Today felt good. It’s been months since I was able to get on a hiking trail because of coronavirus. My mental reset has always been in nature. My physical strength comes from outdoor activities. I gardened a lot. Spent time taking walks with my dog. Did yard work. Spent time in my yard. But I craved the expansive views. Moving my body through the trees. Breathing in fresh air and Mother Nature. I missed this so much. It felt so good to be back. In a world that feels so uncertain right now, this is my happy place. Where is your happy place? •

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Branding Photography for Small Businesses: Why it Matters and How to Prepare with Elizabeth Knapp •

Grab your tea or coffee and join us tomorrow, 6/1 at 10:30a EST to learn about the importance of brand photography for your biz! •

Link to sign up in bio and comments! There will be a replay sent after. •

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It’s almost time 🤗

Conversations with the Masters is happening again this Monday, June 1st from 10-10:30a EST.
This week I will be talking with @elizabethaimages about Branding Photography for Small Businesses.

As a designer and coach, I LOVE playing with branded photography. 💥 How can you express yourself with images? 💥 How can you connect further with your audience through your visuals?
Join us Monday to learn: 👉🏼 why branding photography matters to your small biz
👉🏼 what to think about when hiring a branding photographer
👉🏼 4 steps to prepare for a branding session
👉🏼 how to use your branding images

Link to sign up is in my bio!
DM me any questions you have about branding images and I’ll add them to our list! 💕

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This. This affirmation is coming up again and again for me. In conversations. In what I’m reading and watching.

Yet I still question it sometimes. How freaking annoying! My world is literally affirming amazing things are on their way. Yet my fear speaks louder sometimes. Do you ever do that?

I took a long bath last night and gave myself some space to breathe. I reaffirmed what I want, how open I am to it. I recommitted to trusting that I’ve set the stage and taken the aligned actions for what I want to come easily and now I can trust it’s on its way.
Mindset is half the battle (maybe more than half!) my friends. Where does your brain trick you? Look at every world record ever set. Someone saw it was possible and then believed they could do more ... and did.
You can have what you want. It’s just beyond your fingertips. Waiting for you to reach out and take the aligned action to grasp it. Don’t let it slip away. Do the reach. Do the work. Then master your mind to believe it’s within reach. More on this soon! 😘

For now, tell me what you want in the comments!! 👇🏼 CLAIM IT!

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Every little thing you do creates #momentum. Don’t underestimate how much progress little steps can create.
#keepgoing #believeinyourfutureself #dailymomentum #littlesteps #bigrewards

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Now is not the time to be humble. Or quiet. Or to hide your genius. Let’s be honest. There is never a time to do that! schooled us in Conversations With the Masters this morning about how to grow an engaged following on Instagram. This was just one golden nugget I wrote down. I took a page and a half of notes! Thank you, Sara! 💗 #nurtureyouraudience #buildingbusinessbeautifully #dailymomentum #buildingbusinessrelationships #smallbusinesslove #intentionalbusiness #heartbasedbusiness ...

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If you haven’t met my best friend of 15 years and Momentum’s mascot, Tippy, you have missed out. She embodies pure, unwavering, unquestioning love. Lately she’s been having a hard time. Could be because she’s 15. Could be because she senses things are about to change with this other little girl due in mid-July. 🤰🏻 Everyone experiences resistance to change. It’s scary not to know. Frightening to consider the “what if’s.” Sad to consider what could be lost or forgotten. Even if you know and want to believe everything will be ok and be amazing. My sweet little fur baby and I have been doing a lot of cuddling and reassurance of what life will look like after our new little lady joins us. I think it’s been good for me, too. We are both more calm. More grounded. More connected. Excited. Is it still a little scary? Yup. Am I still a little nervous? Absolutely. But I’m focusing on remembering that change can be good. The details will work themselves out. And the Universe can surprise us in the most delightful ways. In the meantime, I will focus on these sweet humans and fur babies beside me and love them up until our love expands. 💗 #lovegrows #changecanbebeautiful #momentum #dailymomentum #fearoftheunknown #calmingthemind ...

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You know this. #worthiness means something different for everyone. It could mean ...

💕 teaching others to respect you⠀
💕 honoring and valuing yourself⠀
💕 charging what you’re worth⠀
💕 not settling for less⠀
💕 asking for what you need⠀
💕 investing in your growth⠀
💕 learning to love yourself⠀
💕 making a change bc it’s right for YOU⠀
💕 taking time to breathe and slow down⠀
💕 putting yourself first⠀
💕 hustling for what you want⠀
💕 taking a day of⠀

What does it mean for you today? I’m curious!👇🏼 Tell me in the comments!

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Our next Conversations with the Masters session happens on Monday, May 25th from 10-10:30a EST! I’ll be talking with the beautiful about How to Grow an Engaged and Loyal Audience on Instagram.

