Tired of feeling like social media is your only outlet for gaining leads? Well, I put together a *FREE* 10-day challenge just for you!

Learn 10 simple ways to go beyond social media to attract clients. Simplify your marketing and become a magnet for leads.

You know where you want to go. You’re tapped into the work you want to do. You know what you’re good at. It’s getting it out there that is scary, overwhelming, and sometimes downright confusing.

I hear you. It can be harrrd to gain traction. Hey. I’m Katie and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be paralyzed with fear or overwhelm around marketing.

During this challenge, you’ll receive marketing avenues each day, prompts to make sense of the overwhelm, tried and tested strategies that I’ve used for over a decade with clients, and ideas to turn up the dial on your marketing efforts in an easy and fun way.

During this free challenge, tips are delivered to your inbox each day for 10 days. After the challenge is complete, you can log in to your client portal to access the videos at any time.

Want to join? Just click the link in my bio!

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Shed those layers. You are becoming a better version of yourself. You’re not breaking apart. You’re leaving behind what you no longer need. Fall in love with yourself. 💕 ...

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What if you had guardrails in your business?

My clients are highly intuitive. They listen to their gut instincts. They act quickly when they get inspiration.

They also sometimes feel lost in the basics of marketing guidelines. How to scale something. Foundational elements in the business. Creating a strong brand.

That's where I come in. I provide the guardrails. I heal your relationship with technology. I help you create the parameters that *feel* good to deliver your message. Then set you free to dream and create with that foundation of knowledge. When you're ready to uplevel, we dream again and expand the guardrails.

This process is SO freeing and SO fun. There are a billion ways to market your business and to scale and configure your offerings. I love to jump into that playground and make sense of an infinite number of possibilities to create a foundational plan that aligns with you, your brand, and your style.

Curious how? Click my link in the bio to read my latest blogs or take my *free* 5 Day Business Building Course!

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Do you make breathing room for dreams to grow?

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What did I gain from hiring coaches?

I’ve invested thousands in coaches, training and continuing education. I have not always gotten back my investment monetarily. But what I did gain that was priceless?

💪 motivation to keep building the business and put myself out there.
💪 drive to hit send/make the phone call/ask for the connection/etc.
💪 inspiration to think bigger
💪 community to open doors and expand my network
💪 clarity
💪 accountability

What have you learned from your coaches that was priceless to you?

📸 @elizabethaimages

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I've been journaling lately on what fulfills me, what lights me up, and what success means to me. I sense a pivot happening and these periodic check-ins are so important to realign and ground myself.

I was expecting these powerful new insights to spring forth onto the page. What poured out of me instead was all the ways I was taking my life for granted. (damn - not me going on autopilot!) What I wrote about were personal activities that I have pushed to the wayside, work where I was focusing on the 10% I don't like vs the 90% I do, and communication that I've let slip because it's easier not to address it.

What also poured out of me were the little things that sparked me each day.
🌤 Client interactions that make me smile.
🌤 Seeing my clients have breakthroughs.
🌤 Watching my clients launch their stories into the world and start a new chapter.
🌤 The sense of peace I feel as I say yes to myself or set boundaries.
🌤 The beautiful growth of relationships when the elephants in the room are addressed.
🌤 Or when the world mirrors your brilliance back to you because you truly embody your authenticity so fully (this is my biggest measure for success btw).

Please remember that those big flashy sparks of inspiration are wonderful when they happen! They are so affirming and energizing and it's an easy YES. It would be wonderful if all daily inspiration and momentum came from those flashy moments.

But, it’s really the simpler everyday moments that make up the true marrow of life. They can be easily missed so pay attention.

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When nothing seems to go right ... sometimes it does.

This week went squirrely (this summer really, but let's not go there). Earlier this week, my kiddo got sick again. Why do kids get sick SO much??? It's cruel. She was sick last week and had a resurgence for 24 hours which is weird. But really, with kids, nothing is all that unusual anymore.

Anyway, I had a massage scheduled for the next day and figured I would probably be needing to care for her so I called to cancel. Unfortunately, I was within the 24-hour timeframe so if they couldn't fill the spot, I would be charged. It was a 90-min blissful space that I had carved out for myself with my favorite therapist who is super hard to get in with. I was frustrated that I wouldn't be able to use it AND would end up paying for it anyway. But, I run a business and I honor cancellation policies cause I get it!

So, I sent out the invitation to my friends to grab the spot if they wanted it. I also posted in some of my business and mom's groups because we all need a 90 min stress relief time. Surely someone would want this coveted time slot.

