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Raise your hand if you felt confused in 2020

Marketing language can be super overwhelming. You’ve heard about lead magnets, funnels, opt-ins … but you’re wondering if you even really need them.  Or if you even have time to do it all. You’re nervous that you don’t have the money to hire someone to help with all this. And, frankly, technology sends you into overwhelm quicker than a kid who can’t open their snack pack.

Sheesh. It’s easy to feel like you’ve failed before you’ve even begun.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for MORE this year?

Money • Clients • Authority • Visibility • Clarity • Connection • Freedom • Momentum

Maybe you’re totally overwhelmed as you start marketing your business. Maybe you have been marketing for a while, you’ve hit that low hanging fruit of your close circle and you’re ready to expand your reach. Maybe you have had your business for a while but you’re still struggling with visibility. You are overwhelmed with marketing lingo. You don’t want to put all of your eggs into the social media basket. Truth be told, you really just want to do the thing you love to do! You want more aligned clients and an easier process but you aren’t sure where to begin.

You could connect to potential clients easier because your content reflected your truest voice.

You didn’t need all the fancy funnels because your marketing was organic and easy for you.

Your processes were smooth and easy for clients to say YES to because of your clear message.

You understood how to make one piece of content work for you in multiple ways to save you time.

You didn’t have to pull all of the weight because your clients helped you grow your business daily.

All of this is possible for you.



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to inspire simple, actionable steps to connect to your worth, increase your visibility, and create more prospects.



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Tips and Teachables
to help you master your time, simplify your processes, attract aligned clients, and create more leads for your business.

If you’re ready to take action to show up and accelerate your business, then this 10-day challenge is for YOU, my friend!

Tips are delivered to your inbox each day for 10 days. After the challenge is complete, you can log in to your client portal to access the videos at any time. 

Magnetizing Leads

Learn 10 simple ways to go beyond social media to attract clients. Simplify your marketing and become a magnet for leads.

“In working with Katie, I accomplished in less than four months what had taken me years trying to do on my own and would have taken me more years to implement without her help!”

– Steve Strother, Men’s Coach
Finding Men’s Peace

“Where do I start?”

This is often what I hear from clients.

You know where you want to go. You’re tapped into the work you want to do. You know what you’re good at. It’s getting it out there that is scary, overwhelming, and sometimes downright confusing.

I hear you. It can be harrrd to gain traction.

Hey. I’m Katie and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be paralyzed with fear or overwhelm around marketing.

During this challenge, you’ll receive marketing avenues each day, prompts to make sense of the overwhelm, tried and tested strategies that I’ve used for over a decade with clients, and ideas to turn up the dial on your marketing efforts in an easy and fun way.

This 10-day challenge is for you if …


You are just starting your business … and need a boost to get going.

You have been running a business … but it’s not going as well as you had hoped and you’re not sure why.

You know it’s time to expand … you’ve sold to your inner circle and now it’s time to grow.

You’re ready to grow … but you aren’t sure what to do next.

You need some inspiration … because you’re out of ideas.

You’re full of ideas and excitement … but are disorganized in your message and offerings.

Your business is service-based … not product-based.

You are a holistic or creative business.

“What is amazing about Katie is how deeply she listens to you and immediately connects with your major concerns. Not only did she validate where we are, she gave us tons of actionable steps. We now have everything in place we need to get a solid strategy in place.”

– Twila and Tim Smith

What do you need to do?

Set aside time to be willing to learn, make decisions, AND take action. After the challenge is over, keep implementing all that you learned for even more growth!

What can you expect?

Simple, actionable, quick tips to implement each day (and in the days beyond the challenge) to clarify your processes, attract aligned clients, and grow your biz!



Daily Tips

 Action Steps for Growth 

 Tips and Teachables

Tips are delivered to your inbox each day for 10 days. After the challenge is complete, you can log in to your client portal to access the videos at any time. 

Magnetizing Leads

Learn 10 simple ways to go beyond social media to attract clients. Simplify your marketing and become a magnet for leads.

“Katie is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, along with being a wonderful human. Her knowledge and coaching has been invaluable during this phase of leveling up my business. I am a new business owner, and Katie’s guidance has provided me the tools I need to be empowered and educated in my business’s growth. She values authenticity, creativity, fun, and potential, which I appreciate greatly. I love working with her and recommend anyone leveling up their business or looking for coaching to hire Katie. You will not regret it.”
– Erika Shepard, InnerFireWellnessNC.com

Have we met? I’m Coach Katie Craig and I’m here to help you create Daily Momentum.

I teach easy to implement strategies for business growth. I get your deep desire to make a change in the world. I also get how that change needs to be a profitable business.

My background is in marketing, graphic/web design, and coaching. So, my teaching style brings together the worlds of a marketing brain and a coaching brain. I have over 14 years of experience running two businesses. Over two decades, I’ve worked for design and web marketing agencies, served as a business coach on coaching teams and run Momentum Coaching. I’ve also managed and designed websites, brands, and marketing with my team through my second company, Designed For Momentum, which is a boutique marketing firm.

Building a business can be fun, rewarding, playful, and full of freedom and joy. Simultaneously, it can also take a lot of work, vulnerability, long hours, soul-baring, and courage. When you focus on a business that you care about – a business that solves a problem out in the world – your experience can be affirming and honestly, life-changing.

I’m super passionate about small, holistic, and creative service-based businesses and their impact on the world. I’m passionate about you finding your momentum.


What I want for YOU. Yes, YOU.

I want you to have a business that feels easy, comfortable, and joyful for you. I want you to express your passion for how you help people. I want you to find your voice in a way that feels natural so you become a magnet for your clients vs chasing marketing trends and feeling lost and frustrated. I want you to share your gifts and knowledge with the world. I want you to be in love with your clients. I want you to be proud of your offerings. I want you to know you are making an impact in the lives of others.