic, creative, or service-based entrepreneur who wants to simplify (and clarify) your offerings and get your processes organized so you can work less, and create consistent income.

What if you had a support group guiding your strategy and next steps for 3 solid months? MAGIC!

Inside the Momentum Masters Program

What You Get

  • Group coaching 2x/mo
  • An intimate group setting of up to 10 business owners
  • Special guest expert masterclasses
  • One 90-minute private deep dive call with Katie
  • Private online support group
  • Only available limited times per year

Who You Are

Momentum Masters is where you need to be if you …

  • have clients booked but want more
  • are a verbal processor
  • work best with personal accountability
  • value feedback from others
  • have a vision but need the clarity and steps to get there!


My gift to you is the full Daily Business Momentum Program!

Access additional online self-guided training and resources whenever you need them. You gain access for the life of the program.

  • 30 Video Training Modules
  • 24 Resource Vaults
  • 24 Action Assignments

A $500 value!

My other gift to you is Conversations with the Masters!

As a member of the Momentum Masters group, you get access to all previous master training conversations and all future conversations.

  • Accessible in your client area
  • A full library of master trainings on a variety of topics from mindset to sales to social media and more!

I only run this program a few times a year and I only accept up to 10 entrepreneurs in each session. Don’t miss your chance to sign up or get on the waitlist! 

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Hello! I’m Coach Katie Craig and I’m here to help you create Daily Momentum.  

Building a business can be fun, rewarding, playful and full of freedom and joy. Simultaneously, it can also take a lot of work, vulnerability, long hours, soul-baring and courage. When you focus on a business that you care about – a business that solves a problem out in the world – your experience can be affirming and honestly, life-changing. For you and for your clients.

Over the last 14+ years, I have contracted with web marketing firms, prominent coaching teams and served hundreds of clients. I’ve also managed and designed websites, brands, and marketing pieces through my second company, Designed For Momentum, a boutique marketing firm. I’ve specialized in small, service-based, primarily holistic businesses for over a decade. I know what it means to you to truly be of service to your clients.

Sure, you have a life, a family and so many obligations. Yet something is tugging at you. That knowing that you can help in a bigger way. You are meant for more. There is a higher calling for you in this world – and you’re ready to answer the phone.

Now I’m Blushing ….

Katie is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, along with being a wonderful human. Her knowledge and coaching has been invaluable during this phase of leveling up my business. I am a new business owner, and Katie’s guidance has provided me the tools I need to be empowered and educated in my business’s growth. She values authenticity, creativity, fun, and potential, which I appreciate greatly. I love working with her and recommend anyone leveling up their business or looking for coaching to hire Katie. You will not regret it.
– Erika Shepard,

“Katie is brilliant and extremely capable. Her coaching style serves as a catalyst for creativity and brings greater clarity to every thought, purpose, and action. I highly recommend Katie. The benefits you receive from working with her have a value that goes beyond the physical product she delivers. Her sterling character and solid integrity encourage, motivate, and inspire.”

– Christine N. Schaubert, Trustee Leadership Training

“Katie was the calmness I needed in a whirlwind of unproductively yet tireless work hours.  Before Katie, my mind would jump from one project to another.  By the end of my work day, nothing was fully accomplished.  Katie helped give me structure.  We started with defining my ultimate goal and “releasing” those time-sucking activities that were robbing me of my success.  I was involved in four organizations because I didn’t want to say ‘no’ … not because they served my ultimate purpose.  With a clear vision – she helped me see where gaps were in my everyday business and crafted our conversations based on that.  My productivity in ‘new customers’  this month DOUBLED!”

– Mary Newsome, Facing It With Mary

The fact that I now have a business has been everything.  I never thought I could do this and still maintain my corporate and family life. This program had so much information, I think it will take a year to digest it all. There was no gap and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much. This was such a step by step process where I didn’t even know I was moving forward. I never felt pressure to jump into the deep end.
– Christy L., Sanctuary in the City

“I’ve worked with Katie for several years now, and it’s been invaluable to me and my business. I always walk away from our meetings feeling clear, prepared, and focused. She has helped me clarify and solidify my goals for my business, and she motivates me each month to come up with fresh ideas and inspiration to achieve those goals. She is the perfect mix of creative, patient, organized, inspirational, and grounded.”

– Cristin Gregory, Wellbeing Natural Health

“I have enjoyed working with Katie so much. She makes it fun and easy to work on my marketing. Our time together is organized, energizing and productive. Katie always pulls everything together so seamlessly!”
– Heather Wojick, Creative Design Solutions

“I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire program. The biggest thing is that it kept me focused on my business.  Which was amazing considering all the other things I had going on.”
– Megan H.

“I have waited two years to work with a coach/marketing professional because I was searching for the right fit. After my first meeting with Katie, I knew she would be the one to help me in taking my business/passion to the next level. Katie is an expert in her field and has provided me with the right marketing resources and tools specific to my business. Katie helps me establish monthly attainable goals to which I am focused, on task and prepared to accomplish. She keeps it real for me, which keeps me in balance and in harmony with my long term business goals. She is such an incredible encourager. Just when I feel like I haven’t accomplished all that I should have, Katie is quick to remind me just how far I have come and accomplished thus far. I love working with her and would recommend Katie to anyone wanting to grow a successful business.”

– Corrine Lewis, Simply Nutritious

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Not quite ready for this level of support? Are you working with a smaller budget?

That’s ok! Consider the Daily Business Momentum online self-guided program! You can sign up anytime and go at your own pace.