Special visitor on my walk this week! So gorgeous. ...

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My strategy session calendar is blowing up this month! I am loving it. Are you prepared for next year's offers?

So many of you are reaching out because:
😩you (and your schedules) are overwhelmed and exhausted with pay-by-the-hour clients. *that's not the part I love ... it pains me to hear you feeling overwhelmed*

🤪You're telling me how hard it is to make sense of what you’re offering anymore because so many people need help and you don’t have a clear path for them.
- And yet - you LOVE what you do! *that is SO clear*

🕖You need more time in your schedule so *you* can have some time off.

💓You're craving deeper connections with your clients to really be able to move them forward.

And I *love* this growing season in business even though it's uncomfortable. You're about to step into deeper work, longer-term clients, and

Here's the part I love about our work together. We can:
➡️hone in on how you truly want to serve *for now* so you can provide a clear runway for your clients to work with you and experience the shift they desire.

➡️understand your heart's calling and the desires and needs of your clients and create a way to work with your ideal clients that's organized but still full of heart and soul.

➡️systemetize parts of your process so you aren't doing *SO MUCH* manual work.

Want to play with your 2022 strategy? Click the link in my bio to pop into my schedule! Times are filling up fast as we round out the year. 😍

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Working out with a one year old 😍🤣🥰 ...

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Dun Dun Dun ... the endless scroll. You know the one. Where you don't even realize your finger is scrolling and your eyes have glazed over while your mind races.

Why do you stop the scroll? Because something catches your attention. Usually, that something has big personality or a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to show who you are on your social feeds, your website, and your marketing! Remember: prospects don't know you yet. Give them a taste of who you are. Like attracts like so if you want to pull in totally aligned clients, let your interests, musings, and humor shine.

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Some mornings just start off with an extra gift. *deep breath and gratitude* ...

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Earlier this year, I was a special guest on Drop The Aspiring Act Podcast. Talking about how I find momentum for my business and day-to-day life. You can listen on all major podcast platforms, or click the link in my bio and head to the free resources page!

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Ever noticed how magnetized you are to the people who tell their story? They keep it real, they talk about the raw emotions. They aren't scared of the truths that presented themselves in their struggle.

An ultimate unravel happens when you begin to tug on the end of that string that has laced up your fears and the whole mess of you unravels and tumbles out into the open. Hurt, angry, hopeful, scared, uncertain … it’s all there. It’s a really beautiful thing.
How can I say that spilling your emotions out into the open can be a beautiful thing?

Because, to me, being real is the most beautiful thing of all. Once you let it all spill out, you are finally free to take a long hard look at it. And confront it. What the heck is causing such pain in your life that you wanted to hide? What’s still working? What can you leave behind? *this is the secret to growth*

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If you could run your business from anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

It's the entrepreneur's dream, right? Work from ANYWHERE.

Frankly, I don't want to take my computer to a hot, sandy beach. I can't see the screen and ... I hate sand.

But the mountains? Now that I can get behind! Take me to a new national park every month. Let me work 4 hours a day, let me hike to my heart's content. Mmmm, that would be heaven.

I took a month-long sabbatical several years ago. I traveled through Colorado with some friends. I worked a few hours each morning from my friend's RV. I slept in a tent every night. I hiked for hours every day. I watched the stars and ate s'mores every night. My friends and I drove up to the highest peaks and grabbed our sleeping bags and counted shooting stars for hours always saying, "ooh, it's time to go to bed ... but just one more!!!"

I've never felt so grounded and clear-headed. When my daughter is old enough, I will definitely be doing that again!!

What about you? If you could work from anywhere, where would it be and why?

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Tell me in the comments - what is your favorite way to create daily momentum?

Mine are:
😍 Listen to something inspirational to remind me that the sky is the limit.
😍 Get some shit done! I love checking boxes. I make sure I feel accomplished every day.
😍 Find a small way to pamper myself.


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Turn your holistic or service-based business into a thriving source of revenue with a steady stream of dream clients.