Join us to learn: ✅ How to brainstorm content ideas for Instagram
✅ How to nurture and add value to your audience
✅ How to authentically connect with your audience
✅ How to warm up your audience before a launch

Have your own insta questions? Shoot me a DM and I’ll pass them along! ✨Link to sign up is in my bio!✨

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Don’t doubt yourself. You always have the answers. Love yourself enough to listen. To act. To dig deeper. 😘 ...

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I was proud of this catch. This was four-ish years ago in the Florida Keys deep sea fishing. It was a BIG bite and I fought for it. Reeling and reeling, my line was heavy. I was growing more and more tired, supporting my rod with my body and looking to my guide for help. He encouraged me but didn’t step in. He made me believe I could do it myself. •

All of a sudden, my line went limp and easy and we all cried out our disappointment that whatever monster I was reeling in had gotten away. I began reeling in what was left of my line. When suddenly it went taut again, yanking me forward. What?!? Something was STILL on there? How could that be? •

Excitedly my guide pushes and motivates me to reel, reel, reel and after a few more minutes of fighting, this big guy surfaced. With teeth marks all up his sides. I wasn’t reeling in one big fish, I was hauling TWO. Eventually whatever grabbed onto this guy let go allowing me to reel just him in. •

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting against multiple forces. • Sometimes it feels too hard or too heavy to keep going. • Sometimes we get a reprieve and a jolt of energy just when we need it. • Sometimes we need people who hold space for us and encourage us to keep going without doing it FOR us. •

But we always have the voice in our heads that says we CAN keep going. We WON’T give up. The catch of the day (that’s right 😏) is just on the other side of this struggle and dinner is going to be GOOD if you can power through and make it happen. Plus, you’ll have a really cool story to tell. •

I see you. Keep going. You’re almost there. You have more strength than you think. More willpower than you feel. More in you to see it through. #keepgoing💪

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Had such a great conversation with @kimberlykingcoaching this morning. We totally geeked out over branding and creating a consistent, authentic brand. This quote was just one of the gems that Kim shared.
A marketing mindset can be a tough shift to make as an entrepreneur. You just spent so long crafting your message and purpose! Now you have to think like your clients, too?
I promise it’s doable. It just takes practice. Having a strong brand can support those messages and propel you forward.
Your brand is about more than just your colors and fonts (though those are important, too). You need to think about:
💕your ideal clients
💕 your purpose
💕 your mission
💕 your personality
💕 your audience 💕 your message

Building an authentic brand helps you stay the course and not get distracted.

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Have you ever thought about how your ability to be recognized helps you stand out from your competition? Pause for a moment to take a birds eye view of your branding. How consistent is it?
As you post, market or update your website, is your branding cohesive? Or does it look different all the time?
Try challenging yourself to do 3 things this week to become more consistent with your brand. Here are a few ideas:
✨ choose 2 or 3 fonts to use in your branding. ✨ create a color palette for your brand.
✨ play with image styles to unify your imagery.
✨ solidify your message for your target market.
✨ clean up your offers to create clarity.
✨ pick one logo 😜
✨ do the work to understand what your brand stands for.
✨ create a focus for your brand’s offerings.

Branding is actually a crucial aspect of your success and while it does incorporate aesthetics, it’s about so much more than that.

If you’re feeling stuck, lost or confused about what you offer and who you serve, join me and @kimberlykingcoaching for an a-ha conversation about how to create an impactful brand on Monday, May 18th from 10-10:30a EST! 🙌🏼 💥 link to sign up in bio and comments 💥

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My next Conversations with the Masters session is happening Monday, May 18th with @kimberlykingcoaching to talk about How to Build an Impactful Brand and Expand Your Impact. Join us to learn about what branding actually means, how your business can stand out with a strong brand, what mistakes to avoid and what to consider when you build your brand! 💥Link to sign up is in my bio and in the comments!💥 Can’t wait! ...

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Throughout my coaching and marketing experience, one theme that emerges often among my clients is the struggle to choose a business name. Or sometimes a name for their new offering. It is not an uncommon obstacle. When it comes to your business, the name is one of the first things customers encounter.
Asking yourself “What does my name communicate?” could make all the difference.
While it is fun to think of catchy, sexy business names, it is important to continually ask yourself one question: how will my client’s view this? And will they understand what I’m offering?
Should you name your business after yourself or come up with something catchy and creative? Will your decision impact your business down the road? Naming your business can be challenging. But if we approach it with the 4 practical tips in my latest blog, it can also be quite empowering and fun. >>Link in the comments <<

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Just a little magical reminder today for whoever needs to hear it. ✨You have the power to change everything. ✨
Anything you want. What will you choose to change for the better today?

