Magic happens when you speak your truth. My favorite things about strategy sessions is when my clients breathe life and spark ideas they’ve been hesitant to act on. We align the intention with the delivery and the impact on their audience. We remove fears and blocks. We find the path of least resistance to make it happen. And we set up gentle boundaries to maintain momentum. Sessions like this are full of energy, illumination, and potential.

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Got to flex my facilitation skills today with an powerful team at CBRE. It had been a minute for me but it felt great. 25 incredibly warm, creative, open, and strategic minds got to explore their strengths and their team’s brand. 🙌🏼 Fun! ...

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Magic happens when a friend sees you for you, holds space for your fears and encourages your gifts. Even more magic happens when you do that for each other and add delicious food and a ridiculous amount of laughter! Thanks @imkingmoe for the soul filling evening.

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It’s true that cracks in the path can be right next to signs of love from the universe. ...

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Quickie shoot refresh with 📸@elizabethaimages! I always feel more connected to myself and my brand after a photoshoot.

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Starting to feel those fall vibes.

Sinking into that deep knowing of what I wish to keep close and to nurture.

Letting the old fall away. Practicing rest.

Which chapters or ideas in your life are starting to fall away? Making space and room for fresh ideas to begin to anchor and form.

Don’t be scared or overwhelmed with it. This is a natural cycle. Everything changes and evolves. It’s only hard when you resist it.

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Mountain refresh. My favorite refresh. Except with all the kids this time so not as much sleep 🤪 ...

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When you get a chance to go to the mountains, you go.
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Those fears? Those doubts? That sense of imposter syndrome? Those are all signs of your next level. Just beyond those mental limitations is a new level of being and awareness waiting to be realized. You can have all the strategy and marketing in the world but they will fall flat until you get behind your own belief in what you offer. Take space to get quiet and listen and follow the ideas that spark you. You are here for a reason. ...

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Towing the line between what is and what is becoming. Leaving the old behind. Stepping into the courage to welcome the new.

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Permission granted (if you even needed it) to pause from the hustle. For a minute. For a day. For a week. A month. A year. Take your time. Make sure you enjoy the process.

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When you get a surprise package in the mail from @stumclaren and team that makes you feel like a rockstar!

This is the “better together” pin … a special recognition for stepping in and helping The Membership Experience community.

So nice to feel acknowledged and loved up 🥰 Thank you!

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Commit now. What action will you complete when the day starts to create momentum? #getitdonetoday #dailymomentum #businessgoals #nodoubt ...

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Business lessons from a 2-year old

Sometimes I see everyone else’s brilliant sleep-and-meditation-infused posts and I feel less than. With a 2 year old my experience has been that time, energy and brain power don’t operate optimally. This is my biggest frustration with having a kiddo. I miss my fast brain!

There are so many blessings though and it has forced me to slow down … a lesson I actually really needed. We get what we need, right?

She teaches me new ways to think every day. I store up my brain power for clients, business activities, and my family. It’s easy to drop into my inner wisdom with clients. Stopping to bottle it up into a social post isn’t something I always want to do. So I don’t.

Until I want to. Like today. So I thought I’d share some of the latest business lessons I’ve learned from my wicked smart 2 year old:

1️⃣ Be curious. You’ll notice the thing you may have otherwise missed (like the baby frog in this picture). Information is coming at you about what your clients want all the time. If you’re moving too fast, you’ll miss the most sincere input you can get.

2️⃣ Listen to your intuition. When my daughter is doing something she knows she shouldn’t be, she whispers “no, no, no.” So does your intuition. At least move forward with mischievousness instead of unconsciousness 😉

3️⃣ Be playful. If my daughter is bored or done with a toy, she puts it down and moves on. It’s not a hard decision. She doesn’t force it. She is playful and follows her joy. So can you.

4️⃣ Use your imagination. Some of the very best business ideas come from playing make believe and asking “why if….?”

5️⃣ Have your moment and move on. The temper tantrums are real. Usually because my daughter didn’t get her way or was incredibly confused about why something didn’t work. Boy do we go through this as business owners! So have your tantrum but move on. Don’t dwell. Find another way.

Maybe I’ll share more lessons later. For now, tell me which lesson resonates with you the most!

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Tired of feeling like social media is your only outlet for gaining leads? Well, I put together a *FREE* 10-day challenge just for you!

Learn 10 simple ways to go beyond social media to attract clients. Simplify your marketing and become a magnet for leads.

You know where you want to go. You’re tapped into the work you want to do. You know what you’re good at. It’s getting it out there that is scary, overwhelming, and sometimes downright confusing.

I hear you. It can be harrrd to gain traction. Hey. I’m Katie and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be paralyzed with fear or overwhelm around marketing.

During this challenge, you’ll receive marketing avenues each day, prompts to make sense of the overwhelm, tried and tested strategies that I’ve used for over a decade with clients, and ideas to turn up the dial on your marketing efforts in an easy and fun way.

During this free challenge, tips are delivered to your inbox each day for 10 days. After the challenge is complete, you can log in to your client portal to access the videos at any time.

Want to join? Just click the link in my bio!

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Shed those layers. You are becoming a better version of yourself. You’re not breaking apart. You’re leaving behind what you no longer need. Fall in love with yourself. 💕 ...

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What if you had guardrails in your business?

My clients are highly intuitive. They listen to their gut instincts. They act quickly when they get inspiration.

They also sometimes feel lost in the basics of marketing guidelines. How to scale something. Foundational elements in the business. Creating a strong brand.

That's where I come in. I provide the guardrails. I heal your relationship with technology. I help you create the parameters that *feel* good to deliver your message. Then set you free to dream and create with that foundation of knowledge. When you're ready to uplevel, we dream again and expand the guardrails.

This process is SO freeing and SO fun. There are a billion ways to market your business and to scale and configure your offerings. I love to jump into that playground and make sense of an infinite number of possibilities to create a foundational plan that aligns with you, your brand, and your style.

Curious how? Click my link in the bio to read my latest blogs or take my *free* 5 Day Business Building Course!

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Do you make breathing room for dreams to grow?

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