Every few months I end up talking with a business owner who wants to do the core of their work but wishes they could offload everything else. Sometimes we forget that the grass isn’t always greener.

When you own a business, you also become the provider, bookkeeper, marketer, admin, and sales team.

If you just want to hire other people to do the work, then #realtalk ... you may be happier working for someone so you can focus on doing just what you love.

Owning a business is not the easy path. There are so many hats to wear, so many details to figure out.

Once you reach a certain income level, you can absolutely contract out aspects of the tasks you don’t enjoy to team members you do love.

IF, however, you just want someone else to do all the work ... then you don’t really want to own a business.

#loveyourwork #loveyourself #loveyourlife

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Might have put the final touches on the revised Collective page with the help of @therealslim.zerkie 💃🏽 AKA not Katie being stuck in Katie’s head and stumbling over her words. Link is in my bio for you curious ones 🔥 😉

Feeling excited, nervous, and grateful about the whole thing.

Excited to grow in this brand new way.

Nervous to get myself out there more and lead a group instead of just 1:1 moving forward.

Grateful to have such wonderful people in the Collective already, for those inspiring me with their own success and showing me how it’s done, and for my business besties who encourage me every day. 😍

Check out the link in my bio if you’re looking for a think tank community for über-passionate entrepreneurs. We’ll help you unscramble your messy brain to find messaging and marketing focus and awesome business inspiration 👏🏼🎉

@therealslim.zerkie is the BOMB if you’re looking for a copywriter to help you convey what’s in your head and help you explain the value of your work. She seriously helped me so much to put words to my feelings (I have a hard time writing my own stuff) AND her process showed me the value of my offers in an even deeper way.

So grateful!

📸 @elizabethaimages

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Imma ruffle some feathers with this one probably.

Yes, I have a marketing background.
Yes, I know promises sell.
Yes, I know you can provide what you’re saying.

The problem is … with the big promises in marketing these days … we sometimes unconsciously set an unrealistic shame cycle and expectation for our clients.

If I promise you’ll be making six figures in your business (which you’ll never hear me say), and you don’t reach that goal, then we’ve just sparked a cycle of:
- shame: that you didn’t “accomplish” what was promised.
- frustration: that you didn’t get out of coaching what you were sold.
- disappointment: in yourself that you didn’t “do it the right way.”
- avoidance: of other programs out of fear that they won’t work.

Gross. Yuck. Ewww. Let’s not, thanks.

I know that in marketing language, in order to actually connect with our clients, we need to discuss outcomes, but the sticky part is that we are sharing what could be possible if you implement the tools being taught. That doesn’t mean every client will take action in the same way or take action AT ALL!

I much prefer the honest truth of outcome possibilities, and added guidance, accountability, and support for those inevitable moments when you do get stuck or experience fear. You’ll get much farther, much faster, without the burden of some massive promise hanging over your head.

Let your journey to success be YOUR journey to success. What do you think?

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I’m definitely that cat mom that tells my kitty to be safe, make good choices, and that I love him when he wants to stay out for the night 🤣

#sweetkitty #catmom #crazycatlady

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Dream your dreams, my friends.

That’s where the good stuff starts!

Then get to action! No matter what - form your plan.

Don’t resist taking action out of fear. Those steps (even missteps) will teach you SO much.

You will get better and better and better the more action you take.

Make a plan - be FOCUSED on what you’re trying to accomplish - watch your business flourish.

#Intention #Challenge #FollowYourDreams #AchieveYourDreams #GetExcited #MomentumCoach #DontQuitYourDayDream #ExpandYourComfortZone #dailymomentum #adreamisawishyourheartmakes #dreambig #businessideas #businesscoach

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You never know what energy is swirling around the outcome you want.

You just have to meet it with bold action.

Thanking @deemontie and @beck_keen for this powerful reminder yesterday.

What if ...
💥 you asked for what you want without attachment to outcome?
💥 you TRIED the thing you were scared of?
💥 you made the idea in your head real by writing it out in full detail just to see what it really looks like?
💥 you made space for the progress, joy, and momentum to happen?

What if, indeed ...

Playing with possibilities this week. How about you?

📸 @elizabethaimages

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What if you thought about your business financials as a circuit?

You can see the connection your service makes when you are serving the needs your clients have.

Your intentions and the value you provide supports that ability to be in service.

And, your income reflects the results you’re getting for your clients to close the circuit.

When this circuit is whole within your business, each component feeds the next and even creates return business.

