The land of virtual assistants is vast! There is a VA for almost every industry and specialization. Don't worry that you may not be able to find someone to fit your business, there are so many niches and specialties for VA's. You will be able to find someone who can be the peanut butter to your chocolate. The zing zang to your bloody mary. The person who finishes your sentences and reads your mind sometimes! Thank yourself for doing a little research up front, asking for help, and hiring support.

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The Day I Knew I *Had* To Start My Business

It was around 2006. I was working in a small, but mighty, graphic design firm. I was making great money. I had wonderful co-workers.

But I wasn't fulfilled. I didn't love the work I was doing. I wanted more.

I had signed up for a coaching certification program that was almost 80 hours. I was going through at night after I finished up work. I couldn't wait to get to my classes. I was learning so much. I wasn't even planning to start a business. I took the program just because I was interested in it, and, I knew I could use the skills in my everyday life. I had hired @liveboldlycoach, just to see what the process was like. We became friends.

One night she and her husband invited me to go see Edwin McCain perform. We had a night of delicious food, interesting conversation, and great music. To close out his set, Edwin said, "I don't usually do this, but I'm going to do a cover tonight. He proceeded to sing Seal, Crazy.

You know the one ... "In a world full of people, only some want to fly. Isn't that crazy?" I had goosebumps. My coach turned to me and said, "well, if that isn't a coaching song I don't know what is!"

As I progressed in my classes, I knew this was more than just a hobby course. I wanted to do something with this. I wanted to fly. Before I knew it, I had a plan to turn in my notice and start a business. What?! That was never the plan. Yet suddenly it was.

I shared my office with a lovely human. We used to make CDs to share and play as we worked. We had similar taste in music and often made a game out of choosing songs the other would love.

The day I decided to turn in my notice, I pulled my resignation letter out of my bag. Hands shaking, heart racing, palms sweating, stomach in knots. I was definitely second-guessing this crazy decision. He popped his head around the little cubed wall between us and dropped a CD on my desk. He said, "that first song is perfect for you. I know it." I put the CD into my computer, and Seal starting singing to me. "In a world full of people, only some want to fly ... isn't that crazy?"

That was the day I knew I *had* to start my business.

📸 @elizabethaimages

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From that list you've been making of tasks you need to hand off... Don't wait until you're completely overwhelmed and burned out to hire that help. Hiring a team member (even someone who does exactly what you need them to do), will require some training and learning curve time.

Make your life easier and help the working relationship start on a better foot, by getting the help you need before you feel like you're drowning.

I know it can be scary, but it will be so worth it when you grow with that support person vs struggling to catch up with them.

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Are you making it harder than it needs to be?

Where do you find yourself in the most resistance in life ... business ... marketing?

Maybe you're:
• Trying to make your program the top of the top ... without testing the water first.
• Trying to implement huge, complicated systems ... without a full client load that doesn't need it yet.
• Putting too much responsibility on yourself to be perfect ... before learning through experience.
• Pushing for you think it needs to look like ... instead of listening to what people want.

What might happen if you ...
> let go?
> stepped into the flow?
> chose the easy route?

Just curious 😉

📸 @elizabethaimages

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On my recent IG Live with Chelsee from @chelseeleeva we talked a lot about how to know when it's time to hire help. Start thinking about the tasks you'll want to outsource early on. Keep a running list and think about how handing off those tasks would help you focus on the parts of your business that need your special touch.

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In My Earbuds On The Daily Is A Meditation By @abrahamhickspublications Check out Abraham Hicks on Spotify (https://loom.ly/N0D40bM). What do you listen to daily to keep your vibe high? ...

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I see you over there. Working hard. Following your passion. Finding your way.

Business owners are the hardest working, emotionally strong people I know. Everything falls on them from marketing to bookkeeping, to the actual client work, to admin functions, and everything in between. They do it with a smile because they love their work. They outsource and grow and delegate as income allows. They are scared to grow because of the financial and emotional risk involved but know they need to. They underpromise and overdeliver. They work hard to keep their clients happy because they know that is what keeps them coming back! They overthink their decisions and have a hard time setting boundaries. They don't have coworkers to talk to so they can vent, run ideas by them, or take a break. They take unpaid sick leave, holidays, and vacation time. They are on the hook for customer service, production, and delivery. And they love it. Okay, maybe not all of it, but the passion for their work outweigh the downfalls.

