A space where community, education, growth, and marketing magic happens.


A space where community, education, growth, and marketing magic happens.

Thinking bigger starts with out-of-the-box ideas.

Lucky for you, I specialize in out-of-the-box ideas. 

I know that running a business can feel lonely. There are days you feel totally on point and other days where you feel completely lost. With all of the responsibility you carry, work can easily take over and life balance can take a back seat. If you’re a business owner, then at some point, you’ve felt worn down, out of balance, confused on how to get clients, and wishing you had someone to talk to about it.

You have probably …

✓ taken the workshops

✓ built the website

✓ had course overwhelm

✓ posted and pitched

✓ under-charged

✓ over-delivered

All you really want is to do the work you love. And, to have a community to tap into where growth, encouragement, and ideas are shared.

You long to connect with other business owners who get the holistic and creative space you play in. Who can talk strategy but also understand the growth potential of mindset and manifesting. You want balance and support within your business AND your life!

Maybe you’re a small business, just getting started, kicking the tires of this entrepreneurial journey. You need guidance and you want to learn the ropes from someone who has been there. You would also benefit from learning from other business owners who are in different stages.

Or, maybe you have had your business for a while but you’re still struggling. Some days you even consider just shutting the whole thing down. Things aren’t quite connecting but you aren’t sure why. You are overwhelmed and you just want to do the thing you love to do!

Are you ready for MORE this year?

Joy • Connection • Clients • Clarity • Authority • Freedom • Money • Visibility • Strategy • Momentum

You had a place where you could:

Experiment with business ideas and get feedback.

Learn how to set critical business (read: energetic) boundaries to establish balance.

Gain access to monthly training to grow gradually (instead of needing to do it all at once).

Have access to coaching when you’re feeling stuck.

Collect feedback before you launch, or, receive encouragement when you launch.

Welcome to the Collective



Group Coaching
Receive monthly coaching support when you need it to help you process ideas, blocks, and moments of up-leveling (woot!). Connect and learn from the journey of other business owners as you grow.



Guest experts will teach you business acceleration techniques each month.



Course Access
Gain access to the Daily Momentum Online Business Course to learn how to build a solid business foundation and create longevity.



Private Support
You choose the level of private support you need the most.

All tiers require a 6-month commitment. When your contract is complete, you can upgrade, downgrade, or move on. Whatever you need!

If you’re ready to show up, take action, and accelerate your business, then the collective is for YOU, my friend!

“In working with Katie, I accomplished in less than four months what had taken me years trying to do on my own and would have taken me more years to implement without her help!”

– Steve Strother, Men’s Coach
Finding Men’s Peace

“My brain feels chaotic.”

With so many options to market and grow a business, this is often what I hear from clients. 

You crave simplicity. You want to clarify your message, simplify your systems, and be able to articulate your offerings so that you can attract the clients you actually love to work with.

You wish you had a place you could go to learn, connect, and grow with other business owners who get you. You would love a place to access training, learn from experts, and explore collaborations.

You want to make more money, sure. But even more important to you is to feel joy while working in your zone of genius, transform work into play, and share your wisdom so you can change lives.

I think we might be kindred spirits.

Hey there, I’m Katie and I longed for this kind of community myself as I grew my business. For over a decade, I’ve been participating in and contributing to communities just like this. And, now, I’ve created my own.

You aren’t alone in this entrepreneurial journey. All entrepreneurs struggle with self-doubt, crickets, and limiting beliefs at times. We all walk the delicate tightrope of balancing work and life.

Not all entrepreneurs are willing to break through those obstacles though. If you’re willing and ready to move beyond the struggle to simplify your business, take action to become more visible, and play with how you market, I want to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join the Collective.

I am excited to welcome you to a new way to do business. A place where we set aside competition, hustling, and over-complication. A place where we embrace collaboration, ease, and supportive strategy.

The collective is for you if …


You are just starting your business … and need a boost to get going.

You have been running a business … but it’s not going as well as you had hoped and you’re not sure why.

You know it’s time to expand … you’ve sold to your inner circle and now it’s time to grow.

You’re ready to grow … but you aren’t sure what to do next.

You need some inspiration … because you’re out of ideas.

You’re full of ideas and excitement … but are disorganized in your message and offerings.

You’re considering throwing in the towel … but something keeps you holding on.

Your business is service-based … not product-based.

You are a holistic or creative business.

“What is amazing about Katie is how deeply she listens to you and immediately connects with your major concerns. Not only did she validate where we are, she gave us tons of actionable steps. We now have everything in place we need to get a solid strategy in place.”

– Twila and Tim Smith

I want to help you find Daily Momentum in your business. So you can reach more clients, find balance in your life, and do more of the work you love!


Choose the level of support you are craving.

