A think tank community for über-passionate entrepreneurs ready to stop doubting their abilities and start doing what they love with people they love.


A think tank community for über-passionate entrepreneurs ready to stop doubting their abilities and start doing what they love with people they love.


Connecting with leads and getting visible is about to get a whole lot easier.

Especially if the ways you’ve been told to market yourself just don’t jive with your vibe.

I see you trying to fit inside the “internet marketing box”. Trying to mold and shift to something that just doesn’t feel right to you.

You desperately want to “show up authentically” and get visible but the things you see the gurus doing don’t match the way you feel comfortable communicating.

And I know from experience that looks a little something like this:

Feeling lonely on the daily as you grind away, downloading yet another marketing freebie (that really…you’re probably not gonna use)…

Tinkering in the background of your business, pitching your best ideas to your dog (who seems underwhelmed to the say the least)…

Shame-spiraling when you peek into your Google Drive that’s got 6 unfinished courses just, well, sitting there…

Spending hours on what you’ve been told should work and feeling like you’ve got nothing to show for it.

All the while, you’re spinning your wheels and succumbing to “comparison-itis” watching your business heroes’ success (remember though – sometimes their “success” is just the highlight reel).

Making it in the online business world alone can feel like a maze (like … “The Shining” type of maze *shiver*)

In short, it’s hard to make it out with your confidence, integrity, and passion still intact (not to mention your bank account matching the effort you’re putting in).

So, if you’re currently wandering through the maze of things that are leading you to burnout, lack of balance, and, hey – maybe even just straight-up confusion, or worse, marketing paralysis …

Here’s what I can tell ya won’t work (and isn’t currently workin’) as you try to grow, scale, and really build momentum in your business:

(And, stick around. ‘Cause I’m about to pop the hood and show what actually will work)

Taking an advanced degrees’ worth of freebies, workshops, and courses (Hey – education is great! But, let’s be real here, you’re probably still stuck in the same places you were before you downloaded or bought those hot and cheap offers…)

Tinkering away to build that “perfect” website
(Your digital storefront is of, course, key in being able to show up online – but, without a plan for getting people to actually see it you might be the only one there to admire it. I should know – I build them.)

Buying into the idea that social media is a complete marketing plan
(Social media is just one tool in a whole tool shed of ways to “get out there” and trust me – always being “on” and engaging your people is a straight path to burnout.)

Cold pitching to bring in more leads
(You don’t love doing it and people don’t love receiving it…trust me–there’s a better, less gross way to get in front of your dream clients.)

Doing alllll the strategy with no implementation
(If you’re really honest with yourself, you generally know what you need to be doing, but actually doing it is another story!)

Under-charging and over-delivering
(You’re one of those “perfectionists” aren’t you? I’m a recovering one myself 🙃. But I’ve learned the best ways to give top-notch service AND get properly compensated for it doesn’t have to run you into the ground.) 

All you really want is to do the work you love and get paid well for it without selling your soul.

That’s more than possible for you! Intrigued? Keep reading…

You’re ready to:

Have deep, meaningful, and *productive* conversations with other business owners who get the growing pains of putting yourself out there. 

✅ Plan and implement a marketing strategy that works and feels freaking amazing to you

Silence the gremlins in your mind saying “it can’t be done” or “this just won’t work”. AKA get your mindset straight and start manifesting clients. 

✅ Create balance and get the support you need within your business (so you can *gasp* have a life outside of work)!

✅ Receive smart, custom guidance from experts who have been there. 

✅ Move from converting your first few clients to getting that waitlist full.

“I just want to emphasize that the collective has been the best thing to happen to us. I love being a part of it. I feel so supported, encouraged, and inspired. I can’t imagine doing this on my own. In fact, I shudder to think what this adventure would have been like without the collective. Thank you so much, Katie. You have been such a gift in our lives. There is so much overwhelm in this space with people offering courses and things. But the Collective feels different. It is based in community and growing together. I don’t ever want to be part of a huge cohort/master class again.”

Twila and Tim Smith

Horizon Digital Services

Are you ready for MORE this year?