Don't be fooled - they work hard. They keep it together but sometimes want to crumble. They take it on the chin when someone dislikes their work, but they cry a little inside. They dig deep to find patience, energy, and groundedness. They stoke their passion and play with their creativity.

If you're a business owner, I see you. I see you getting out there, growing your biz, doing the work, kicking ass, and taking names.

If you aren't a business owner, and you know one, send them some love. They need it from time to time!

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Tick Tock! ⏰ On Wednesday, we start the process of blasting through blocks, opening up to the potential in your business, gaining clarity around what you offer, and firming up your business systems. But, WHY should you focus on these things in your business?

1️⃣ Peace of mind. When things are running smoothly, you can relax more, worry less, and stop chasing your own tail.
2️⃣ Pride and excitement. When your offers truly amplify the core of your purpose with your clients, there is a constant current of excitement to serve and connect.
3️⃣ Community. When you know you're not the only one facing blocks in your business, you can open up to the possibility on the other side of your challenges. And, learn from others how to best navigate through them.
4️⃣ Momentum. When you sit on an idea stewing for too long, you become stagnant. When you chase too many ideas, you feel disjointed. When you have focused direction, you create momentum.
5️⃣ Boundaries. When you know what you're offering, how you're offering it, and how a client progresses with you, you will have natural boundaries set up. Those will protect your energy. How many clients you take on. And, how much you give.
6️⃣ Steps. Instead of feeling this huge, wide-open abyss of possibility, you'll have specific steps (more like a ladder) to help you move forward and make progress.

Feeling the need for any of those things? I think a LOT of us are right now! The 8-week Business Breakthrough class starts Wed and registration closes today at 12p EST! Save your spot before time runs out. I would love to see the momentum you set in motion over the next two months!

6 1

If you’re finding that you are at a point in your business where you really want to nail down …

✅ What needs to get done so you have more energy to do what you love.
✅ Compelling offers people want and can’t wait to sign up for.
✅ How to explain what you do (it’s so personalized to each client, right?)
✅ A streamlined approach to what you offer so you can serve your clients more deeply.
✅ A strategy to get clients, and keep them!
✅ Your client process so it’s easy and (dare I say) automated.

Then I invite you to join me for the 8-week Business Breakthrough Class. This will be a fall jumpstart for your business momentum. During these 8 weeks, you will:
🥳 Define a niche that creates expansion without boxing yourself in.
🥳 Create packages that allow spaciousness with your clients, steady income, and a personalized approach (seriously!).
🥳 Form messaging that feels like you – and not icky!
🥳 Craft a client process that is as easy to explain as it is to implement.
🥳 Decide on a marketing strategy that feels like you and doesn’t have you chasing down all the social strategies (in fact, you might not use social at all!)
🥳 Learn about systems that will streamline your processes so you don’t have to do all the things.

Each of the 6 lessons in my exclusive Daily Business Momentum Program focuses on a core topic that you will need to master to create longevity in your business. This program is a compilation of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of business (and what I wish I’d known when I got started). When you feel wobbly, you can revisit at any time to re-center.

We start on September 15th. Click the link in my bio to learn more and register!

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Summer is bowing out to let Fall take center stage. Can you feel it? It's coming!

I'm usually such a summer baby, but this year I am feeling really ready for fall. I'm not a pumpkin spice or pumpkin beer girl (I know, I know, you all love them!). I'll take a spiced beer any day though. #coldmountainwinterale anyone?

I live for those cozy jeans and sweater kind of days.
Good friction on a solid outdoor climb.
A crisp hike with a clear mountain view.
S'mores and camping.
Babies that look like the Michelin Man, all bundled up (so cute!)

That's the vibe I'm ready for this year! How about you? What's your favorite season?

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Maybe you’re following a class you took on how to get clients that is all about social media (and you hate social media). Maybe you’re relying on friends and family to fill your client list (which only works for so long). Maybe you don’t have a marketing strategy at all (which really doesn't work at all).

