Sometimes the truth hurts.

Over Thanksgiving, I took four days off to rest and relax in the mountains of NC. While there, I rented The Internship (super funny movie by the way). I have always been fascinated by the concepts behind teamwork, personal responsibility and motivation, so this movie, aside from being really funny, was also really interesting to me.

Out of the movie came this gem of a quote:

“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”
– The Internship

I find a whole world of face-smacking truth in that statement for all aspects of life. Think about how often you make excuses for why something can’t be done because there isn’t money, there isn’t time, there isn’t support, there isn’t ….. fill in the blank.

I’ve personally seen those mental blocks demolished by so many people chasing their goals. I joke that most of my friends are super heroes with super powers. It’s astonishing to me how much change they’ve created when the odds have been against them. Which reminds me of another memorable quote by the late Nelson Mandela:

“It always seems impossible until its done.”
– Nelson Mandela

Think about how after a world record is broken, suddenly many others follow suit. What used to be considered impossible climbing routes a mere 15 years ago are now playgrounds for the younger generation. It always seems impossible until someone shows you otherwise. Why couldn’t that someone be YOU showing others that it can be done?

What might happen if we focused on our wishes instead of our limitations? You don’t wish to keep your limitations do you? (The correct answer is no. It’s even easy to spell. And pronounce. And I feel more people should use the word more often.) I know that our limitations are easier to focus on and more comfortable to live with, but where do they get us? They continue to get us to the vast landscape of…nowhere. Our limitations keep us in place, they keep us spinning our wheels. You have to take some risks, expand your boundaries and work harder than you’ve ever worked to view the world beyond them. And, if you keep focusing on them, nothing changes, right?

I believe in working smart. I believe in taking each dream step by step. But I also believe in eliminating fear, pushing forward for what we want and uprooting our limitations. Are you with me?

Be honest: how much do you let your limitations hold you back?

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Peace, love and momentum,


MOMENTUM CHALLENGE: Why not try being proactive with 2014? What does your heart most desire? What type of friends do you want to be surrounded by? What kind of person do you want to be known as? What would you like to accomplish? How would you like to energize your life?