Joy • Connection • Clients • Clarity • Authority • Freedom • Money • Visibility • Strategy • Momentum

The Collective is perfect for you if …


  • You are a creative service provider.
  • You value holistic approaches to life and business. 
  • You believe in the power of intention paired with action.
  • You are a grounded, intuitive soul. 
  • You crave the adventure of owning a business, but equally value the stability of strategy and a steady income.
  • You need community, inspiration, and accountability in your life.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to:

Tap into coaching support to outline a success strategy when you’re feeling stuck.

Experiment with business ideas and get feedback to end the crash and burn cycle of trial and error.

Learn how to set critical business (read: energetic) boundaries to establish balance for a business that supports your lifestyle. 

Gain access to expert masterclasses, accelerate your growth at your perfect pace (instead of feeling the pressure of needing to do it immediately after one webinar).

Increase your income with easy-to-implement strategies for sales calls, offering structures, getting leads, and communicating your message.

All that 👆? Totally possible inside The Collective: a 6-month supportive think tank surrounded by experts and business owners just like you.

So…if your hand is currently in the air like “Oh yes! This is what I’m looking for!”…

Then allow me to show you how we’re gonna seriously crank up your success and crank down the stress, burnout, and loneliness you’re currently pushing through.


The Daily Momentum Collective

‘Cause success happens day by day … The Collective is here to support you with the daily support, learning, community, and strategy you need to create … momentum


Group Coaching

Month 1: coaching support with Katie to help you process ideas, blocks, moments of up-leveling (aye!), and alignment with your goals.


Master Class Training
Month 2: guest experts. Guest experts will teach you business acceleration methods.


Live Audit Workshops
Month 3: live audits. Submit information about your business (social media, website, sales funnels, etc) to get live expert feedback on changes you could be making!


We will repeat the monthly cycle with fresh experts and audits. And, yes, of course, there will be recordings if you can’t make the live sessions!


Course Access

Gain access to my exclusive 6-Step Online Business strategy course to learn how to clarify your messaging, map out your offerings, create a marketing plan that feels like you – and get the support you need to actually get it done (hello accountability and bye-bye to uncompleted course material sitting on your desktop)!


If you’re ready to seriously accelerate your business growth, then The Daily Momentum Collective is for YOU, my friend!

“I’ve never been through a coaching program before. But after joining The Collective I am so glad I did. I’ve learned to become more confident in my offerings and how I present myself to clients. I used to always put my clients first, even if it meant I was drowning in my workload. Working with Katie and others in The Collective has shown me how to find a good balance and learn how to also take care of myself while still providing great services. I am super grateful for this group of wonderful people!”

Chelsee Lee

Virtual Services


Choose the level of support you are craving. It’s so important to me to have accessible offerings for various stages of business growth. You will have an opportunity to add private coaching if you wish – just ask! 

 Success doesn’t happen overnight. Progress takes time. That’s why we are together for 6 full months. Time to learn. Time to integrate. Time to evolve and grow.

I want to help you find Daily Momentum in your business. So you can reach more clients, find balance in your life, and do more of the work you love!

I want to help you find Daily Momentum in your business. So you can reach more clients, find balance in your life, and do more of the work you love!

Intrigued? Kidding – of course you are!

Check out what you get inside The Daily Momentum Collective

Momentum Seeker

  • Month 1: Group Session ($250 value)
    Group coaching with Katie to create alignment with your goals and set the tone for your business growth and personal expansion.
  • Month 2: Expert Masterclasses  ($250 value)
    Deep dive masterclasses from industry experts who will guide you through everything from mindset to the practical nuts and bolts of building and scaling your business.
  • Month 3: Live Audits ($250 value)
    One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is understanding what you're doing right/wrong! Guest experts will join us to do live audits of your progress in different areas of business (examples include your socials, copywriting, website, sales, self-care, and more).
  • Repeat. We will repeat the monthly cycle with fresh experts and audits. And, yes, of course, there will be recordings if you can't make the live sessions!
  • BONUS: Daily Momentum Business Course ($600 value)
    I'm including my secret sauce for you. This is my 6-step Bonus Daily Momentum Business Foundation Course which shares the 6 foundational steps I wish I knew when I started my business! I'll direct. you to those lessons throughout our time together. Specific deets are after the Q&A below.