It also creates a continuous reminder of your purpose through the service your provide and the clients you serve. 😍

Reminds me of an Upanishads quote:
“You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”
― Upanishads

Head on over to the link in my bio to read more about how mindfulness in your approach to your business financials is a game changer in my blog!

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When you have 20 minutes to yourself with no responsibilities ...

Yesterday we celebrated one of my besties getting married with a small bachelorette. The day included girl time, wine, laughs, and my first ever formal tea. I’m not sure I’m fancy enough for tea!

And a massage. So. Good. I used to get massages monthly because its my favorite way to destress and connect to my body. I was pregnant in my first trimester prior to Covid and then Covid hit and I couldn’t get one in the last two trimesters. Then baby ... so it’s been almost 2 years at this point since I’ve had a massage. I enjoyed every second of that massage.

So when you have an extra 20 Minutes to yourself, you sometimes do nothing else but stare at your feet and let your mind wander.

And it’s glorious 😍

#dailymomentum #mama #businesscoach #noresponsibility #relaxation #decompress

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When I first started my business, marketing was super different than it is now. I was literally hanging flyers in coffee shops to get clients. Social media wasn't a thing. Websites were barely a thing. Online courses, hashtags, and reels were definitely not a thing!

Online marketing and self-made entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen now. I find it easy to get lost in the sea of posts. Social media has never been my primary focus for getting business. There are so many other ways to market than being the biggest voice in the room.

I have worked out how to market in a way that feels authentic and good. But it has taken time. I would love to give you some shortcuts. I'm participating in an Introvert Marketing Bundle. Made by introverts, for introverts! We get you!

As part of the bundle, you will get access to my Sales Call Techniques That Convert Prospects to Clients course. With this course, you’ll learn the top 10 mistakes most entrepreneurs make in their sales calls and how to reverse them. You'll be surprised to find that your innate ways as an introvert will actually help you form a deeper connection in your sales calls! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The bundle will help you do so much more than this.

The marketing methods that we are sharing in the bundle are ones that have worked beautifully for the introverts that are teaching them.

To get all the details and to buy the bundle click the link in my bio for more details. It expires on Sunday!

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Just finished up a wonderful session with @divinelysensitive

Feeling super grounded. Loved the gentle reminder of some of the simple (but so often forgotten) things I can do to re-center myself.

As a mama, wife, business owner, friend, aging dog mama, and crazy cat herder ... I easily forget how to gift myself time to regroup.

As an introvert, I totally forget there are things I can do to stoke my inner fire and confidence before having to be “on” in a client session, workshop, etc.

So appreciated the space and the reminders for how to stoke my own inner feminine 🔥 to balance our my masculine strategy brain!

It’s a journey friends. Don’t forget to give yourself as much energy and intention as you give to others!

#dailymomentum #introvertlife #femininefire #divinefeminineenergy #divinemasculineenergy #confidenceissexy #confidencebooster #listenclosely #youhavetheanswers #heartwhispers #trustyourintuition #intuitionismysuperpower #dancemore #playmore #stokethefire #learntoreceive

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Your introversion is your Superpower 🦸‍♀️

Yes, your superpower! I know this because it's my superpower, too!

As introverts we are gifted with being able to create deep meaningful relationships, empathize, observe and listen well. Our communication is intentional and thoughtful which gives us the edge when it comes to delivering our message, whether that’s online or in person. All of these skills are your superpower when it comes to selling your products or services to your audience.

We need to hone our unique skills to sell in a way that feels true to ourselves. Being able to harness your superpowers, manage your energy and take impactful steps towards your goals will ensure you serve your customers and create a balanced business that doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Ready to take the leap and build your business in a lasting way?

Then I'm want to invite you to take a look at the Introvert Marketing Bundle. For $99 you get access to 10+ courses created specifically for introverts by some of the best introvert coaches, entrepreneurs, and marketers around. Including @wildspiritco and myself!

Designed to help you make more sales, you’ll learn about podcasting, social media, sparking conversations, embracing your introversion, and more.

Have any questions? Comment below or click the link in my bio for more details on the bundle.

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If you were a potential client, would YOU get excited about how you offer your business services?

Does it answer a burning question?

Does it fulfill a need?

Does it speak to what YOU as the consumer needs or what the BUSINESS owner seems to think you need?

Does it sound exciting and easy to complete?

As a business owner, it’s your job to think like your potential clients and pay attention to what they want and what they need to find their momentum.

Make it fun, make it interesting and make it inherently helpful. Do it YOUR way 💗

📸 @elizabethaimages

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Are you faking it as an extrovert?

As an introvert running a business, the rhetoric I hear is that I have to be "out there" hustling for business and be the loudest voice in the room. It’s a “numbers game.” Even if it’s overwhelming and exhausting.