I woke up the next morning and my kiddo was bouncing off the walls, acting perfectly normal. I called to check on the spot and ...

🙊 There were no takers. 🙊

I went ahead and re-booked that time slot myself. What you see here is the face of someone grateful that the Universe knew when I needed a little self-care. Despite having made other project work slots for the day already, that appt remained open and waiting for me. Like an insistent parent tapping their foot waiting for the right decision. And, for my husband for pushing me to go anyway even though I was worried my kiddo would need me that day anyway (she didn't at all).

I did need that time. I did enjoy it. This is another reminder for me that all the pieces fall into place. We just have to melt into the belief that it all works out and let go. I think when we hold on too tight, that's really when things go sideways.

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Your network is bigger than you think it is.
Reach out, make connections, ask for help, and
share what you're doing. Now is not the time to be shy.

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TIME TO PRACTICE! 👇 Tell me your positioning statement in the comments below if you have a business.

Here's mine: I'm Katie. I help passionate holistic entrepreneurs go from doubting their business abilities, hating technology, and questioning how to simplify their offers to holding a joyfully clear business plan while creating a functional schedule through a customer-connected offer stack.

Positioning statements should be:
✅ easy to identify with for your audience base
✅ understandable
✅ explaining the transformation you provide
✅ creating hope and excitement
✅ enticing potential customers to learn more
✅ on brand

What do you think - would you tweak anything about mine to be clearer?

Now is the time to get as clear as possible about what you do in your business. Getting this step nailed down makes every business step afterwards *so* *much* *easier*!!!

Now I want to hear yours! I'll even give you feedback/suggestions if you'd like them. Just type a YES or NO next to your statement if you want feedback or not.

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You are doing way better than you think. Don't listen to the voice that says you're not enough.

You have so much experience that has led you to where you are right now. Trust it.

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Sometimes you have to flip an idea on its head to find your motivation.

I am chock FULL of ideas. All of the time. I see an idea from multiple angles. I even pull various ideas to create packages. My clients love that I can help them see new, fresh ways of working they hadn't thought about before.

About twice a year, I get restless with my offerings. I am constantly craving new adventures. So, when I feel restless in my business, or ready for something new and exciting to offer, I take my favorite packages and write them down. Then I try to look at them from different perspectives. Where can I breathe fresh energy into them to create something new and helpful? Or, add to them or provide my content in a different way. I study which exercises have been *most* helpful to my clients. I explore (and sometimes re-survey0 what problem I am seeing my clients struggle with the most. And, I pay attention to what lights me up when I think about helping to solve those problems.

Sometimes just a small tweak can bring a whole new idea. Focus on the connection of supporting your customers. Add value. Add energy. Find a way to deliver your content that gets you excited.

It's OK to switch it up! Just keep your messaging on point and explain the new wind in your sails. 🙌

📸 @elizabethaimages

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Start living for the small moments. Especially the ones with coffee 😝☕️

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Tagging the ever-wise @jessicamangumysp for that kick-in-the-pants quote!! And, for the gift many moons ago of the morse code bracelet that says BADASS from my dear friend @st8angel

When you've learned to handle everything yourself, it's downright harrrrrrrd to be vulnerable! And I will admit that I am NOT great at asking for help or support. The only one I've had to count on in my business for 16 years is myself. I've had team members and they are wonderful. I could not do all that I do without them. But when they move on (and they don't always, but sometimes they do), it's back to me. Sometimes asking for help makes me feel weak, unsuccessful, or disorganized. I start wondering why can't I handle it all?

For me, this also tends to mean that I ...
😬 don't accept positive feedback easily.
😬 take on more than I should.
😬 don't FEEL things effectively ... I THINK through things.
😬 assume responsibility for more than I should.
😬 often assign my self-care as an "in a little while" task.

TIMEOUT ... who says we have to handle it all?!?! Where did that message creep in? Deep down, I know that asking for help or feedback is a strength. It moves me forward every time. I always feel better after I've admitted my limits and asked for support. AND - it's still hard for me to do.

This will be a lifelong lesson for me. I'm so much better than I was, but I definitely still have more work to do. Don't we all?

So next time you are feeling vulnerable asking for help, just remember that it's hard to be vulnerable when you're such a badass that you've taken it on for so long 😉 And remember that badass isn't a badge of honor - sometimes it's a white flag signaling a need for help. Ask for it. ❤️

📸 @elizabethaimages

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Seeing yourself in one or more of these 6 places small business owners lose momentum? I do, too, sometimes! Whenever I feel myself slipping in momentum, I revisit these 6 areas.