In order for marketing to really work, your strategy needs to reflect how you prefer to connect with people. For example, if you hate social media and that is the only place you’re showing up, that will sabotage your success.

Surprise! Social media is not my preferred way of marketing. I use it to support other ways I connect, but it's not my primary avenue. I do a lot of marketing elsewhere! Find the way that lights you up and amplifies your energy!

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How are you feeling about your business as we head into the Fall?

Are you feeling ... excited? overwhelmed? lost? exhausted? on fire? motivated?

Any of these are totally normal at various points in business. Every stage in business feels different. Usually, exhaustion comes before a breakthrough. Motivation comes before overwhelm. Excitement comes before feeling on fire. It's all very exciting. One emotion curves into the next before you start over again. This is the cycle of leveling up and transforming.

Your future does depend on what you do today. What do you need most? Self-care? Support? Training? Guidance? Mindset work? A step-by-step plan?

If you're a holistic or creative business owner ready to launch your business, or even re-route your business a bit, then take a peek at the link my bio for the Fall Business Breakthrough Class. It's 8 weeks of support and training to help you clarify your messaging, offerings, and amplify your marketing!

No matter where you are on your business journey, you're right where you need to be. Keep going. Your dreams are calling.

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What is a virtual assistant and how can you use one of your business?. @chelseeleeva joined me today to talk about the role of a virtual assistant for small business owners, when the right time is to hire a VA, and the three organization system every business should have in place. ...

5 3

Don't miss @chelseeleeva and me at 3:30 pm EST!

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Join me for the Business Breakthrough Class. Hope to see you in class September 15th if you're ready for an accelerated dose of business momentum! Click the link in my bio for details of what's included, who it's for, and when we're meeting! ...

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If you’re currently confused about where you want your business to go, unsure how to explain what you do, or stuck figuring out your offerings … this 8-week Business Breakthrough is for you!

As we feel the tease of Fall tickling our senses, I'm having lots of conversations that describe feeling like:

😏 it's probabbbbly time to get this train back on the tracks and double down your focus on your business ...
🤔 you're shifting directions and not quite sure where to go, but you feel the pull of new energy and you're ready to make some changes.
🤩 your business dreams have been persistent and you're ready to stop ignoring them and start explore them.
🤗 you feel stuck in your business (dare I say disorganized) and you want to clarify, focus, and realign. Time to shake some things loose!

This 8-week class will include:
🥳 The full Daily Momentum Business Course as our guide. This is my exclusive 6-step strategy guide that I use with all of my clients to help them go from confused and unsure about their business offerings to clear, organized, and excited to welcome clients in. This is not a "my-way-or-the-highway" system. These are 6 most foundational steps that I wish every business owner knew to implement to grow their businesses.
🥳 Group Coaching once per week during the 8 weeks to support you as you process ideas, breakthrough blocks, and build (or rebuild) the structure of your business offerings.

Join me for a double dose of momentum because you’ll be getting the best of my coaching and my marketing brain.

If you would like to learn more or want to register click the link in my bio!

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Don't miss my IG live tomorrow with Chelsee from @ChelseeLeeVA

We'll be talking about how you can organize your business to run more efficiently and make your programs work for you!

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The sweet spot of publicity for small businesses. If you think publicity is only for big businesses, you may be wrong! There is a sweet spot for small businesses in getting placements in specialty magazines and media. @pollyannawrites joined me to talk about how to leverage publicity to grow your business. ...

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Join me at 11:20a EST today as I speak with @pollyannawrites about growing and scaling your business using publicity. You'll learn about creating authority, turning media placements into lead generation, and how to get media exposure ... even if you're a small business! AND I want to ask about how to know when you're ready for media placements ... so stay tuned. I'm excited for this conversation and to learn from PollyAnna! ...

5 2

If you think publicity is only for big businesses, you may be wrong! There is a sweet spot for small businesses in getting placements in specialty magazines and media. @pollyannawrites will join me on IG Live tomorrow at 11:20a EST to talk about how to leverage publicity to grow your business. ...

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