Does anyone out there hate networking? 🙋🏻‍Introvert? 🙋🏻‍Clam up in a room full of people you don’t know? 🙋🏻‍

As an introvert, my least favorite thing to do in business is to be in a room full of people I don’t know.

So I’ve gotten creative over the years. I let the networking come to me. It suits my personality AND helps me network as an introvert with a business.

Want to know how? Click the link in my bio to read my blog on how to network when networking just isn’t your thing! 💗

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This is the difference between successful businesses and those that flounder.

Intention + Focus + Action

Each time I've up-leveled, I had to drop the comparison game and just go for it.

This included trusting my abilities, following the signs, taking the leap, and trusting I would find my way.

I'm not such a fan of "leap and the way will come." Been there. Done that. Have the scars to prove it.

I much prefer "leap and you will find your way."

How about you?

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WHY aren't my clients returning to work with me again?

I get asked this a lot by prospects and clients.

I can pretty much guarantee that one of two things are happening:
1. you aren't giving them an option to return that will further their growth (hello - it's time to create a new tier to your offerings - woohoo!)

2. your customer service game could use a little work (no judgment... I'm always tweaking mine!)

If this sounds like you give me a 🙊 in the comments.

I really just wanted to use that monkey emoji, hehe.

Customer service is CRUCIAL to your business growth. If you aren't a step ahead of your customers providing what they need, BEFORE they need it, then you may be turning an incredible experience into one that is just so-so.

Check out the latest blog for customer service tips ... Link is in my bio!

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Last chance! Are you joining me for the free 2-week challenge to learn how to become magnetic and connect with clients you love?

We start TOMORROW! I’m so excited to help you get organized around your marketing Time and energy.

I can’t wait to teach you how to become a magnet for leads.

I’m always busting with ideas for clients so I am ready to learn more about you and your business so we can brainstorm how to blow the lid off of your reach!

Are you in? Link to join is in my bio!

* ok, back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow 😉

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We start on Monday!

Just answering a few Q’s in case you’re curious!

Q: Is this date specific or can I join in a few weeks?
A: No. This is a 2-week challenge running from Jan 11th-22nd. You can absolutely join and do what you feel drawn to and save other prompts for the future if you don't have time. But at least you'll have access to all of the information! I'm not sure if or when I'll run this again.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: It's totally free! 2 weeks to access my tips, teachables, and coaching to help you accelerate your marketing as we kick off the year.

Q: I'm kind of terrified to work on my marketing. How hard will the challenge prompts be?
A: I am focusing this challenge on the easy places that most entrepreneurs overlook in their marketing to grow their business. We will not be talking about huge marketing structures! These
prompts should take you 10-30 minutes max each day (or save them for another day when you have more time even!).

Q: What's included again? And do I need to participate in everything?
A: You can choose to participate in the prompts that make sense for your business and join for the features that interest you.

Within the challenge you get:
• Daily coaching + marketing wisdom in the form on simple, actionable challenges delivered to your email (and in our FB group) each business day of the challenge.
• Action assignments to put what you're learning into play in your business.
• A private FB group to ask questions.
• 2 weekly hot seat zoom calls where you can ask questions and get coaching.
• Maybe a few extras and little gifts throughout the two weeks from me ... you'll have to join to see 😉

We're going to have a lot of fun. Click the link in my bio to see more details!

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Who is the 2-week Magnetizing Leads Challenge for?

Entrepreneurs who are …
- Creatives
- Focus on holistic health and healing
- Service-based
- Men OR women
- Nice, fun, and motivated 😉

What you get inside the challenge:
- Easy prompts each day to focus your marketing efforts
- Simple tips on how to make it easy for clients to hire you
- Tools to organize your thoughts about creating more clients
- Live zoom coaching calls
- Extra support in a private Facebook group

Challenges are only on business days and are not meant to be overwhelming or time-consuming! I want to teach you how to be smart about your marketing from now on and how to focus on the areas that you feel excited about.