 Contracts are active for 6-months. At the end of your contract, you can move up, down, or move on depending on what you need most at the time.

 Momentum Makers and Masters tiers are by application only. I support only a small, intimate group to ensure additional 1:1 support. If we’re full, you may join a waitlist. As spaces open up, you will receive an invitation to apply!

Join the Collective

What level of support are you craving?

*contracts are active for 6 months

Scared that you have to apply instead of just signing up? There's nothing to be scared of. Read more about why in the FAQs - I'm just selective over who gets one of the few available rockstar spots in the collective.


What if I'm craving 1:1 support?

Most of my coaching clients totally crave personal support. They know that they won't fully participate in an online course (if they even ever open it at all)! But they still want that information. 

If that sounds like you, then the Daily Momentum Collective is 100% for you. I'll provide personal support and point you to the modules or training in the course that you need the most.

If you know you need 1:1 coaching time with me, then I'd encourage you to apply to be a Momentum Maker or a Master. These two options provide you with the best level of access to me.

Why do I have to apply - is it crazy expensive?

Completely fair question, friend. Usually, if pricing isn't posted, it's because it's out of your league. I hope this isn't the case with mine!

I strive to keep my coaching accessible in some way no matter what your budget is. The reason for the application process is because I only allow a certain number of entrepreneurs in these groups. It's important to me to maintain an intimate setting where everyone feels that they have a voice. 

I also want to ensure that if you join the Collective, you're a good fit - and that I'm a good fit for you! 

What is the application process like?

Thanks for asking. This is a quick form, followed by a super no-pressure call. We will talk about cost and duration at the end of the call (it's what you really want to know anyway, right!?!), but I'll give you some time to think it over. There will be no pressure to commit right then and there. I am not in the business of convincing people to hand over their cash. Gross.

When you apply, you'll get a link to book a time in my schedule that works for you to set up an hour-long conversation. During our time together, we'll talk about your business, what you're struggling with, and where you'd like to go. My goal during this conversation is to understand you and your business to determine if you're a good fit for the collective. And, so you can feel out if what we offer is right for you, too!

I'll give you some time to think it over and make a decision that feels super aligned with where you want to go.

What if I can't afford to be a Momentum Maker or Master ... yet?

There's no shame in that! Not everyone is ready for a full-on coaching program. I know I wasn't for many years!

You may need a medium level of support, or the Momentum Maker option may be a perfect fit for you. If not, dig into the training library to see if you can find your answers there, too! 

I've set up different options intentionally for the different stages (and budgets) of my business owners. No matter what you choose, you'll receive support and education. When you're feeling ready, emotionally and financially, just upgrade your level of support!

What are Voxer and Marco Polo?

Voxer and Marco Polo are free apps. Voxer allows us to send voice and text messages kind of like a walkie-talkie (remember those - fun!). Marco Polo allows us to send video messages back and forth. These options just allow you to have access to me for immediate access to me with quick questions/thoughts/celebrations as you need them throughout our time together.

Do you only work with women?

I get this question a lot. So many coaches right now only support women. I coach both men and women. Please note, though, that if you are a man applying for the Collective, you need to understand, support, and connect to women! You've probably done some work on your emotional self, the balance of masculine and feminine, and find that your relationship to your business and clients has deeper roots. 

Is your approach more strategic or intuitive?

Both! I consider myself a grounded, intuitive soul. And, I often attract other grounded, intuitive souls. We'll talk tech and strategy for sure. But we will also talk about what your heart desires, who you connect with most, what emotions you're experiencing, and what your intuition is telling you.

There is a place for attraction, intuition, and spirituality in business. But, I also really believe in action, intention, and strategy, too!

Have we met? I’m Coach Katie Craig and I’m here to help you create Daily Momentum.

I teach easy to implement strategies for business growth. I get your deep desire to make a change in the world. I also get how that change needs to be a profitable business.

My background is in marketing, graphic/web design, and coaching. So, my teaching style brings together the worlds of a marketing brain and a coaching brain. I have over 14 years of experience running two businesses. Over two decades, I’ve worked for design and web marketing agencies, served as a business coach on coaching teams and run Momentum Coaching. I’ve also managed and designed websites, brands, and marketing with my team through my second company, Designed For Momentum, which is a boutique marketing firm.

Building a business can be fun, rewarding, playful, and full of freedom and joy. Simultaneously, it can also take a lot of work, vulnerability, long hours, soul-baring, and courage. When you focus on a business that you care about – a business that solves a problem out in the world – your experience can be affirming and honestly, life-changing.

I’m super passionate about small, holistic, and creative service-based businesses and their impact on the world. I’m passionate about you finding your momentum.


What I want for YOU. Yes, YOU.