Got Questions? I’ve got answers.

Click the + signs below to reveal my A’s to your Q’s!

How long is the commitment?

You’re in it to win it for a 6-month commitment! Success doesn’t happen overnight so give yourself a runway to create the type of momentum you need to move forward. I know, I know, I also wish I had a magic wand to change things overnight! 


Completely fair question, friend. The reason for the application process is simply because it’s extremely important to me to maintain a setting where everyone feels comfortable. I also want to ensure that if you join the Collective, you will gain what you are looking for!

What if I'm craving 1:1 support?

Most of my coaching clients totally crave personal support at one point or another. If you know that you won’t fully participate in an online course (if you even ever open it at all), then click here for a guided support option! You will still get access to the Collective, too!

What is the application process like?

Thanks for asking. This is a quick online form, followed by a free, no-obligation call.

When you apply, you’ll get a link to book a time in my schedule that works for you to set up a conversation. During our time together, we’ll talk about your business, what you’re struggling with, and where you’d like to go.

My goal during this conversation is to understand you and your business to determine if you’re a good fit for the collective. And, of course, so you can feel out if what I’m providing is right for you, too! We’ll talk through the different options to work with me and what I’m hearing will be the best fit for what you need.

You don’t have to make a decision right there on the call. I am not in the business of convincing people to hand over their cash. Gross. I’ll give you some time to think it over and make a decision that feels super aligned with where you want to go. I trust your intuition and your ability to decide if this feels like the right fit for you.

Do you only work with women?

I get this question a lot. So many coaches right now only support women (which is great for them!). I coach both men and women. Please note, though, that if you are a man applying for the Collective, you need to understand, support, and connect to women, too! You’ve probably done some work on your emotional self, the balance of masculine and feminine, and find that your relationship to your business and clients has deeper roots. You’re an emotionally available person. You probably don’t feel like you “fit” in other coaching models presented to you. You are a deep thinker and like to feel into your decisions and strategies.

Is your approach more strategic or intuitive?

Both! I consider myself a grounded, intuitive soul. And, I often attract other grounded, intuitive souls. We’ll talk technology and strategy for sure. But we will also talk about what your heart desires, who you connect with most, what emotions you’re experiencing, and what your intuition is telling you.

There is a place for attraction, intuition, and spirituality in business. But, I also really believe in action, intention, and strategy, too!

BONUS: Daily Momentum Business Course

**Included with The Daily Momentum Collective**

What’s the breakdown? Tell me all the things.

Each lesson in the Daily Business Momentum Program focuses on a core topic that you will need to master to create longevity in your business. This program is a compilation of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of business (and what I wish I’d known when I got started).

How It Works

There are 6 lessons total. Each lesson contains 5 video trainings. Each will take you about 10 mins (or less) to watch. You can fit them in on your lunch break or even a quick snack break! Each lesson has a resource vault and an action assignment to help you deepen your learning and apply it to your own business.

Here’s how we seriously kick up your momentum in 6 easy-to-implement modules

Lesson 1: Identify Your Audience

Understanding who you’re trying to connect with is a foundational component for any business. This is pivotal to breaking through the overwhelm of not knowing where to start. By identifying your audience, you can market more clearly to different audience segments based on what they need and want most. This will create a closer bond with your clients, a foundation of trust, and a clear YES when clients encounter your marketing.

Included Training:

  • Position Your Message
  • State Your Impact
  • Define Your Audience
  • Begin to Select Your Niche
  • Wrap Up

Lesson 2: Build Your Brand Story

Your brand story is your connection point to your client base. As they read (or view) your marketing, they will gain an understanding of what you offer, who you are, and what is important to you. If any of that is unclear or confusing, you will lose sales and turn people away. Learn how to clarify your brand and create a strong brand story.

Included Training: 

  • Choose Your Brand Focus
  • Develop Your Brand Story
  • Support Your Brand Message
  • Align With Your Brand’s Audience
  • Wrap Up

Lesson 3: Define Your Offering(s)

Too many businesses provide a confusing list of offerings. Either it’s too long or the offerings themselves aren’t understandable. Learn how to be a guide for your clients, so they clearly understand how working with you will benefit them, how to take the next steps to hire you, and what they can expect as they work with you.