Your marketing should feel like a reflection of you and be a tool to amplify your voice - not an endless to-do list that makes you tear out your hair!

Want in? I’d love to have you! Link to join me is in the comments!

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Does what you’re doing to create clients feel like FUN? If not, then you’re doing it wrong.

I’m a total introvert at heart. If you put me in a room full of people I don’t know (or an online forum), my voice feels tiny and I want to hide in the shadows.

I knew this about myself very early on in business.

I do social media (hi) but I don’t rely on it for lead generation in my business.

I have a funnel, but I don’t lean into it for sales (I know I could utilize it in a smarter way).

I send newsletters and blogs but took many years off until recently.

And, yet, I still grow my business - how?

I don’t rely on the marketing tactics that keep me hiding behind a screen. I employ some of them in my strategy, but I focus hard on creating connections.

I used to call myself the underground coach. I was 100% referral based. Charlotte’s best kept secret 🤫

Now I tend to be more visible but I’m still out there shouting what I do from the rooftops like some biz owners. It’s just not my style.

Sound familiar?

I’ll share my tricks with you in my free 2-week Magnetizing Leads Challenge (link to join is in my bio!) We start Monday!

I have reinvented ways to create clients to suit my personality many times over the 14 years I’ve been in business. I need to market in ways that excite me and help me feel connected. Not ways that feel overwhelming and time consuming.

If you’re looking for ways to get organized, simplify, break it down, and create a strategy ... then you want in on this.

You in? 💥 link is in my bio 💥 tune into igtv for more info in my latest vid!

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Last year. This year. What’s going on in our country right now. I’m exhausted (and not just because I have a 6 month old … though … yeah that, too).

My heart hurts for the unbelievable racism, lies, and injustice happening in our government right now. My empathic self is overwhelmed with emotions
which are exacerbated by sleeplessness and all the postpartum feels. My nervous
system is fighting hard to keep up with the stress of current events, heightened
sensitivity, a newborn, a pandemic, a change in leadership (thank goodness), and a lack of physical support to lean in to.

How are you holding up?

There is a LOT I cannot control. But, I always look to what I CAN. One thing that fills me up is serving my community of business owners. I see you out there. Making waves.
Speaking your truth.
Sharing your wisdom.

Do you find yourself craving ...

If you read that and thought, “yes, yes, yup, annnnnd yup! I need those things right now.” Well, hi. I’m Katie.

I’m opening up access to me and my coaching/branding brain for two weeks starting on Monday. I want to help you have a bigger voice. Make bigger change. Tackle what you can control.

I’m running a Jan challenge (Maybe you’ve heard of it 😉 to help you clarify your processes, attract aligned client and become a magnet for clients. In these chaotic, crazy moments, let’s come together with the change we know we have control over right now.

If you need a boost to accelerate your excitement and motivation as you start off the year in your business, and you’re craving connection with other business owners, then I invite you to join me. Link is in my bio and it’s totally free.

Regardless of this challenge, I believe in you and in our collective ability to create change.

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Your service is way too important to get discouraged over finding clients. Want a fresh perspective? I got you!

Let’s talk about the light and the dark side of getting clients as a small business.



1. Sharing your stories so you can connect with clients who are ready for transformation.

2. Exploring someone’s story to see if you’re a good fit for each other.

3. Finding a soul connection with clients you adore helping.

4. Seeing the breakthrough of hope for a prospect as soon as you have a sales call.

5. Hearing the YES! that turns a lead into a client.

(Which of these is your favorite feeling? Mine is the #4!)


1. Feeling like you’re talking to yourself as you market your services.

2. Drowning in overwhelm about what “marketing” even is - much less what to do next!

3. Trying and failing and trying again until you find what works.

4. Self doubt over whether anyone actually cares.

5. Giving away so much for free but not having paying clients.

(Which of these do you struggle with most? Mine is #4 with

Generating prospects for your business can feel lonely and sometimes hopeless. People take it for granted when they’re in sales and have qualified leads sent directly to them. Building a business with good prospects can be tough work!