I want you to have a business that feels easy, comfortable, and joyful for you. I want you to express your passion for how you help people. I want you to find your voice in a way that feels natural so you become a magnet for your clients vs chasing marketing trends and feeling lost and frustrated. I want you to share your gifts and knowledge with the world. I want you to be in love with your clients. I want you to be proud of your offerings. I want you to know you are making an impact in the lives of others.


Now I’m Blushing ….

“Katie is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, along with being a wonderful human. Her knowledge and coaching has been invaluable during this phase of leveling up my business. I am a new business owner, and Katie’s guidance has provided me the tools I need to be empowered and educated in my business’s growth. She values authenticity, creativity, fun, and potential, which I appreciate greatly. I love working with her and recommend anyone leveling up their business or looking for coaching to hire Katie. You will not regret it.”
– Erika Shepard,

“In working with Katie, I accomplished in less than four months what had taken me years trying to do on my own and would have taken me more years to implement without her help!  I have a fully operational business complete with a professional website, a well defined and strategic business funnel with product/service offerings, and a working strategy for building my email list and targeted marketing strategy.  And oh wow, don’t even get me started on the professional AND personal breakthroughs I have had while working with her.  Katie is a great business coach and talented branding expert!  I highly recommend that any budding entrepreneur or existing business owner looking to up-level their business work with her!”

– Steve Strother, Finding Men’s Peace

“Katie was the calmness I needed in a whirlwind of unproductively yet tireless work hours.  Before Katie, my mind would jump from one project to another.  By the end of my work day, nothing was fully accomplished.  Katie helped give me structure.  We started with defining my ultimate goal and “releasing” those time sucking activities that were robbing me of my success.  I was involved in four organizations because I didn’t want to say ‘no’ … not because they served my ultimate purpose.  With a clear vision – she helped me see where gaps were in my everyday business and crafted our conversations based on that.  My productivity in ‘new customers’  this month DOUBLED!”

– Mary Newsome, Facing It With Mary

“Katie is brilliant and extremely capable. Her coaching style serves as a catalyst for creativity and brings greater clarity to every thought, purpose, and action. I highly recommend Katie. The benefits you receive from working with her have a value that goes beyond the physical product she delivers. Her sterling character and solid integrity encourage, motivate, and inspire.”

– Christine N. Schaubert, Trustee Leadership Training

“The fact that I now have a business has been everything.  I never thought I could do this and still maintain my corporate and family life. This program had so much information, I think it will take a year to digest it all. There was no gap and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much. This was such a step-by-step process where I didn’t even know I was moving forward. I never felt pressured to jump into the deep end.”
– Christy L., Sanctuary In the City

“I’ve worked with Katie for several years now, and it’s been invaluable to me and my business. I always walk away from our meetings feeling clear, prepared, and focused. She has helped me clarify and solidify my goals for my business, and she motivates me each month to come up with fresh ideas and inspiration to achieve those goals. She is the perfect mix of creative, patient, organized, inspirational, and grounded.”

– Cristin Gregory, Wellbeing Natural Health

“I have enjoyed working with Katie so much. She makes it fun and easy to work on my marketing. Our time together is organized, energizing and productive. Katie always pulls everything together so seamlessly!”
– Heather Wojick, Creative Design Solutions

You mentioned access to the Daily Business Momentum Program

What’s the breakdown? Tell me all the things.

Take a quick behind the scenes tour of the program:

See What's Inside

Each lesson in the Daily Business Momentum Program focuses on a core topic that you will need to master to create longevity in your business. This program is a compilation of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of business (and what I wish I’d known when I got started).

How It Works

There are 6 lessons. Each lesson contains 5 video trainings. Each will take you about 10 mins (or less) to watch. You can fit them in on your lunch break or even a quick snack break!

What you get:

  • 6 Lessons 
  • 5 Video training modules per lesson
  • A dedicated resource vault for each training

This is NOT a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

If you’re considering the collective, we both need to know it’s right for you. So, I’ll be candid.

This is for you if …

  1. Your services have a creative or holistic focus
  2. You’ve sold to your inner circle and now you’re ready to expand
  3. You are super motivated and ready to take action but just need the steps to move forward and someone to hold you accountable
  4. You’re an attractor and manifest well
  5. You’re full of ideas and excitement about what you offer but are having trouble organizing your services
  6. You’re craving support, guidance, and better balance and boundaries
  7. You are a small business – 1-10 employees
  8. Your business is service-based (not product based)

This is NOT for you if …

  1. You aren’t willing to put in time and energy to truly see your business succeed
  2. You just want someone to do the work for you
  3. You aren’t open to the ideas of what intuition, manifestation, holistic health, and a grounded spirituality can do for you
  4. You feel like you need to do ALL of the things NOW and expect coaching to transport you “there” without any effort
  5. You’ve been toying with ideas for years and you are unable to make a decision