What Makes a Powerful Brand Story?

Your brand story creates the foundation for your marketing. It represents your brand values and it creates the connection point between you and your audience. While your story will grow with you, the core passion you have for your industry and the greater purpose of your products or services will likely stay the same.

When it comes to building a powerful brand story you may be wondering: 

  • “How do I boil all the things I do into just one statement?” This is really scary to a lot of business owners starting out. You don’t want to limit yourself, right? Your brand story is meant to be foundational. You are setting the stage. Then you create supporting marketing to expand on the information and deliver it in ways a client can absorb and act upon.
  • “How do I grow if I build a brand story for one niche then want to expand?” You’re not alone in this fear. I addressed this point in last months blog actually. The approach I outline can also help if you’re not sure if you have multiple businesses or just multiple services on your hands.
  • “If my clients only hear part of what I offer in my brand story, how can they effectively choose what services they need?” The point of your brand story is to connect. Then, you use it to draw your potential client deeper into your offerings through calls to action.
  • “I’m scared to be vulnerable.” This is a big one! Sharing your brand story often means sharing some very personal experiences. I’d challenge you that the thing you’re most scared of sharing often is the key to your story. When you’re willing to own it confidently, your success will follow.
  • “If I create a brand story, then it’s real.” Yes, yes, it is! Setting up your logo and website and all that is fun but getting clients, telling your story and getting out there to really market makes it real. Thoughtful action (without over-thinking) is the surest way to create a successful business.
Okay, let’s get down to it. There are 4 key steps to building a successful brand story.

1. Position Your Message

Your first order of business is to get super clear on what your clients gain from working with you. To do this, you must address a real life problem. What is the biggest problem your ideal clients face? Use that to craft a succinct statement on what you do and what you problem you can solve through your services. I’m challenging you to one clear, easy to understand sentence.

2. State Your Impact

Next, identify the bigger issue in the world that you wish to solve. If so many people are struggling with the problem you identified in #1 above, what is the bigger issue contributing to that problem? Get passionate about the bigger impact you can have in your community, country or the larger population.

3. Tell Your Story

This step is where you get to be more transparent about yourself. Connect with your audience so they know that they aren’t alone and that they’re in good hands with a subject matter expert. If you expect your clients to be vulnerable and tell you what they are struggling with, you need to reciprocate that by sharing your story and how you got where you are.

4. Support Your Brand Message

Finally, you need to walk your talk! Support your brand message out in the world by aligning with other complimentary companies who are contributing to the bigger impact you identified in #2 above. Get involved, get off your island and grow together.


Be proud of your story. This is your legacy.
Let it grow with you. 

Your business needs a powerful brand story to grow roots so it can serve as the foundation and navigational guide for your marketing.



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