Drop a 😍 in the comments if you wish you had a mentor to help you overcome these 6 hurdles personally.

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If you've been thinking about updating your website, you're in luck! Two of my clients put their projects on hold so I have two spaces available for an August start date.

My clients know it's never "just creating a website" when you work with me.

The process always ends in a 'wow, I understand myself so much more and am feeling so fully aligned with my purpose' type of way.

These are just a few things to remember about creating or re-creating a new website:
✨ You are re-becoming. This brings up a lot of inner work on visibility and alignment. Remember that you are letting go of a previous version of yourself and evolving into something even greater. Don't forget that you get a trained coach AND designer with me.

🕯 It can be uncomfortable to spotlight your gifts. No matter how much you believe in them. I'll give you permission to own them, to brag about them (with grace, of course), and to spotlight them.

⚡️ Change can be hard. You're likely shifting systems, content, and offers. It's a lot of change and while it's exciting, it can also be uncomfortable. We'll help you pick the right systems and learn how to use them.

🌤 There is no rush. I have learned that with these projects comes a divine timeline. We may hit bumps or setbacks. You may experience writer's block or distraction. It is all divinely timed to release the new you out into the world in perfect tempo with the Universe's plan for you.

So if you're sensing now is the time, let's chat! Even if August isn't the *right* date, let's discuss what you're dreaming up so you're armed with the information you need when the time is right!

And, have a peek at my portfolio, too! DesignedForMomentum.com/website-design

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I saved every ounce of reserve energy and passion for my active clients last year. I set major boundaries. I said no a lot. I scaled back a huge portion of my business. I let go of clients that didn’t energize me. I tried on new offerings and I was honest when some of them didn’t go quite how I intended.

Integrity and intuition are important to me. I honored both last year in how I ran my business. I leaned into my team a ton and they stepped up to the plate big time.

This year, I am taking my time. Sifting through what I learned last year. Listening to what my clients want and need now. Observing how the world is changing. Something new is coming. Something different. Something bigger.

My action-taker wants so badly to leap at it and get it figured out and done. My quieter side keeps reminding me it’s a process. To be patient. That it’s all unfolding. My resistance to getting quiet is softening. My inner voice is saying “patience” instead of “act now.” This is hard for me, but I'm practicing.

I’m working on honoring my inner knowing. Trusting the timing. Trusting there IS time. Knowing that when the picture becomes clear, the timing will be right. It’s forming, slowly. And I know it will be more beautiful than I can see now. It always is.

Remember that there is still momentum even if it’s slow progress. Even if your self care comes first. Even if you can’t see the full path yet. Trust the nudges. Focus on the parts that make you feel alive and excited. Gift yourself time to explore them. There is time. Trust

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One of my favorite things during the spring/summer is working in the yard. I love to plant new flowers around my house and enjoy the growth as the season progresses. It brings me such joy to watch previously bald patches of edging fill in with gorgeous blooms and bushes. I love harvesting the garden we plant. This year I have a little helper who enjoys taste testing the bounty of the garden as we pick. These cherry tomatoes are out of this world!

There is such life in spring and summer, and yet we tend to want to rest. I am tickled with the correlations between analogies for planting seeds, watching blooms, growing over time, and seasons to grow, harvest, and rest. I've been in a rest period. And it has been uncomfortable. I don't "not do" well. I'm trying to learn how to be patient with myself and not rush. I'm working on not feeling guilty about it. This season of rest definitely doesn't come naturally to me!

What are you harvesting this time of year? Be it physical, emotional, or tangible?

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Every entrepreneur deals with comparison. As we strive to grow our businesses, gain new clients, and hone in on our niche, we can easily get swept up in the negative side of comparison:

➡️That person makes WAY more than I do.
➡️Their marketing is so much better than mine.
➡️Their audience is so much more engaged.
➡️Their list is so much bigger.
➡️They are way more visible/polished/fit/professional.
➡️They’re booking more clients than I am.

These are real comparisons that I’ve heard out of the mouths of nearly every client or small business owner I know! I’ve used a few of them myself as well. 🙈 But what if I told you that not all comparison is bad? If you can see it out in the world, it means you also have it within you, too! And it usually signals that you're ready to level up in your business.

Want to know why? Click the blog link in my bio and search for comparison ☺️

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