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My heart was racing, my palms were sweating, my stomach was in knots. Self-doubt was raging. I was about to pitch a new coaching package to a huge corporation. I’d never done it before for such a large company but all the tools and structure existed in my 1:1 coaching. To calm my nerves, I took a deep breath, reminded myself of my own power, stepped into my true nature, and remembered this isn't about me.

This is about the potential client I'm about to talk to.

This is about the room of people I'm about to teach.

This is about the power of the potential collaboration I'm about to pitch.

This is how I would describe myself each time I pushed my comfort zone into new territory. Nervous, scared, and uncertain. But every time, I simply have to re-center the focus where it deserves to be. On the potential of the idea at hand. On the connection. On the need, I want and know I can fulfill.

Your life waits for you at the edge of your comfort zone. Whether you tiptoe or leap ... just move!

You can’t grow without fear.

Something inevitably happens when you ask yourself if it’s worth it. You reached your edge for a reason. You desired more SO MUCH, you manifested the potential for the next level of success.

Dare to wish. Dare to dream. Dare to grow. But do not let fear stop you. 💗Give me a 🙌🏼 in the comments if you pledge to push past the fear.

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What do you have now that you are thankful for? What more do you want to manifest?

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Name one thing you do so well that your family, colleagues or peers applaud you for it all the time. Is it hard to receive that compliment? Is it hard to embody it? To accept it? What can you start doing each day to habitually believe in this strength that others see in you?

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Just in case no one told you today. Because we all need a reminder sometimes.

And don’t you forget it! You are brilliant in every way. Talented. Gorgeous. Sought out. With genius ideas.

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I’ve always believed in rejuvenating through naps. It’s how I reset my brain between projects, regroup from stress and recharge my inspiration when I feel stuck. I’ve got two professionals showing me the tricks of the trade these days. 😴 #professionalnapper #businesscoach #intentionalbusiness #rechargeyoursoul #firsttimemom #maternityleave #allthesnuggles ...

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Sometimes you feel like you have it all together. Sometimes it feels like it's all falling apart. Either way, you're ok. I learned this when I started my business. There are organized seasons and there are total dropping-the-ball-nothing-is-working seasons. Everything works out. Sometimes timing just isn’t quite right. I’m learning this again now that I’m a new Mom. There are moments I feel like super woman and other times I feel totally overwhelmed. But I know it will all work out and I’ll figure it out. I trust myself to learn and correct my mistakes and do things better the next time. Do you trust your instincts and your ability to figure things out? Comment with a 🙌🏼 if so!

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This principle is so true in business - you market to what people seek, not necessarily what they need. But, it's also wildly true in personal relationships, too. This comes down to tough conversations with friends, spouses and family. What they need to hear isn't always aligned with the truth they're seeking. You have to strike a balance to truly connect with them. Sometimes people just need support. Sometimes they need truth. Be mindful enough to know the difference. When (and if) the path forward to help them get what they need makes sense, then you can offer to help.

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“You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.” Thank you Richard Bach!

Trust me. No, seriously, TRUST ME, when I say that the statement above is true. Can it be that easy? What’s the catch you ask? Simply this: sometimes once you begin pursuing the dreams you have, you realize that you don’t want them as much as you thought. And there is no guilt in that.

How can that be true, you ask? I know, I know. Dreams are supposed to be these heart wishes that you can’t live without. And sometimes they are. But we dream many things. Usually our dreams culminate in riches, the highest level of success or a fairy tale vision. That’s not bad necessarily, except sometimes we rise to that level, we work so hard and we realize that the fairy tale vision isn’t exactly based in reality. That’s why you hear musicians often climb to the top of the ladder and then not even want to play anymore. Or actors who take significant amounts of time off.

Have you taken a close look at your dreams? Make sure the reality matches the dream and don’t be afraid to adjust if you need to.

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Knowing when you're ready to expand your team or hire a professional can be tricky. Hint: it's usually before you're actually ready to spend the money!

But knowing the RIGHT contractor to hire is actually the key to a successful relationship with a small business contractor that you want to add to your team. AND having your brand story well established helps your contractors to be able to identify if they can meet your needs.

It's important to:
✅ Know the type of personality you work well with.
✅ Understand which tasks you are can't wait to step out of.
✅ Ask about the strengths of the person you're considering hiring.
✅ Look at what you currently manage that you feel someone else could do.
✅ Align with the right type of contractor for the tasks or projects you want to delegate.

My income increases every time I invest in a new team member to help me free up time, amplify my image and focus on my zone of genius. I cover how to do all of this (and more) in my latest blog.

Read it here: http://ed.gr/cibj0

If you have questions about expanding your team, send me a DM!

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Gracious this was a tough lesson for me. How about you? Ever try to make everyone happy and find that you're failing miserably? 🤚Yeahhhh, I've been there. Repeat after me, "I cannot be everything to everybody." Do your best. Speak your truth. Keep doing you. Life will align with what you want when you start living from that place.

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If someone says they’ve taught you all they can and you’re a master ... then it’s time to find a new teacher.

Are you being challenged by your mentors, supervisors, managers and bosses? If not, it may be time to prioritize your own growth with a change.

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Getting used to that #momlife What a special time bonding, learning to communicate, googling literally everything 🤣 I’ve never felt so loved up. My husband is (no shock here) a total rockstar who jumped right in. He’s an amazing Dad. We are already finding a routine which feels amazing. You know, I thought it would be hard to step away from work and set boundaries and enjoy this time. While I am still fielding questions from my team, they are amazing and getting everything done like total bosses. They’re only reaching out when necessary. Do you have a strong team helping you? Is it time to start growing a team? Click on the blog in my bio for tips on expanding your team and choosing the right contractors! I am so blessed to have them so I can focus on Harper and get my bearings as a momma. Wow, I’m a Mom. How surreal is that? I hope my clients like baby pictures because I feel a lot of them coming on! 🤣💕🤣💕 #newbornbabygirl #newmomlife #businesscoach #cantgetenoughsnuggles #mompreneur ...

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How do you actually choose a niche that will help grow your business? Start with what you're most passionate about. This is the topic you want to teach your audience about the most and the industry you want to be in. It's ok to start with a brainstorming list and then narrow down later.

Just because you could work with anyone, doesn't mean you'll enjoy working with anyone. We all have different personalities, you won't enjoy working with everyone. Think about your top five favorite clients or people and make a list of what they have in common. What problems are they struggling with that you can help solve?

Using the industry you want to work in, what you're passionate about teaching and the problem your ideal clients are facing, you can start to create your micro-niches or vertical markets. This is where the magic happens.

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Procrastination is often a sign to look closer at your habits or fears. Take some time to think about where you feel stuck. Then, set aside 10 minutes right now to be proactive about moving forward on a task you've procrastinated on. Break it down. What are 3 action steps you can take to move forward today?

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More often than not, I find my coaching clients aren't reaching their goals because their words and their actions aren't matching. To truly find success, you have to align your choices and actions with your intentions. It's NOT enough to just think about it. You have to work for it, too.

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You have the power every day to make progress. Even if you're only moving forward an inch. Those inches add up over time! Choose your power. Where can you take a step forward? What will you commit to getting done? Little by little you will see big results. Guaranteed.

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