You always have the power to choose.


Choose love over desperation.
Choose patience over judgement.
Choose positive over stress.
Choose easy over hard.
Choose truth over ego.
Choose support over isolation.
Choose health over medicine.
Choose adventure over comfort.
Choose conversation over technology.
Choose kind over attractive.
Choose intuition over rationale.
Choose spontaneity over rigidity.
Choose freedom over control.
Choose receiving over taking.
Choose gratitude over resentment.
Choose interaction over media.
Choose joy over pain.
Choose expansion over protection.
Choose trust over skepticism.
Choose fact over assumption.
Choose questions over dictation.
Choose food over waste.
Choose community over independence.
Choose words over silence.
Choose humanity over detachment.
Choose honesty over protection.
Choose purpose over talent.
Choose knowledge. Not guesswork.


What will you choose today?