Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten stuck in the cycle of…trying to find your life purpose > not finding your life purpose > getting frustrated about not finding your life purpose > finding something that could be your life purpose > getting excited and telling everyone about your life purpose > getting scared that your life purpose might not be exciting anymore > trying to find your life purpose again.


UGH! What a tiring, frustrating cycle we create for ourselves. All because of this elusive term: “life purpose.” Which we’ve been convinced is actually a thing. Except when you think about it, it really has no real definition. You’re supposed to just “know” deep down within when you really, really look for it. Which leaves most of us wondering why we can’t see it within ourselves or find it or live it. What is so broken about us that we can’t find it?

What in the world IS life purpose and how do we find it?

5c1c502aec68eb3b74fdff0aabf3c9f2We put way too much pressure on ourselves to solve the mystery of why we were put here. What we are here to do. What our purpose is here on earth to make a difference.

Frankly, I think it’s way more simple than anyone realizes. Allow me to introduce you to your life purpose…drumroll please…


Your life purpose is to be happy. That’s it. Plain and simple.

Think about it.

  • When you are at your happiest, the people around you are also happy. For you. With you.
  • When you are at your happiest, you strive to be more and to do more. You are motivated.
  • When you are at your happiest, you create progress. You dream.
  • When you are at your happiest, you infect others with that drive and that joy.
  • When you are at your happiest, you aren’t comparing or trying to measure up.
  • When you are at your happiest, you aren’t worried about the little stuff that isn’t going right.

I want to share with you a few of my simple “realign with happiness” tricks:

  • Ask yourself what you want today. For yourself and for others.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what change you want to make in the world next.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what you want to get done this week.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself who you want to feel your love the most.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself how you want to take care of yourself.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what would make you the happiest at this point in your life.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what experience you want to have next.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what you want your friendships to feel like.
    • Act on it.
  • Ask yourself what you want your relationships to feel like.
    • Act on it.

I don’t believe we have just one life purpose.

Hopefully, that helps take some of the pressure off! Some people stay in one profession, with one main message, sure. But that certainly isn’t my path. And I don’t think that is the general rule. Here’s MY truth – and I hope it helps to free you, too:

  • My signature programs today are what make me happiest to offer right now. They might not be what I offer in my business tomorrow. I like the variety.
  • My bright idea today might not bring me joy once I get into the mechanics of how to make it happen. I might press on to see it through. Or, I might hate the process and decide it’s not for me and move on to the next bright idea that makes me happier. It’s my choice. It’s my experience.
  • Hobbies that I am passionate about might change. I might even find something tomorrow that I am more passionate about than what I did yesterday. Gasp!
  • My opinions might change as I gain more experience or learn about another perspective.
  • What makes me happy today might shift as I learn other ways to be happy or am exposed to things or ways of living that I didn’t know could make me happy.
  • My purpose today might be different tomorrow. I don’t follow one linear path to happiness.

For example, I run a very successful Give Back Challenge each December. It’s a wonderful experience filled with heart-bursting moments for me and for those involved. I intend to offer it again each year. BUT that doesn’t mean I am changing my business or that I HAVE to offer it every year. It just means that if it makes me happy to do so, I can. In fact, last year, I had so much on my plate that I decided not to run it. This year, I’m feeling energize again and intend to pick it back up.

It is so freeing when you remember that you have a choice in how you run your life. In how you choose to spend your precious time and energy.

Point is…I am a moving, living, changing being. So are you. Allow yourself room to change, room to grow, room to learn. Give yourself permission to do what makes you happiest and serves you best. At any moment. Even if it’s different from yesterday. Even if it’s different from what you think it should be. Or what everyone around you thinks it should be.

Want to go walk dogs for a living? DO IT! In three months, you’ll be ready for your next adventure. Don’t let life dictate when it’s time to leave a job or a relationship. Don’t let life dictate where you live. Don’t let life dictate your satisfaction. You are worth more than that. Start with the little things that make you happy. Walking every day. Having a cozy environment to come home to. Buying yourself flowers or dessert. Honor every moment that brings happiness in your life. Work up to the big things. But never lose sight of the fact that your purpose here is to be as happy as you possibly can stand. THAT’S a fun challenge, right?

Your one responsibility on this earth is to create your own happiness. That is your life purpose. Align with that goal each day and your purpose will write itself. Again and again.

And before you know it you might even just see your true, happiest self…


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