It doesn’t feel right and it never feels like me. I'm more of a 'prove it through your actions not your loud words type of woman.' See my previous post for what I mean!

I’ve stopped buying into the message that you have to be an extrovert to be successful. It’s just not true! I believe it’s totally possible to build a thriving business that honors your introversion in a way that feels authentic.

So I’ve partnered up with some of the most inspirational introvert entrepreneurs to offer you the Introvert Marketing Bundle for introverts by introverts. You get 12 courses valued at $1,000 for just $99, all designed to help you make more sales in a way that feels less forced and more like you.

In these 12 courses, you'll learn everything from
💫 how to attract the right people through messaging and positioning
💫 planning your marketing
💫 being comfortable on video
💫 being on and launching your own podcast
💫 getting creative on Instagram
💫 converting those sales calls
💫 making connections on LinkedIn and sparking conversations
💫 affiliate marketing
💫 and Google Ads

There are some amazing names behind these courses including @susannareay, @mdmediainc, @definemarketingblog and more!

To get all the details and to buy the bundle click the link in my bio for more details.

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Just be yourself.

My coach @beck_keen (who is a badass with a giant heart by the way) has been challenging me to show up more. After my daughter was born, it was time for ME to be more visible.

I’ve been behind the scenes with my clients, as their cheerleader, pushing them, and coaching them. I didn’t make time for MY business, visibility, and dreams.

Last year, I dedicated time and money in myself. And … the inevitable happened. My words, my coaches, and my spirit are pushing me to show up more.

Becky left me a voxer telling me she wanted to see more of me … and my question was … how?

Which is hilarious because I’m in marketing! It’s so simple, right? Just be you, she said. But it doesn’t FEEL simple. Some of my inner insecurities are screaming:
- who will learn from me?
- why me when there are smarter people out there?
- do I really want to be in the spotlight?
Because the shadows are pretty damn comfy.

So … I’m vowing to share more. My fears, celebrations, and struggles.

Even though it’s hard not to put the “perfectionist Katie” out front. Even though it’s scary to be seen more. I don’t even know why.

Want to do this together? Tell me 3 things about you and what you’re struggling with in your business in the comments! I’ll continue sharing more and more of my thoughts, struggles, and pet peeves in the business world. And, what I’ve seen trend over the past 18 years!

Thanks for being a friend and follower!

What does it mean to you to just be you in your marketing?

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Just in case you’re stuck in comparison.

I have been. For weeks.

And kind of silently stewing over this unspoken expectation that you’re not successful unless you’re making six figures. It irritates me if I’m honest.

Guess what? Lots of “uber successful” entrepreneurs make a ton of money but also SPEND a ton of money.

You might actually make more than the people you’re idolizing. 🤔

Maybe you go ahead and make six figures and then realize you didn’t ACTUALLY make six figures (because you don’t get to keep all six figures ... taxes, expenses, employees/contractors/etc). True story. Been there. Decided I didn’t need to actually work that hard to enjoy my income ... just work smarter.

I love a good lofty goal. Don’t get me wrong.

And we both know that you’re more than deserving of a supportive, abundant income.

But stop focusing on six figures. That’s short sighted.

Instead, what would actually make you HAPPY to earn? What would be life changing for you in the next five years? What do you actually want to take home at the end of the year? What ratio of profit to expenses do you want to aim for? These are the questions to ask yourself!

Please, please, please stop beating yourself up for not making six figures.

Your success is anchored on a bigger vision than that. 💕

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I lived on ramen and pb&J the first few years of my business.

A few weeks ago, @plumtreemoney and I hopped on her podcast #CreativesDoMoney to talk about my financial journey in entrepreneurship. If you know me, you know I’m an open book.

I started my businesses in 2006 and went full time on my own in 2008. Right after I decided to take the leap to live alone. And, right as the US economy crashed. Grrrreat timing. 🙄😬🤦🏻‍♀️

A lot was going on my personal life back then and I felt completely crushed.

My “leap and the way will come” moment left me flat on my face wondering what had happened.

Not exactly the entrepreneurial start I had hoped for.

This month in the Daily Momentum Collective, we’re talking all about finances. The ones we love to look at (when we’re making money), the ones we hate to look at (when we’re losing money), and the ones we often pretend don’t exist (expenses, ROI, savings…).

Is your energy around money focusing more on abundance or lack?