Included Training: 

  • Get Clear on What You Are Selling
  • Define Your Clients’ Progress
  • Craft a Client Process
  • Test Your Market
  • Wrap Up

Lesson 4: Set Your Sales Strategy

“Sales” can feel like such a dirty word, can’t it? But sales create the lifeline for your business! Your business deserves attention, growth, and momentum. Learn to love your sales processes and financial growth. Get clear on how you will move a client through your offerings. Watch your sales and financial growth snap into place with organization, structure, and solid strategy.

Included Training: 

  • Define Your Sales Strategy
  • Map out Your Sales Process
  • Organize Your Sales and Prospecting
  • Tracking Financials & Analytics
  • Wrap Up

Lesson 5: Establish Your Systems

How can you structure your days, weeks, and months so that you have enough time to provide for your business AND your customers? Establish a strong system for managing all the business tasks you take on each day by building internal and external business systems. Create customer touch-points to make your customers feel supported and encourage return business. Build long-term success, not just quick wins.

Included Training: 

  • Master Time Management
  • Internal Business Systems
  • External Business Systems
  • Creating Return Business
  • Wrap Up

Lesson 6: Grow Your Business

Starting a business and getting a few clients isn’t too hard. But, keeping clients and structuring your business growth to create longevity and true momentum? That’s what creates a real business. Learn how to expand your marketing to create visibility. Your growth and success depend on a clear, recognizable message, strong marketing to get that message out in the world, and creating a strong community to generate leads.

Included Training: 

  • Design Your Free Opt-In
  • Brand With Consistency
  • Create Your Content Calendar
  • Build A Referral Network
  • Wrap Up

Take a quick behind the scenes tour of the program:

Hey there, passionate entrepreneur. I’m Katie. I think we might be kindred spirits.

I remember when I first got started in business – I longed for this kind of community myself as I grew my business. 

For over a decade, I’ve worked on coaching teams, and have been participating in and contributing to communities just like this. 

And, now, I’ve taken all that I’ve learned and created my own.

I’ve also spent close to two decades building print and web marketing. So, when you work with me, you get the one-two punch of a formally trained designer and a coach. That’s a power combo! 

Look, all entrepreneurs struggle with self-doubt, hearing crickets, and facing limiting beliefs at times. We all walk the delicate tightrope of balancing work and life.

Not all entrepreneurs are willing to break through those obstacles though.

If you’re willing and ready to simplify your business, take action to become more visible, and play with how you market, I want to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join me in the Collective.

I am excited to welcome you to a new way to do business. A place where we set aside competition, hustling, and over-complication. A place where we embrace collaboration, ease, and supportive strategy.

I am excited to welcome you to a new way to do business. A place where we set aside competition, hustling, and over-complication. A place where we embrace collaboration, ease, and supportive strategy.

What I want for YOU. Yes, YOU.

To have a business that feels easy, comfortable, and joyful for you. 

To express your passion for how you help people.

To find your voice in a way that feels natural so you become a magnet for your clients vs chasing marketing trends and feeling lost and frustrated. 

To share your gifts and knowledge with the world. I want you to be in love with your clients. 

To be proud of your offerings.

To know you are making an impact in the lives of others.

You ready to make that happen? Let’s do it.

Now I’m Blushing ….

“It surprised me how easy it all felt. How well it flowed out of me and into form. All the questions you asked were thought-provoking and really got me going. LOVED working with your supportive energy. Throughout the session, it became clear that there are multiple ways for me to be visible and vulnerable that don’t feel “difficult”, which actually excites me. It was so refreshing to be able to talk freely about what I do and have a magical maven like you to be my personal translator and cartographer. Having you fill that role really fired me up and got me excited. I now understand my offers, pricing, and how to share my special sauce with the beautiful women I’m honored to serve.”

Heather Dressel, Energy Doula


“The strategy sessions I had with Katie helped put a voice to what had been circling around in my head for weeks (probably months). I was feeling frustrated and a little defeated before our call and wasn’t really sure what to do next. Katie’s guidance and deep listening skills helped me sort through the noise and chatter and get clear on how to move forward with that small but important thing that had been keeping me stuck. The best part was that we worked on it in the session as opposed to adding it to my to-do list which meant I was ready to finally take that step I had been procrastinating on.

