Once upon a time I was organized, methodical, and on top of it. All my ducks were in a row. Now? Just winging it daily over here! #mompreneurlife ...

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Is it ok to do nothing in your business from time to time? Let’s talk about it! #businessmotivation #entrepreneurlife ...

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Love notes from nature. #naturesigns ...

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You’re never really leaving anyone behind. You’re modeling where they’re going next. Trust that those who are ready for the next level will join you. And those that aren’t? There’s someone better suited for them to meet them where they are. And eventually you’ll be there when they ARE ready. 💪 🙌🏼 ...

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Channeling my gratitude, patience, and positivity practices. What are you leaning into this year so far? ...

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What is the biggest question in your head around your business? The thing you’re not doing that is keeping you stuck.


What is the ACTION that you are avoiding?


We avoid the thing that feels big and de-prioritize it. We do all the other things around it … anything but THAT thing that really needs to get done.


We make it BIGGER than the task really is. Scarier. More involved.


It gets BIGGER in our minds.


What’s your next best step to get that task done? Just the next action that needs to be taken. Research? A phone call? ChatGPT? Recording yourself? Sending an email asking for help? DO. THE. NEXT. THING.


This part is important. You don’t have to do ALL the things to finish the project. Just do the next small aligned step.

You’ll make a ton of progress before you know it. Promise!

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Your business can be wrapped in the most incredibly supportive community - if you let it!

Just like you’re careful and strategic about who you accept as a client (right?!? 😉) and who you allow into your inner circle of friends (right?!? 😉) you also need to be selective of who you surround yourself with in your business atmosphere.

Here are 3 types of people to keep close as you grow. Trust your intuition.

Let me know in the comments how it goes for you!

#intuitivebusiness #holisticnetworking #heartcenteredbiz #soulfulconnections #groundedleaders #collaborationovercompetition

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Your struggle is a gift. I know it doesn’t feel that way, but allow me to give you a higher level view for a moment.

➡️ Those challenges are exactly what your future clients are facing.
➡️ They’re going to need to know you get it.
➡️ They need to understand they’re not alone.
➡️ That struggle needs to be talked about.

We’ve romanticized amazing health, overnight success, perfect parenting, six figure months, huge bank accounts … and the imposter syndrome being felt behind the scenes is at an all time high. Comparison. Self doubt. Not feeling enough-ness.

You are enough. Struggle happens. Being lost sometimes is normal. You WILL figure it out.

Join me in being real and not just displaying the highlights?

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PSA: time flies much faster than you think it does. Take care of yourself.

A little bit of self-love this afternoon at @urbana. It had been so long, my massage therapist had a baby in the time since I was there last!

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Always a great reminder when stress, overwhelm, or fight-or-flight start to take hold. ✨ ...

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“I’m not creative like you.”

I’d love to tell you how many of my clients say this to me. Almost all of them.

And yet…

My process is extremely collaborative. I cannot create a product that reflects your vision without understanding what you are creating. Neither can you.

This is the beauty of the mixture of coaching and graphic design.

I get to tease out all the yummy details of your dream. Get to know your personality and what lights you up about your favorite clients.

Only then does the design start to form.
Only then do I start to imagine what your brand looks and feels like.
And even then YOU see it and decide if it matches the feeling. Usually it does. Sometimes we make tweaks. Either way is totally okay.

This process feels light, fun, enjoyable, and interesting. You will be stretched to think through the things you truly want. Stripped away and leaving behind what doesn’t fit. That part is uncomfortable. But what emerges is a rebirth of fresh energy and interest. A new, lighter, more joyful brand. Every time.

This illustration was a quick copy of a toucan on one of my daughter’s toys. Simple, quick creativity. Keeps my mind moving and my creativity playful. What do you do to stay playful? We are ALL creative.

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60 second breathing technique
Alternate nostril breathing

I love this quick reset breathing technique when I’m feeling super high strung or stressed out. It only takes 60 seconds, but you can do it for as long as you feel you need.

Here’s how to do it:
⏺️ Start with a few deep breaths.
⬆️Put your pointer finger on the tip of your nose and breathe in deeply through both nostrils.
⬅️Move your finger to block the side of your left nostril and breathe out through the right.
⬆️Put your finger back on the tip of your nose as you breathe in deeply through both nostrils.
➡️Move your finger to block the side of your right nostril and breathe out through the left.
⬆️Put your finger back on the tip of your nose as you breathe in deeply through both nostrils.
⬅️ Repeat on the left side.
Continue alternating for as long as you’d like.

Enjoy all of these benefits from this simple practice, too!

I’m thrilled I can breathe deeply enough to start this back up after a month of being stuffy! Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Quick recap from 2023. Feels like this year hasn’t even started yet! Focus: getting healthy. Almost there! Excited for the possibility of this year and also feeling a little unsure of where this road is going to lead. Anyone else with me on that? ...

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#justincaseyouforgot ...

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Have 15 mins? These are questions to spark your fire as you start this year. BUT THEY ONLY WORK IF YOU ACTUALLY WRITE YOUR ANSWERS DOWN. Just like anything, these ponderings can’t just be read. To get the full@magic, they have to be acted upon. This means pen-to-paper, hands-to-keyboard my friend.

I’ll put a link in the comments (and it’s also in my bio) if you’re finding yourself starting off this year by wishing for a space that you can carve out just for you. To light your fire, focus on *your* ideas, and learn from other amazing business owners. 🔥 I’m creating the space I myself have craved over the last few years. Want to join me?

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Ah well. I’ll start next week I guess! 😜 #lifeistooshorttoworry ...

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A few highlights from this year. None of them having to do with work. All of them eliciting joy. Wishing you and yours a happy New Year’s Eve!

Our home may have Covid but we are ending the year rested and together as a family - so that’s a win in my book! Curiously looking forward into 2024. There are so many possibilities for this coming year.

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