Sometimes we know all the answers but we just need someone to reflect them back to us.

I had an awesome strategy session today with an upcoming group member. She started sharing her details of her business and I was impressed by how organized she already was.

She was surprised, too, ha! Literally saying, “wow, I didn’t realize how clear I had gotten on this. I’m just not fully putting it in motion.”

I can relate to her experience today so much. I often can’t see the forest for the trees and need someone to voice my ideas with.

Isn’t that the true heart of what coaching does? Reflects back to us what we already know deep within.

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As a self-professed sticky noter, I needed help organizing my thoughts! I will create a process and then revert back to sticky notes or hand written pages that disappear in notebooks. Until I found the holy grail of notebooks! Meet @getrocketbook … your new business bestie.

1. Write your notes using their special (erasable!) pen.
2. Scan the page with their app.
3. Share it to you fav cloud service.
4. Erase the page and write again.

Notes can be filtered and searched. Pages can be erased and reused. I love it for to-do lists, project notes, brainstorming and client notes. And, yes, they have planners, too! Almost all of my clients get one of these as a gift if they’re paper and pen preferred business owners.

You’re welcome!

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Revising some of my trainings and came across these gems when it comes to picking a niche. I have a unique spin on niching down while not boxing yourself in 🙌🏼 A win for your marketing and a win for your wild spirit, too. ✨ ...

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Woke up this morning to several emails from clients requesting edits, changes, and additions to their projects. As well as a few requests for meetings to talk through upcoming changes. Clearly there are some fun shifts happening right now and ideas are popping!

If you’re working on some big shifts this year and you’re craving accountability, scheduled check ins, and guidance, check out the link in my bio to see what the Designed for Momentum Group Program is all about.

Many of the women who have already joined will be working on building courses, memberships, and even writing books! I’ll be providing guidance (coaching, content outlines, and tech set up) and goal tracking in our group sessions, as well as bringing in experts to help them achieve their vision. Plus, offering some mental recalibrations each month to ensure they’re nurturing themselves, too.

I’m so excited to get started in April! Ready to get Designed for Momentum? I have a few spots remaining if you’ve got some big goals nudging you to step into action this year.

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Just a gentle reminder for you.

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Vibe: just finished the brand new tech set up for my new group coaching platform. 😍🎉😍🎉 geeking out over here. Feeling good!!! I think I’m in love.

Only a few spots remaining if you’re on the fence. You’re a perfect fit if:

a) you’re a holistic business owner

b) you have a project (or projects) you want to implement between now and October and

c) you wish you had someone in your corner to help coach you. Implement technology and systems. And, keep you on track!

🎉 Link in my bio to learn more.

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Maybe you saw my post yesterday on why you might love as a holistic entrepreneur. Today I’m covering what you might fear. Check out the link in my bio about my new group program starting on April! I only have a few spots left! ...

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What might it feel like to have support and a place to check in on your goals each month for the next 7 months?

Spots are filling up quickly and I’m emailing my list this week, too! If you’re curious if the Designed for Momentum program is right for you, DM me or check the link in my bio.

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Encouraging you to work on your business endurance.

These are the things no one talks about with business. You’re sold “make six figures! Be your own boss! Do it overnight and quit your job!” Well, there’s also a reality to business. It’s 💯 worth it. But you have to factor in reality, too, because owning a business takes endurance.

🏃‍♀️ technology shifts
🏃‍♀️ content creation
🏃‍♀️ consistent networking
🏃‍♀️ hearing no
🏃‍♀️ juggling life and business
🏃‍♀️ not taking on every idea
🏃‍♀️ staying true to you
🏃‍♀️ not taking on every piece of feedback
🏃‍♀️ staying true to your vision
🏃‍♀️ adapting intelligently to new trends
🏃‍♀️ scaling over time

I have *HUGE* respect for my business clients who have stuck in the game for 10+ years. And, I try not to sugar coat it for my clients starting businesses.

Entrepreneurship has many benefits but you gotta have endurance to reap them, my friends!

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If you missed yesterday’s post, I shared 5 sucky things about the last 3 years that you might not know about me. Felt only right today to share 5 amazing things from the last 3 years that you may not know about me …

1. I had a baby! And she is freaking amazing. I adore watching her grow into her personality and putting her own spin on the world. Not to mention her sweet heart and adorable giggle.

2. Amid the pandemic, I launched a super successful series called Conversations with the Experts where I interviewed business experts to share with a free list to help small businesses grow during the transition to virtual work. Felt so good to be of service!

3. I’ve made space for a lot of family time. There was a fear within me as my parents got older (upper 70’s) that they wouldn’t have the same relationship with my daughter that they had with my brother’s kids. They ended up moving to be closer and I am maximizing my time with them! I love seeing them play with my daughter.

4. Last year, I invested in myself with a deep dive mentorship on developing my intuition. Big things opened up for me and I was awe-struck with what I was able to tap into. I can’t wait to use those tools with my clients moving forward.