Having this piece clear and ready to go is literally the key to my next step in growing my business. I love the combination of Katie’s style, approach, and expertise. I honestly didn’t believe I would leave with that much clarity and energy to keep moving forward, she’s like a magical business angel. I truly adore her and anyone who works with her is very lucky.”

Elaine Zitner, Leadership Coach


“Katie was the calmness I needed in a whirlwind of unproductively yet tireless work hours.  Before Katie, my mind would jump from one project to another.  By the end of my work day, nothing was fully accomplished.  Katie helped give me structure.  We started with defining my ultimate goal and “releasing” those time-sucking activities that were robbing me of my success.  I was involved in four organizations because I didn’t want to say ‘no’ … not because they served my ultimate purpose.  With a clear vision – she helped me see where gaps were in my everyday business and crafted our conversations based on that.  My productivity in ‘new customers’  this month DOUBLED!”

Mary Newsome

Facing It With Mary

“I have enjoyed working with Katie so much. She makes it fun and easy to work on my marketing. Our time together is organized, energizing and productive. Katie always pulls everything together so seamlessly!”
Heather Wojick, Creative Design Solutions


“Katie is brilliant and extremely capable. Her coaching style serves as a catalyst for creativity and brings greater clarity to every thought, purpose, and action. I highly recommend Katie. The benefits you receive from working with her have a value that goes beyond the physical product she delivers. Her sterling character and solid integrity encourage, motivate, and inspire.”

Christine N. Schaubert, Trustee Leadership Training


“The strategy session so far exceeded anything we could hope for. It was so jam-packed with amazing insight. What is amazing about Katie is how deeply she listens to you and immediately connects with your major concerns. Not only did she validate where we are, she gave us tons of actionable steps. We now have everything we need to get a solid strategy in place for our new business.”

Twila and Tim Smith, Web Development


“When I needed to refocus and clarify my business, asking Katie to help was a no-brainer. She was gentle and adept at guiding me through what felt overwhelming. After working with Katie, I had clear ideas about not only how my process with clients was working, but also who I am as a practitioner and the services I offer. She is a masterful coach and a stellar human. If you’re on the fence, jump on over. Your business will soar.”

Dana Childs, Spiritual Intuitive. Energy Healer.


“A friend of mine who is also an entrepreneur recommended that I contact Katie for help in building a concept I had into an actual business.  This concept – life coaching for men – was something I had been thinking about doing for years but I had made almost no progress on it on my own during that time.  I knew that Katie was a good fit for me before the end of my initial one-hour consultation call.  I signed up for business coaching and branding services with Katie and I am so glad I did.  In less than four months I have taken that concept I have been thinking about for years to a fully launched and operational business complete with a professional website, a well defined and strategic business funnel with multiple equally well-defined product/service offerings, and a working strategy for building my email list in conjunction with a specific and targeted marketing strategy.  In working with Katie, I accomplished in less than four months what had taken me years trying to do on my own and would have taken me more years to implement without her help!  And oh wow, don’t even get me started on the professional AND personal breakthroughs I have had while working with her.  Katie is a great business coach and talented branding expert!  I highly recommend that any budding entrepreneur or existing business owner looking to up-level their business work with her!”

Steve Strother, Men's Coach


“The fact that I now have a business has been everything.  I never thought I could do this and still maintain my corporate and family life. This program had so much information, I think it will take a year to digest it all. There was no gap and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much. This was such a step-by-step process where I didn’t even know I was moving forward. I never felt pressured to jump into the deep end.”

Christy L.


“I’ve worked with Katie for several years now, and it’s been invaluable to me and my business. I always walk away from our meetings feeling clear, prepared, and focused. She has helped me clarify and solidify my goals for my business, and she motivates me each month to come up with fresh ideas and inspiration to achieve those goals. She is the perfect mix of creative, patient, organized, inspirational, and grounded.”

– Cristin Gregory, Wellbeing Natural Health