*Free* 5-Day

Business Building Masterclass

5 Days of Professional Guidance and Growth for Your Business

Turn your holistic or service-based business into a thriving source of revenue with a steady stream of dream clients. If you know you have the passion and expertise to help people but you don’t know your next steps for growth, then this masterclass is perfect for you.

This 5-Day Business Building Masterclass will cover how to:

  1. Create a Magnetic Brand Message
  2. Clarify Your Offerings for Easy Sign Ups
  3. Build a Solid Sales Strategy to Get and Keep Clients
  4. Establish Systems that Simplify Your Day-To-Day Business
  5. Create Consistent Branding and Referral Networks
  6. Bonus: Day 6 – Form an Action Plan for Growth

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Serious about growing your business? Get started today.

Something to know. This is NOT a get-rich-quick type of class. It’s not a “top 10 ways to improve visibility” growth plan.

What you’ll get:

  • A quick, snack-sized 10-minute video training released each day in your learning dashboard for 5 days to provide focus and direction for growing your business.
  • The top tips from my marketing and coaching brain to help you set a super-strong foundation to build a sustainable business that lasts.
  • Links to some of my best resources.
  • A bonus on day 6 to set an action plan for moving forward and really committing to your business growth.

Let’s be honest, ok? You can’t totally turn your business around in 5 days. We both know that. But you can look at your business in a whole new light over the course of 5 days and pick up some incredibly helpful tips to implement immediately.

I always share actionable advice. You’re getting some of my favorite tricks and solid steps for growing a profitable business. After our five days are up, if you still feel you need more support, check out my Momentum Masters and Daily Business Momentum programs.

Ready to take your business to the next level? I thought so! 

Let’s do this!


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive two emails shortly after signing up. One will confirm your “purchase.” The other will contain login instructions about how to access the masterclass. If you’re using Gmail especially, you may need to check your spam or promotions folders to find them! IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THOSE EMAILS, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR LEARNING DASHBOARD. Moving forward, you can click the link in the upper lefthand corner to access all of your courses.

Will you share the love?

Don’t take it from me though …

Katie is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, along with being a wonderful human. Her knowledge and coaching has been invaluable during this phase of leveling up my business. I am a new business owner, and Katie’s guidance has provided me the tools I need to be empowered and educated in my business’s growth. She values authenticity, creativity, fun, and potential, which I appreciate greatly. I love working with her and recommend anyone leveling up their business or looking for coaching to hire Katie. You will not regret it.
– Erika Shepard, InnerFireWellnessNC.com

“Katie is brilliant and extremely capable. Her coaching style serves as a catalyst for creativity and brings greater clarity to every thought, purpose, and action. I highly recommend Katie. The benefits you receive from working with her have a value that goes beyond the physical product she delivers. Her sterling character and solid integrity encourage, motivate, and inspire.”

– Christine N. Schaubert, Trustee Leadership Training

“Katie was the calmness I needed in a whirlwind of unproductively yet tireless work hours.  Before Katie, my mind would jump from one project to another.  By the end of my work day, nothing was fully accomplished.  Katie helped give me structure.  We started with defining my ultimate goal and “releasing” those time sucking activities that were robbing me of my success.  I was involved in four organizations because I didn’t want to say ‘no’ … not because they served my ultimate purpose.  With a clear vision – she helped me see where gaps were in my everyday business and crafted our conversations based on that.  My productivity in ‘new customers’  this month DOUBLED!”

– Mary Newsome, Facing It With Mary

The fact that I now have a business has been everything.  I never thought I could do this and still maintain my corporate and family life. This program had so much information, I think it will take a year to digest it all. There was no gap and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much. This was such a step by step process where I didn’t even know I was moving forward. I never felt pressured to jump into the deep end.
– Christy L., Sanctuary In the City

“I have enjoyed working with Katie so much. She makes it fun and easy to work on my marketing. Our time together is organized, energizing and productive. Katie always pulls everything together so seamlessly!”
– Heather Wojick, Creative Design Solutions

“I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire program. The biggest thing is that it kept me focused on my business.  Which was amazing considering all the other things I had going on.”
– Megan H.