Live Q&A success with @edtroxellcreativeig just now! Big theme?


Love these workshops where everyone walks away having learned something from someone else. 🙌🏼

The best part? It’s free and a way for us to give back to our small business communities.

Want in on the next one? DM me “I’m in!” And I’ll send you the interest list sign up. 👍🏼

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Progress doesn’t mean fast and furious!!

Momentum doesn’t all happen overnight!!

Content doesn’t have to be monumental!

Go at your own pace and remember how brilliant you are. All those little facts and tips that have accumulated over the years. One tiny tip can inspire someone’s progress.

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I’ve been getting a variety of marketing questions lately. My clients ... my friends with businesses ... seem to be “in process.”

You’re making progress but you’re stuck in certain areas like:
- the best way to film videos for social
- how to market a new program or course
- better ways these days to connect to your audience
- how to use AI to make your admin time easier
- getting admin processes in place to save you time

Sound at all familiar?

If so, I invite you to join me and biz coach @edtroxellcreativeig for a *free* open house Q&A session.

While I don’t get many “can I pick your brain” requests any more (thank goodness). I do get a few “I have a quick question” emails. You all know I love to serve our small business communities. So does Ed. It’s a value we share.

So, we wanted to host a “pick our brains” session where we will be live with you on zoom for an hour to answer whatever questions you have at the moment that are keeping you stuck.

Our goal is to help you move forward and find your momentum. And maybe meet some new friends along the way!

You have to register to join though! See you there! Link in comments!

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Having trouble keeping up with your #wordpressupdates ? DM me and I can send you some package information for done-for-you-services! ...

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This one is for my over-thinkers! It doesn’t have to be so hard. Here’s your invitation today to just Get. It. Started. The rest will fall into place. ...

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Nothing is perfect (especially my social media game). And that’s perfectly alright by me.

#sorrynotsorry #goodmorning #livemore

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Sound familiar?

Although mine often sounds like …
> what did I come in here for?
> what was I about to do?
> who do I need to call today?
> where am I going again?


But seriously … if your brain sounds like this and you’re feeling a little lost in the marketing space right now, join me and my friend @edtroxellcreativeig on Tuesday, June 4th from 1-2p EDT.

We’re hosting a *free* open house where you get to pick our business brains on everything marketing from video creation to tech to content creation. Anything you can think up! Bring it on!

✨ link here [https://bit.ly/4aqxyi6] and in the comments!

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Never underestimate a change in scenery. ...

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Posting this one for me today, too!

#dontquityourdaydream #daydreaming #ideasthatmatter #ideasthatstick

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I’ve never been one to do surface level conversation. I love deep conversations.

Lately, my friends and I have had been talking about the incredibly insightful mirroring that happens when you have kids. Once you start explaining what feelings are, why things happen, what reactions mean … you start naturally turning inward and reflecting on the lessons that you learned through your life.

So I invite you to turn inward when you feel triggered or anxious about something.
- where did you learn that?
- who taught you to react that way?
- how did you learn to respond to that situation?
- if you could rewire your reaction, how would you prefer to react?

Just some #saturdaythoughts for ya!

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