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Photo credit: pinterest

So you want to know about one of life’s biggest secrets, huh? That big reveal, the magician’s final trick and your soul’s purpose…SUCCESS. How does one get there? How many times must one fail first? Is overnight success a myth or a virtue saved only for the luckiest among us? Heavy questions to be sure.

I have one final question for you in that endless series of excruciating inquisitions we put ourselves through as we strive and push and pull and wish to get…”there.” Wherever that is. My final question is this: What makes you happiest? Because happiness is really the reason we are all here, right?

Why reach for any accomplishment if you don’t enjoy the act of working for it in the first place??? That’s just crazy. The doing of your goals should be interesting and fun. (I know it’s not ALL the time, but the challenge should be motivating) Then, you work until you find yourself at a very important intersection: it’s where persistence meets timing.

We’ve all been on the verge of throwing in the towel and calling it a day. I know I’ve had a lot of let downs, wrong turns, dead ends and ‘wanna-give-ups’ over the years. But something within us keeps driving forward. Why? Because we can imagine what life will be like when we are successful. And that image makes us happy. And what’s more, we believe in what we’re doing.So, how do we turn all of that into success? I think there are three main components. These are my secret success tools. I’m sure you have some of your own!

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1. Think positively. 

I implore you to keep thinking positively. Maintain that end goal vision and revisit it often. Draw it, write it, post it. Frequently. Keep your eye on it and stay focused. Because even if you aren’t sure if you’re in the right place right NOW…if the thought of getting where you want to go makes you happy and makes you feel fulfilled…you are moving in the right direction. Get in touch with what that end vision feels like so you can identify when the moment arrives to jump all in. Personally, I meditate on the vision and then either write about it OR start a secret board on Pinterest to illustrate my vision.2. Toot your own horn! Sure, no one likes a braggart, but someone has to do it! Stay humble WHILE getting the word out about your goals and dreams. Losing weight? Tell the world you will be losing 10 lbs and HOW. Then tell them when those 10 lbs have actually come off! Looking for a new job? Get out there and get in front of the top CEOs in your industry. Find a way to let them know just how incredible of an employee you are and just how much you can help their bottom line. Starting a new business? Tell your ideal customers why you’re the best doggone new biz in town and most importantly, how your services can make their jobs easier! When you celebrate your own success WHILE striving to help others achieve theirs, you will find people clamoring to help you get the word out.

3. Take action. Lots of action. Success is based on action. This is important: success doesn’t find you. YOU find IT. Please, don’t count on hand outs. That’s not attractive on anybody. Do your homework. Get in front of the people who can make the biggest difference for you. Ask for help. (That last one is always the hardest for me.) I firmly believe there are always more ideas. When you think you’ve reached the bottom of the well, dig deeper. There is always another approach. Usually one that fit your personality better, too!

Success seldom happens overnight. Just read Roadtrip Nation for evidence that the biggest CEOs of our time have meandered their way to the top. Quick success is an illusion.

Oh, and one final key to success?

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That’s the most important sales tip I can ever teach you.

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Peace, love and momentum,

MOMENTUM CHALLENGE: Lighten up! We take things too seriously in this life. Is that person who is living drama really affecting you? Did the person who just cut you off deserve to ruin your day? Don’t give other people so much power. Do what you need. And free your mind of other people’s drama.