This 5-Day Business Building Masterclass will cover how to:

1. Create a Magnetic Brand Message
2. Clarify Your Offerings for Easy Sign Ups
3. Build a Solid Sales Strategy to Get and Keep Clients
4. Establish Systems that Simplify Your Day-To-Day Business
5. Create Consistent Branding and Referral Networks
6. Bonus: Day 6 – Form an Action Plan for Growth

I always share actionable advice. You’re getting some of my favorite tricks and solid steps for growing a profitable business. Ready to take your business to the next level? I thought so!

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How I Respond When Someone Asks To "Pick My Brain"

"I'm here for it! I find it's way more beneficial for YOU if we hop into a strategy session (link is in my bio 😉 😉 😉). That way I'm sharing my on-the-spot growth ideas, business building tips, and targeted strategy for YOUR unique business. Instead of sharing how it worked for me. We have space for you to ask questions about what you're struggling with. And, you'll walk away with an actionable plan for your growth as a result. What do you think? I have 3-hour and full-day sessions available."

Ever notice how when someone wants to pick your brain it's really because they're stuck? I love to hop right in and give them what they actually want and need at that moment. Way more helpful and powerful for them.


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When I started my business 15 years ago, the tone of business marketing needed to be professional. There were no social media platforms. No emojis. People barely had websites (and they were super basic). And there certainly was minimal swearing, personal photos, unedited videos, etc.

It was all kind of ... stuffy. To this day, it's still hard for me to tell my own story and let my personality shine through because old habits die hard. It's tough to drop the 'professional' in lieu of the 'real.'

Some business owners get tripped up when it comes to crafting the tone that should appear on their site. Of course, you want to be seen as a trusted professional, but there’s a difference between professional and stuffy.

Your content doesn’t need to be bland in order to gain customers’ trust. In fact, it should be quite the opposite! If you’ve got a fun, bubbly personality, please don’t dull it because you fear it’s not professional enough. People want to work with someone they can relate to. Build this relationship by connecting through information about yourself, your brand, and your story on your site.

Some of the questions you might want to tackle in your content include:
❓How did the idea for your business come about?
❓What kind of struggles did you face as you built your company?
❓What personal experiences encouraged you to start your business?
❓What do you love about running your business?

Put yourself in the position of a customer. When you’re exploring different companies (and usually there are many to explore), which brands stand out? Probably the ones owned by someone who gives an inside look into who they are, vs the person who strictly offers a list of services, hours of operation, and details about where they went to school or where they’ve worked. Don't be afraid to be YOU! You're awesome! You'll become a magnet for people who relate to you ... and they're WAY more fun to work with!

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3 Steps I Take To Prepare For Podcast Interviews:

1️⃣ REVIEW the questions they send ahead of time and jot down a few ideas. Most podcasters sent basic questions ahead, some just send a theme. Either way, I do a little pre-reflection to get my head in the game!

2️⃣ DANCE. As an introvert, my energy needs to be high before I hop into a conversation with someone I don't know. The fastest way for me to do that is with some good tunes.

3️⃣ASK for guidance to align my answers with what their audience truly needs from that podcast. *I do this before my client calls, too * I learned this trick many years ago when I often questioned my own brilliance. If I ask for the right words to come forward at the right time, for the right person, they always do. So I ask, and then trust that the right message will be delivered.

Want to hear some of the podcasts I've been featured on? Check out my Business Resource Vault > link is in my bio and on my website! 😘


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I hear the same 3 things over and over again.
1. I hate social media for marketing.
2. There has to be an easier way to get clients.
3. I feel so close to locking in my message and audience, but it just hasn't clicked yet.

Sound familiar? If so, you are totally not alone. No entrepreneur is short on passion. Clients? Maybe. Dollars? Probably. Time? Always. But you have the passion for sure. So if you're hitting this final quarter of the year needing a little boost, I've got something for you.

Try my FREE 10-day Magnetizing Leads Challenge to simplify your marketing while becoming a magnet for leads. >>> Click the link in my bio (insta) or go to my resources page (from FB).

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Walking into the unknown is scary.

😳 You don't know what awaits you - success or "failure?"
😳 You don't know if you're choosing the right path.
😳 You don't know if you'll be happier or not.
😳 You don't know if you can handle the new choice you're making.