Eowyn and I talked about:
💸my financial journey from almost losing my business to turning things around
💸the mindset work I had to do in order to accept (and celebrate) money
💸what I find is essential to experience ease in the selling phase of business growth
💸my take on abundance in business and how it relates to my rock climbing days

Take it from a girl that doesn’t have a great relationship to numbers (as in math makes me want to cry) … you can learn to love your numbers, your bookkeeping, and your financial reporting. It takes a little time, but when your numbers work FOR you, they can bring tremendous joy.

Click the “free wisdom” link in my bio or in the comments to access the full conversation!

Thank you Eowyn for having me as a guest!

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Numbers don't lie, which can make business financials very intimidating to look at.

I used to be terrified to look at my business financials. As a creative they made my head just spin. I’ve always had struggles with math ever since I was a kid.

But after working with a friend who is a financial wizard I love looking at my financials now. I realized that my books reflected my energy in the business. My efforts, my value add in my services, and my excitement created revenue which I could then see in my financials reflected back to me.

Not making enough? Here is what I would ask:
👉🏼 are you taking enough action?
👉🏼 are you taking intuitive, intentional action or are you just “doing” for the sake of doing and saying you did?
👉🏼 are you charging enough?
👉🏼 are YOU excited about what you offer?
👉🏼 do you honor your services, time, and wisdom enough to have boundaries around what you charge and what you offer?

Ultimately, following the pulse of your financial bookkeeping can be a huge gift to your business – and your growth!

Financial reporting empowers you to set goals and track progress every month.

If you are ready to take control of your finances so you can take control of your business success, join me for the Create Financial Abundance in Your Business workshop on March 9th from 3-4:30p EST. I’m bringing in two financial experts in to help you.

Here is who you will learn from:
💥 @momentum_coach on how to master your mindset around receiving money
💥 @loriannkuntz.co will teach you what numbers you need to be looking at (and tracking)
💥 @connie.vanderzanden will help. You understand how to set up a cash flow system that will work for you to reach your goals

Click the link in my bio to join the workshop! These are your last few hours to sign up!

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My husband made me choose this photo in my branding photo package.

I wasn’t going to because ... while I totally loved it ... I didn’t see how it would be used in business.

He told me he didn’t care. It was a fantastic photo, he could see I loved it, and I should choose it in my package.

Ummm ... ok. Desire and not purpose? Interesting.

He’s a smart one 😍

What are you doing each day that is all purpose and no desire?

What can you do just for you? Because it reflects you. Makes you happy. Makes you feel good about yourself.

Where can you stop wondering if it’s the right decision or if you “should.” And just do the thing you want.

I woke up and realized it was #nationalwomensday this morning. I kissed my daughter and told her how strong and powerful she is. I celebrated my husband for respecting the women in his life and advocating for us. And I’m posting this picture from @elizabethaimages because it makes me feel fantastic about myself.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re a service-based business that is expanding into a greater awareness of your bookkeeping and how you want to be utilizing your money.

Maybe you’re in your first or even your second big pivot in how you’re running your business. This pivot is requiring additional team members, outsourcing, or tools – and where that investment is coming from is unclear.

You want so badly to get out of the hustle phase of your business but you haven’t built cash reserves to support you slowing down yet.

Maybe you’ve built some debt.

You know deeply that something needs to shift. But, hustling and ignoring the problem honestly just feels more comfortable. You’re afraid of what you’ll find when you look at your financials.

This is a growth edge for you.

So much is possible with a closer look at your financials.

Join me, @connie.vanderzanden and @loriannkuntz.co to map out your next steps to financial abundance.

We’ll be talking about creating a positive relationship with money, what financial numbers deserve your attention, and how to set up a successful cash flow system on March 9th 3:00 – 4:30 EST.

Follow the link in my bio to join us!

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I’m not going to sugar coat it.

Marketing can be hard. Growing a business can feel impossible.

🥴 you feel like you’re doing all the things.
🥴 you feel like you’re talking to no one.
🥴 you feel exposed, vulnerable, and naked for telling your story and revealing your most impassioned ideas. ** non-entrepreneurs don’t take this for granted from your entrepreneur friends.
🥴 your inner doubt rages harrrrd when you release something new.

When I talk to business owners, the most common fears included:
😬 failure
😬 working hard for little gain
😬 people won’t pay
😬 people won’t sign up
😬 being vulnerable
😬 selling

And, when I say “business owners” ... I don’t mean just my clients ... I totally mean me, too. I am not immune to this!

Some days you work your TAIL off and see little to no results.

Keep going. Not every action creates immediate results. But every action plants seeds. And you never know when those seeds will sprout. 🪴

Stay in the intention of your idea. Create your momentum from there.

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