5. I took a super relaxing getaway to both the mountains in NC, and to Mexico. One with the kiddo and one without. These were necessary for my brain to regroup.

There are so many more bright spots, too. I think I’m just beginning to really process the top 5 sucky points but these amazing moments have been holding me up and helping me keep moving forward. My momentum has been slow, but it’s still been moving. Some years are a fast train, others are a baby crawl. I’m (mostly) okay with either. My inner perfections would prefer a fast pace, of course.

Be patient with yourself. You’re learning every day to balance and grow.

Go at your own pace. Don’t pay attention to the pace others are going at. You’ll get “there” (wherever “there” is!) when the timing is right for you.

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Five sucky things about the last 3 years that you may not know about me:

1. I got pregnant 3 months before Covid shut down our world. Which means 6 months (and then about a year afterward) were spent pregnant or as a new Mom in isolation.

2. I only took 4 weeks off after having her before going back to work. Small business doesn’t stop!

3. My kiddo was pretty much a terrible sleeper until she was a little past 2 years old. Sleep deprivation sucks. A lot.

4. My kiddo was also non-stop sick between 1-2. And no, not in daycare or school yet.

5. In the last year, both of my parents have been hospitalized which was very scary. (They are both thankfully ok)

So when I say that I am starting to kind of feel like myself again, it’s a big statement. I feel like I’m stepping into flow again. Resting. Doing some things for me. Resetting my priorities. Refocusing on what brings me joy to do and to teach. It feels good!

Have you paused in the hustle and bustle of life lately to take a breathe and regroup? It’s not easy to set aside the time but I’m not sure I could have been as productive as I was the last few years if I hadn’t. And thank goodness for the amazing friends and family who surround me.

So please. Pause. Look at what you actually derive happiness from. Create some space if you’re stretched thin. Lean on the people closest to you. You deserve to feel supported.

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Just your daily reminder that you don’t have to have it all figured out or all perfect prior to getting started. One step at a time creates momentum.

#truthbetold 😏 Your best laid plans will change along the way anyway!

I recently saw a quote from someone out there from the book #atomichabits: “Focus on doing 1% better over and over again!”

Whoever posted that - thank you! It’s so true!

No one knows what the journey will fully look like when they start out. So commit to your idea and see it through. You’ll be rewarded 10 fold with learning, connections and the most amazing surprises along the way. Just keep taking the next step.

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I sat on my back porch several years ago with little more than an idea and a basic outline.

💥 All great ideas start this way. 💥

I was scared and overwhelmed with how (or if) I would create what I was contemplating.

I wanted to start a virtual course but didn’t know how. So, I pulled out my journal and started writing. My process is to always start by writing the questions I have. They are most often what’s keeping me stuck in inaction.

Once I know the questions to ask, then I prioritize them. Then I get to work researching or creating.

Of course, more questions come up along the way but I just keep writing them down and slowly working to answer them.

Out of this process came a 24 topic virtual course and a signature 1:1 program that I’ve been using in my business for many years. 🙌🏼

Now my brain is turning again. Out will come my notebook and questions will pour forth. I’ll probably reach out to some of you to help me understand.

If you’ve got some goals and ideas you want to tackle this year, send me a DM or click the link in my bio. I have a few spaces left in my 7-month Designed for Momentum Group starting in April. You might just surprise yourself on what you create!

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#noshame in finding space and time for you mamas!

Wherever you need to go, find a space that nurtures you. Two years ago, I had a new baby in the house, a newly working from home husband, and a nanny. Love them all but my house got small very fast and my car was my escape sometimes!

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When you first launch an offer, don`t overthink it. Spend the majority of your energy lining up with WHO the offer is for, WHAT problem you will solve for those clients, and HOW you`ll deliver the content.

It is 100% OK to run it bare bones the first time around. Learn from that experience and note what you would change as you go through it (because that’s inevitable).

Next time you launch, add a little more automation. Refine. Launch. Add flare. Refine. Launch. And onward.

Grow as you go. It doesn’t need to perfect right away. That’s called stalling 😜

Offers evolve. You evolve. That`s synergy!

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I love the occasional peek at my journey. Doing this allows me to recall all that I have accomplished. Despite having built and run numerous programs over the years, I often fail to acknowledge my own efforts. Ever feel like that?

Business is a gradual process, and success does not happen overnight. Even though Insta often makes it look like it does!

I continue to learn and evolve each day, and there is still much I need to discover. The most fulfilling aspect of #businessownership is the freedom to explore new opportunities at my own pace (unless the Universe has other plans, of course 😜).

As entrepreneurs, we are mostly navigating through uncharted territories, learning and growing as we go. Don`t be swayed by those who suggest otherwise! 💕

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Snapped my fingers and here we are on the cusp of March. So I’m here to ask: have you …

➡️ taken inventory of how you’re feeling?

➡️ aligned your actions with your goals for this year?

➡️ checked in on your financials and analytics?

➡️ updated your website and profiles to accurately communicate what you’re focused on?

This year has an exciting energy crackling to it. Do you feel it? ⚡️

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