Starting a business can feel like a huge risk. There are a lot of unknowns and what-ifs that swirl through our minds. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who has been there to bounce ideas off of and help decide if you have what it takes to get something off the ground, if now is the right time or if you should wait?

Maybe you’re ready to jump in now or maybe you’re curious if there is a way to make your current career work instead. Not sure? That’s ok! I’m here to help!

Today felt good. It’s been months since I was able to get on a hiking trail because of coronavirus. My mental reset has always been in nature. My physical strength comes from outdoor activities. I gardened a lot. Spent time taking walks with my dog. Did yard work. Spent time in my yard. But I craved the expansive views. Moving my body through the trees. Breathing in fresh air and Mother Nature. I missed this so much. It felt so good to be back. In a world that feels so uncertain right now, this is my happy place. Where is your happy place? •

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Branding Photography for Small Businesses: Why it Matters and How to Prepare with Elizabeth Knapp •

Grab your tea or coffee and join us tomorrow, 6/1 at 10:30a EST to learn about the importance of brand photography for your biz! •

Link to sign up in bio and comments! There will be a replay sent after. •

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It’s almost time 🤗

Conversations with the Masters is happening again this Monday, June 1st from 10-10:30a EST.
This week I will be talking with @elizabethaimages about Branding Photography for Small Businesses.

As a designer and coach, I LOVE playing with branded photography. 💥 How can you express yourself with images? 💥 How can you connect further with your audience through your visuals?
Join us Monday to learn: 👉🏼 why branding photography matters to your small biz
👉🏼 what to think about when hiring a branding photographer
👉🏼 4 steps to prepare for a branding session
👉🏼 how to use your branding images

Link to sign up is in my bio!
DM me any questions you have about branding images and I’ll add them to our list! 💕

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This. This affirmation is coming up again and again for me. In conversations. In what I’m reading and watching.

Yet I still question it sometimes. How freaking annoying! My world is literally affirming amazing things are on their way. Yet my fear speaks louder sometimes. Do you ever do that?

I took a long bath last night and gave myself some space to breathe. I reaffirmed what I want, how open I am to it. I recommitted to trusting that I’ve set the stage and taken the aligned actions for what I want to come easily and now I can trust it’s on its way.
Mindset is half the battle (maybe more than half!) my friends. Where does your brain trick you? Look at every world record ever set. Someone saw it was possible and then believed they could do more ... and did.
You can have what you want. It’s just beyond your fingertips. Waiting for you to reach out and take the aligned action to grasp it. Don’t let it slip away. Do the reach. Do the work. Then master your mind to believe it’s within reach. More on this soon! 😘

For now, tell me what you want in the comments!! 👇🏼 CLAIM IT!

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You want to feel valued in your career. To feel fulfilled. To know that you are really using your strengths. Sound familiar?

  • You’re ready for a change.
  • Or, perhaps you’re ready to pursue a new path completely. Only you aren’t quite sure how to move on. Or if you should even leave your current position.
  • You’re happy most of the time, but wonder if there is something more.
  • Maybe you aren’t happy most of the time.
  • No matter what, you are ready to explore what it takes to feel that you are making a contribution.
  • You have a great idea for a business!
  • You’re ready to be acknowledged for your work and your talents.
  • You’re ready for your career to reflect who you are.

Life is way too short to stay in a career that doesn’t excite you. Sure, we all have bad days and periods of time when we are less than thrilled with going to work. But, overall, your job should be something that adds to your life. Not something that makes your blood boil and frustrates you.

Be honest with me. On a scale of 1-10, how frustrated are you in your career?

Does your blood boil every time something goes wrong at work? Or, every time someone asks you for something that they could do themselves? Are you scared to start over and leave all that you’ve worked for so far just to pursue something you’re more passionate about? 

Here’s the thing…

  • You know it’s time for a change, but you have no idea where to start or what steps to take.
  • You want to know that you are really using your strengths.
  • You want to get up in the morning excited for work.
  • You want your family and friends to see a happier, less frustrated, you each day.
  • You want to do good work in the world and see the difference you’re making.
  • For you, it’s not enough to just make good money. You want to feel connected to how you earn that money, too.

Am I right? If I am, then I want you to know…
All of this is totally natural. And it doesn’t mean that you picked the wrong path. Or that you made the wrong choices along the way. It just means you’ve changed. And something deep within you is ready to get real. To get down to the core of who you are and what you truly want. Most of us don’t conquer that early in life.

What I know is that you will find far more fulfillment during your 40+ hours each week if you are aware of and maximizing your skills and strengths. I’m not talking about whether you’re and extrovert or an introvert. And I’m not talking about where you are on the DISC or the Meyers Briggs. I mean who you know yourself to be. And what you know you want to be seen for (at least so far). My mission is to help you get clear on what you would offer if you did take that big step to start a business.

I have seen this simple awareness amplify my clients’ satisfaction in their work over my 10+ years in business. We push so hard to get ahead and support ourselves and then get ahead to support our families, we stop making choices that work for all aspects of our lives and instead make choices that are presented to us as the next logical step. Not always the next best step for you.

During this course, we do a deep dive into how you can feel most valued through the work you do.


I am currently pregnant and will be on maternity leave starting in July of 2020, so while this is typically a longer, more in coaching program, what I am offering between now and July are Clarity Sessions. These are:  

  • 60-min coaching sessions to help you explore the idea of starting a business. Ask questions. Explore the what-ifs. Form a plan of action.
  • Coaching is done via phone.
  • Online course option coming in the Fall!

Set Up a Clarity Coaching With Katie

Set up a call to explore your business possibilities, get questions answered, and discuss what steps need to be taken to get your business off the ground.

Request A Clarity Call

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    Now I’m Blushing ….

    Katie is amazing, I have had other “intro” sessions with other coaches, but she has this capacity to encourage and challenge at the same time. Just what I needed for my career search. Thank you!
    – Shari H.

    Coach Katie is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her pursuit of finding your strength. She uses examples and daily mantras as well as meditation topics, allowing you to re-connect and see your full potential. She is an avid rock climber and she will push you through self doubt and continually push you above and beyond the summit. I highly recommend her services and I’ve already recommended her to several friends. She’s a great listener and she sees the good and bad of her client … being able to tweak, push and prod to get the most of your sessions together.
    – Jeffrey D.

    Katie has a wonderful gift as a coach. She provided counsel and a fresh, positive perspective to my career dilemma. As professionals, it’s easy to find ourselves having snowballed with little regard for personal happiness. Taking a moment to reset with Katie was both therapeutic and beneficial to my career.
    – Rebecca J.

    I found Katie a few years ago at a time in my life when I felt stuck in a career that drained me and I felt powerless to change my situation. After our first session, I left feeling empowered and motivated and I knew I had found just what I needed. Katie helped me to get to know myself better and to be honest about what I really wanted out of life. Since working with her, I bought my first home, received my Master’s degree, and found the courage to leave the career that was draining me for one that I am completely passionate about!! I am incredibly grateful to Katie and would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about making a change.
    – Megan H.

    After being laid off, Katie led me on an inner journey that helped me transform my life and find my dream job. I’m living the life I have wanted to live and Katie was the driving force motivating and inspiring me. I highly recommend Katie if you are ready for the best life possible!
    – Raven D.

    It was a pleasure working with Katie as I explored the next phase of my career. She was incredibly intuitive and although she had a planned curriculum, our sessions had a conversational flow about them. I feel empowered to confidently pursue the career I’ve always envisioned for myself and I owe a debt of gratitude to Katie for assisting me in my journey.
    – Avery M.