But it’s not hopeless. Not by a long shot. Every light side has a dark side. When you’re experiencing the dark side, you’re learning.

Remember that you have control. When you set an intentional direction for your message and structure an organized, consistent and aligned plan, you can become a magnet for clients you love.

Join my 2-week Magnetizing Leads Challenge (link is in my bio!) to learn tips, tricks and teachables for creating a plan for 2021 that feels fun and bottomless when it comes to ideas and ways to connect. Questions? DM me!

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Becoming a magnet for the clients you love to work with ...

“I’m tired. I just want to do the work I love to do.”

This. This is what I hear most often from my clients when we start working together.

I get it. It can be exhausting when you feel like you’re pushing and creating content all the time and speaking to crickets.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a push.

🤔 What if it could be a pull?

🤔 What if everyone talked about what you offer and sent people to you?

🤔 On top of that, what if you ENJOYED the way in which you got your message out into the world?

Imagine that.

If you’re a #holisticbusiness or a #creativebusiness then you are delivering a service that needs to deeply connect with your audience. You know that your clients can’t just stay on the surface and
create transformation.

Neither can you or your marketing.

Becoming an entrepreneur is vulnerable, exciting, hard, fun, and sometimes exhausting! Am I right? But, when you dip into the truth of why you do the work you do ... when you connect to the heart of why your clients need your services ... when you speak from that truth and make it easy for them to buy?

🧲 That’s when you become magnetic.

If you aren’t sure how to organize your thoughts to share your journey, join me for the free 2-week Magnetizing Leads Challenge (maybe you’ve heard about it 😉) starting on Monday.

You’ve already got all that you need. You just need to tap into it.

Click on the link in my bio to join me!

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Today’s weather on New Year’s Eve feels a bit like how I feel inside.

As I look into the year ahead, life looks a bit foggy. As if I’m seeing my future through a veil. I see a faint outline of where I want to go. I know it’s out there. But, I’m also straining to see it clearly.

What will motherhood look like?
How will I shift and change?
How do I want my biz to adjust?
So many questions.

2020 was a year of surrender for me. Acting on what I could control and releasing the rest. Having a child meant wandering into a world of unknowns. For my body, my life, and my business. I took care of what I could and surrendered the rest.

I’ve been so humbled by how everything has unfolded this year. I did my best to trust that the right path would continue to show up - and it did.

Moving forward feels a bit like this as well. I know there’s a whole world out there and I trust that what’s next will reveal itself as I move forward.

I don’t need to see the way to know it’s out there. Waiting for me.

I just need to take action on what is tugging at me ... creating excitement ...

My challenge is releasing control of how it appears. This is actually an easier way - the way I’ve done it is surprisingly harder.

It’s c h a n g i n g that is the hard part. Rewiring my brain to let go and follow what excites me. Then releasing the need to hold on so tightly. Anyone relate?

On top of all the change I had personally happening this year, there has been an underlying tension in the atmosphere. Coronavirus, businesses closing, a rapid learning curve to conducting business online for my clients ... you all know. It’s been a lot.

Foggy or clear. Stormy or sunny. Your path is out there. Trust that. Just keep moving forward with what you can see or feel that you want. Just like the fog, the further forward you move, the clearer the path gets.

Keep going.

Trust your instincts.

Happy New Year!

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"Grrr. If only I'd known that my kiddo was only going to take a 3oz bottle, I wouldn't have made 6!"

"If I'd known that client was going to take 2 weeks to get back to me with their stuff, I would have shifted my production schedule differently."

"If I'd known people would have responded that way, I wouldn't have been so scared to put it out there! I would have done it years ago!"

These are all things I've said.

What I have come to learn in my own journey as a woman, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur - and through watching my clients throughout the years - is that control is a myth.

Life is messy.

My Mom always says, “if it isn’t messy, it isn’t fun.” I’ve learned to love that phrase more and more. I think she was referring to cooking, but I find it works in all areas of life.

You can't control much. But you can control how you respond to situations. Hindsight is amazing but you can't plan for what you'll see.