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“If only …” How many times have you heard (or said) this phrase?
If only ...
🐢 I had done this 5 years ago ...
💵 I had invested in that before ...
🙈 I hadn’t avoided doing that ...
📚 I knew this before ...
⏰ I’d started earlier ...
🤢 I hadn’t been so scared to try ... You can “if only” yourself to death and stay stuck. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. And comparing.


You can start today.
With what you have.
With where you are.
With what you know. 💗 You know so much more than you think you do. 💗 You have so many more resources than you think you do. 💗 You are worthy of being happy, challenged and even (gasp!) making mistakes.
💗 You are totally capable of learning, growing and redirecting. 💗 You are smart and perfectly where you need to be. 💗 You are capable of trusting yourself (really!)
💗 You are the only one undervaluing yourself.

Do any of these statements resonate for you?
It’s time. Your future self is ready. 💥Your future depends on what you do today. 💥

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My heart was racing. I couldn’t sleep. I was on the verge of tears. It all felt like too much.
I was about 3 years into my business, pivoting directions with newly created packages .... and completely avoiding being visible with what I was offering.
I felt so BUSY. Always with something to do. Filling my time. PERFECTING what I wanted to put out into the world. But really I was hiding.
I was busy-ing myself with tasks that weren’t bringing in clients. Tasks that filled my time and made me feel like I was making progress. I was ... 👉🏽 revamping my website 👉🏽 rewriting marketing copy
👉🏽 absentmindedly posting on social
👉🏽 reworking automations
👉🏽 writing blogs without a strategy
👉🏽 creating new offerings (before I sold my existing ones)

And guess what? After ALL that BUSY-ness ... I still needed clients.
Where are you focusing your time and energy? On busying yourself or on the actual visibility tasks of GROWING your business? 👉🏽 reaching out to potential clients to invite them for a chat 👉🏽 asking existing clients for referrals
👉🏽 promoting what you’ve created already
👉🏽 setting up a schedule for your promotions/lives/social posting/etc that feels FUN and EXCITING to you that you will follow through with
👉🏽 getting your mind right to call in your ideal clients. Visualizing, filling up YOUR tank with feel good energy. 👇🏼Tell me in the comments one thing you can do THIS WEEK to get out of busy and get down to business 👇🏼

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>>> what she said <<< REPOST from @beck_keen
The number ONE THING you can do to create a client today is NOT...:⁠

❌ write a post⁠
❌ send an email⁠
❌ run an ad⁠
❌ direct outreach⁠

etc etc etc⁠


Someone asked me yesterday what they should do. ⁠

She said, "I legit need clients."⁠

And I thought about it—because sometimes it can feel like you're doing all of the things and yet the clients aren't there or the money is not yet sitting in your bank account.⁠

You know what the number one thing you need to do to: ⁠

*get* clients? ⁠
*create* clients? ⁠
*attract* clients?⁠

You need to trust yourself.⁠

Deeply, wholeheartedly, in YOUR ability to DO this.⁠

Whatever this is.⁠

I'm talking trust on a SOUL level.⁠

The second you feel like you need something from somebody else, it flips you into lack and can repel the very thing you desire.⁠

You don’t actually *need* a client.⁠


Focus on how you can trust yourself on a deeper level.⁠

I’m talking about cellular trust, the kind that lives in your DNA and that swirls infinitely as energy in the universe.⁠

🌟 Go meditate⁠
🌟 Be quiet⁠
🌟 Get out of your head⁠

The next right step will come. ⁠

Can you trust that?

Join us tomorrow morning (May 11th) from 10-10:30a for more of this type of mindset shift! 💥 Link in my bio to sign up! 💥

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* I hate selling. * I’m not going to bug people to buy my services. * I want everything to be perfect before I start selling.

Have you ever said (or thought) any of these things? Selling can be intimidating. I admit I used to consider myself the best “underground” coach based on referrals only.
But at some point I wanted MORE. I wanted to step into my voice. To be heard. To share what I know. To connect further and wider than just what my network could bring. I *love* referrals don’t get me wrong but I’m also learning to love to sell because it *feels* good.
It provides an opportunity to connect to my heart and offerings I birthed out of the need I see in my audience.
It *serves* my audience deeply because I’ve listened to what they need and created something from my heart to *help* NOT to abuse or manipulate.
Where do you hide from your own brilliance? Join me and @beck_keen on Monday during Conversations With the Masters to explore: ✅ how to make sales that feel good ✅ how to get past limiting beliefs about what sales mean ✅ how to connect to what your audience really wants. ✅ why nurturing your audience guides them AND you
Becky is a MASTER at sales that feel aligned, easy and *enjoyable.* I’m so looking forward to this conversation AND she has a webinar on this next week as well! Soak it all in! 💥Link in my bio💥

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