There’s no simple answer to how to fill your offers. But these steps will get your mind right to start lining your actions up with the people meant to step in! They will you put in a positive space to receive, to speak about what you do, and to connect with the perfect potential clients 💕🙌🏼✨ ...

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You know those ideas you just can’t seem to let go of? Those are the embers that simmer within you until they spark enough to light a fire.

Your motivation, mindset and actions fan the flames.

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When I started by business, I hired a coach. We ended up going to a concert together and the musician did his final song to a cover of Seal’s song, Crazy. You know … “in a world full of people, only some want to fly. Isn’t that crazy?” She turned to me and said, “well if that isn’t a coaching song, I don’t know what is!!”

I think often of the risks we take to take flight in business since that moment back in 2006. There are a lot. And there is always a lot on the line. I think business owners are some of the most courageous souls out there.

Yesterday I got to try indoor skydiving. I had SO much fun. The biggest lessons to succeed at this wee parallel to my most favorite activities in life … rock climbing, parenting, cooking, hiking, new business ideas …

1. Relax. Nothing good happens from stress and tension. Do what you need to do to find some inner calm and relax into the process. You’ll have a much clearer mind.

2. Try something new. We are static creatures. We are meant to be dynamic and challenged. Play with new ideas and experiences. Life gets a lot more fun!

3. Listen to what feels natural. Don’t force things to happen. You *know* deep within what you’re capable of and what feels right. Don’t let your brain trick you into overthinking. You’re better at more than you give yourself credit for.

4. Have fun. Why else are we here?! 😘

And if you’re craving some adventure and fun, I highly recommend finding an iFly near you to literally get to fly for a bit! So awesome.

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I just cannot say enough amazing things about this course. Both of my parents have taken it. Becky breaks down super complex topics and makes them easy to follow and understand. My 80 year old parents both raves about how informative it was and started making immediate changes to their lifestyle.

Becky is in this to make a difference and when I say she is on a mission, I mean it! Her passion for improving cognitive function for those affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s, or brain trauma is incredible. She was such a pleasure to work with during this project.

Check out alzprogram.com to explore the course for you or a loved one!

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What have you do for YOU lately? Make some space this week to do something that brings you joy. ✨ ...

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Imposter syndrome triggers when we forget this. So if you’re feeling fears like

- I’m not enough
- what if it’s not perfect?
- what if I mess up?
- what if they judge me?


Take some deep breaths. Ground your energy. And remember to tap into and TRUST your intuition. It’s not about YOU. It’s about stepping back and allowing your wisdom, expertise, and training to flow through you. That’s divine intelligence embodied.

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When I was in my early 20s, I was suuuuper shy. Making friends after college was challenging for me.

I used to get frustrated when people learned I had just moved here and didn’t invite me to do things.

Then I had the realization that the road goes two ways! I had to make the effort, too. And be brave by asking people if they wanted to go on adventures or out to dinner, or go rock climbing. I had to be brave and ask them to be my friend.

Business isn’t all the different is it? We often sit quietly behind our screens wondering why more people don’t ask about our work and how we can help them.

In reality, we have to make the effort. Share what we do. Make invitations.

How would it feel to have a place to tap into every month where you could …
- explore new ideas
- meet new business owner friends
- learn something new
- ask questions
- take a breath

Pretty good, huh? I’m working on building just that. Stay tuned to learn more. Want to be part of it first? DM me “intrigued” and we’ll chat!

In the meantime, thanks for being my friend!

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Channeling this level of #innerpeace ...

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Some weeks I feel like a superhero. Other weeks I feel like I hand out headaches. This week? Superhero. ...

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What I told you the writing on the pavement wasn’t necessary?

Just a quick reminder today that your super powers are already activated inside of you. You just need to remember them.

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This was the highest compliment.

See, I have this weird knack for taking what you perceive as a mess and creating order out of it.

Felling lost/stuck/unsure how to proceed? Bring me allllll the pieces and I’ll show you how they fit together.

This is part of my superpower. 💪

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Deep soul breath. #peaceinthemindfirst #hardtoremember #mountainmama ...

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Just for funsies! ...

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There is just something about tilting my head to the sun … or the moon … and soaking up the light that recharges me. A rare cool summer morning and I’m savoring it! #moreofthisplease ...

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#intothewoods #naturehealsthesoul #moreofthisplease ...

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Sometimes it’s really hard to see beyond the weeds in your business. When that happens, pick up the phone and schedule a strategy session with your coach or call a friend who gets it! You don’t have to do it all alone. ...

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