What I know to be true is that you do the best you can with what you know at the moment. Then do better when you know better.

It's okay to be wrong sometimes. To lose track of time and money sometimes. To misjudge a situation.

But when it comes to trying to control fear ... the truth is, when you are really, truly, finally ready to lay the fears that restrain you out in the light of day to get a good look at them, they become so much smaller. Once you can understand them and truly grasp the root of them, you will find they actually illuminate you. The power they once had morphs into a mighty steam engine of motivation to push you forward. Those fears, while still looming at first, will eventually melt away with each step you take forward.

Drop the need for control.
Plan to the best of your ability but then let it go and let the Universe step in.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Keep stepping forward.

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“In my life, I’ve discovered that if I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them.”
― Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

If you feel like something is not possible, you may feel panicked and, as a result, you may pick a direction – any direction – without thinking it through.

Often this means going backward or second-guessing the decision that just a few days ago you had fully committed to and had decided was your best option based on what you wanted most.

When this happens, what did you just do? You talked yourself out of something that could have been amazing for your wellbeing, your life, and your future. Often this occurs because you are trying to expand into being bigger, greater, more successful, and happier than you currently are. And that, my friend, can be super scary. It’s a risk. A leap of faith. A hope and a dream. Until you make it a reality.

And what if you choose wrong?

What if you couldn't choose wrong?

I mean that. You are always in control of changing. Your title. Your brand. Your offers. Your messaging. If something isn't working right or feeling right ... change it. But give it a fighting shot first! Give it life ... get it out there ... sell it ... do the work ... then change based on the feedback you get or the experience you have. If you don't, you're saying no to yourself before you ever give anyone else the chance to. Then you're just reinventing for the sake of reinvention.

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What if we woke up every.single.morning saying this to ourselves?

What might be different about how you approach life if you believed this to your core?

Every night before bed, I voice gratitude for the days events from my daughter’s perspective. I’ve come to love this tradition for the two of us. As soon as she’s old enough, I hope to start her day with the affirmation that she is worthy.

Who wants to join me for the next 2 weeks affirming this for yourself every morning? Let’s see what shifts. Then keep it going!

#youareworthy #dailymomentum #dailyaffirmation #worthy #startthedayright #mindsetmatters

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"Oh my gosh, you have to call/try/experience _____________"

Who doesn't LOVE to give a good referral to something you recently bought that delighted you? I know I do! I love hooking up my friends and colleagues with great people, services, and products. They love knowing the recommendation comes from someone they trust.

When you do your customer service well, people will TALK.


It's simple, really. When, as a customer, I feel loved up, communicated with, and guided ... I share the word! So do you!

So where can you be a better guide for your clients throughout your customer processes?

Stuck on where to begin? Click the link in my bio to learn some core places customer service becomes crucial to your success!

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Can you really be a dreamer and be structured? Don't you have to be one or the other?

I've always fancied myself a stable soul seeking adventurer.

My clients are the same way.
Full of dreams, excitement, and ideas.
Craving adventure and to feel exhilarated and alive.
Yet ... afraid to take the big steps.

Plain and simple: standing at the edge is scary. What if you fall on your face? What if no one signs up? What if no one likes what you have to say? What if you don't have it in you to get it out there?

Those of us that love to use both sides of our brains truly need a place to organize those ideas to create a business structure to work within. Dreams are the high-level concepts of what we want, but we need the steps and processes to follow to make it happen.

That's where I come in. I take what feels like your all-over-the-place ideas and dreams and I give you guardrails to work within. Structure and meaning to tie it all together. And an approach to get it out into the world.

The rest is up to you to nurture, grow, and create connections. I can't do that part for you.

But you better believe I can brainstorm with you if you get stuck and come up with fresh ideas to play with.

I can help you structure your time so you don't burn out.

And you can be sure you'll get some of my wisdom from over a decade of trying, failing, teaching, learning, and growing.

If you're READY for 2021 to be your year to launch your big dream ... or expand on a dream you've already launched ... let's talk. DM me to set up a discovery call!

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