Building Business Momentum

Training and Coaching for Holistic Business Owners and Creative Freelancers

You have a ton of ideas. You know you’re in the field you’re meant to be in. You want more growth but you just need a little guidance to get there. Does this sound like you? Let’s build your business momentum!

If you're ready to ...

  • create stability in your income
  • master your sales process
  • organize your business systems
  • create a bigger impact through your work
  • figure out the next steps to take
  • simplify (or even clarify) your offerings
  • learn how to make a living without being pushy
  • figure out how to grow beyond where you are
  • learn the secrets behind strong branding
  • and get out of the “I’m just shooting in the dark hoping it works!” mindset

... then there's a reason you've landed here.

Ready to get to work?

I can’t wait to help you build momentum in your business



Strategy Sessions

You’re on the verge of something great. Yet you are either not clear on how to move forward, putting it off or procrastinating. You’re craving momentum and you sense you just need a push to finally get it done! A strategy session is a great option.



Daily Business Momentum

This self-guided online course combines 30 modules dedicated to helping you build a solid business foundation. Take your business from “barely getting by/willing to try anything” to focused, aligned, and growing every month.


Group Coaching

Momentum Masters

You’re craving guidance for your business. You need help clearly identifying your next steps. You want support, a place to share your ideas and a platform to accelerate your business growth.  Then Momentum Masters is the place to be.

Now I’m Blushing

“A friend of mine who is also an entrepreneur recommended that I contact Katie for help in building a concept I had into an actual business.  This concept – life coaching for men – was something I had been thinking about doing for years but I had made almost no progress on it on my own during that time.  I knew that Katie was a good fit for me before the end of my initial one-hour consultation call.  I signed up for business coaching and branding services with Katie and I am so glad I did.  In less than four months I have taken that concept I have been thinking about for years to a fully launched and operational business complete with a professional website, a well defined and strategic business funnel with multiple equally well-defined product/service offerings, and a working strategy for building my email list in conjunction with a specific and targeted marketing strategy.  In working with Katie, I accomplished in less than four months what had taken me years trying to do on my own and would have taken me more years to implement without her help!  And oh wow, don’t even get me started on the professional AND personal breakthroughs I have had while working with her.  Katie is a great business coach and talented branding expert!  I highly recommend that any budding entrepreneur or existing business owner looking to up-level their business work with her!”
– Steve Strother, Finding Men’s Peace

“When I needed to refocus and clarify my business, asking Katie to help was a no-brainer. She was gentle and adept at guiding me through what felt overwhelming. After working with Katie, I had clear ideas about not only how my process with clients was working, but also who I am as a practitioner and the services I offer. She is a masterful coach and a stellar human. If you’re on the fence, jump on over. Your business will soar.”


– Dana Childs, Spiritual Intuitive. Energy Healer.

Katie is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, along with being a wonderful human. Her knowledge and coaching has been invaluable during this phase of leveling up my business. I am a new business owner, and Katie’s guidance has provided me the tools I need to be empowered and educated in my business’s growth. She values authenticity, creativity, fun, and potential, which I appreciate greatly. I love working with her and recommend anyone leveling up their business or looking for coaching to hire Katie. You will not regret it.
– Erika Shepard,

The fact that I now have a business has been everything.  I never thought I could do this and still maintain my corporate and family life. This program had so much information, I think it will take a year to digest it all. There was no gap and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much. This was such a step by step process where I didn’t even know I was moving forward. I never felt pressure to jump into the deep end.
– Christy L., Sanctuary in the City