This is the trap that keeps most people standing still. Feeling stuck. Accepting mediocre instead of joy.

What if we flipped that on it's head? Instead of putting SO much weight on the choice having to be "the one" ... what if you looked at it for what it is? Just a singular step in a long journey.

If you don't like the new business. Or you don't like the new job. Or you don't like the new relationship. Move on. That step just shook loose the energy that kept you stagnant in a place that you didn't really want to be. That's all.

Every step I've taken into a new path has yielded growth, learning, and a path to where I was really meant to be. Not all of them have been easy, but they have all created momentum. Sometimes just a nudge forward and other times a steamroller, but every choice shook loose old energy and invited in fresh energy to direct me to a new level of joy.

What kind of momentum are you looking to create next?

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We often feel too alone in our fears and our doubts. We hide them and desperately hope that everyone around us sees us and feels like we have it all under control. We post our highlights. We hide our struggles.

What are some of the fears that we hide? The lies that we tell (others and ourselves)? The secret truths that are hidden under them?

Here are a few that I hear frequently with my clients. Notice the whispering vulnerable belief behind the words being said.

🤫 "I’m afraid I won’t be able to deliver or do the job. I won’t know unless I try. But I really think I can do it."

🤫 "I’m scared that once they really get to know me, they won’t like me. I feel like I am pretending to be someone I’m not right now."

🤫 "I’m scared to really let my personality shine through because it might be 'too much' for some people. I end up feeling small and voiceless and feeling like no one really, truly gets me. I lose myself along the way."

🤫 "I’m living paycheck to paycheck and some months I don’t know how to make my bills. But I am trying really hard to create something. I’m just afraid I will be judged for my struggle."

🤫 "I don’t know if I am making the right choice. But, even if I am scared, I have to do something to get unstuck. I'm really scared of making the wrong choice."

🤫 "I give away way too much of my time. I’m afraid people won’t like me as much if I don’t or won’t hire me if I charge what I'm worth. But, I’m resentful of the time people take from me."

🤫 "If I don’t do it all, no one will pick up the slack and it won’t get done and people will be disappointed. I hate doing it all. If I didn’t, someone probably would step in, but I might feel less important."

🤫 "I don’t have time to move forward into the life I really want. OK, I have the time, but I’m petrified to make a change because…what if it isn’t better?"

There is so much truth in the end of those statements. Vulnerability moves you forward. Even if it's just a baby step. Get cozy with your vulnerable side and put a voice to what you're truly afraid of. Then, look for ways to baby step into practicing those skills. Suddenly, they won't feel quite so scary.

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There is nothing wrong with you if ...
- your intention is there but you still feel like you’re talking to no one
- you aren’t making six figures
- you have s passion for your business but you are confused about how to sell it

👉🏼 Trust that you are where you need to be in your learning.
👉🏼 Give yourself some grace and know that you will get there.
👉🏼 Remember that what you see online is usually a highlight reel.
👉🏼 Every seeming misstep is an opportunity for realignment.

Keep going.

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3 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated

I’ve talked a lot about the burnout I’ve experienced cyclically in my 14 years in business. Leveling up (in technology, mindset, or offerings) is no joke.

So, how do I keep myself positive and motivated amidst the stretch zones in life or business?

1️⃣ Motivational material. I find something that makes me feel good … a book, a movie, a podcast … something I don’t have to work at to *feel* good and *feel* inspired.

2️⃣ Connection to my physical body. I feel better, stronger, more capable when I work out. There have been long periods in my life where I neglected my physical body, but I always return to a routine. I used to rock climb or do yoga 3-5 times a week. I’m an avid hiker. Then, I did cycling 3 times a week. Now, with my daughter, we walk every day. I’ve learned I have to have something in my routine to connect me to my body.

3️⃣ Connection to friends. I have an incredible circle of friends that I trust. I can pop an honest message about how I feel, what I’m struggling with, or what I need any day of the week. And they can do the same for me. I need that circle of trust to keep me grounded and to help me remember the bigger picture of life.

How do you stay motivated when you step into uncertain waters? Interestingly, none of mine have anything to do with business, but they sure do help with it! 🙌🏼

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