In this captivating episode of the Playful Embers podcast, I sit down with Heather Dressel, the founding mother of Divinely Sensitive and guide of the Hear Her Podcast. Heather, an energy doula, creates a safe space for women to connect with their emotions, intuition, and inner wisdom.

During the interview, Heather emphasizes the importance of awareness in developing intuition and reveals that everyone possesses their own unique form of intuition. She delves into the role of the body in intuition.

intuitive center

Heather sheds light on the distractions and disconnection that society often imposes, urging listeners to reconnect with their bodies and explore their intuition. She believes that intuition is a powerful tool that can guide individuals in making decisions and navigating their lives.

The conversation also touches upon the balance between feminine and masculine energies in business and life. Heather explains that the feminine energy is associated with intuition, receiving, creativity, and compassion, while the masculine energy is associated with structure, discernment, and focus. Listeners are encouraged to find a harmonious balance between these energies to achieve success and fulfillment.

In addition, Katie and Heather discuss the impact of technology on our ability to be present and the importance of setting boundaries and practicing self-care to counteract constant distractions.

Heather wrapped us up with a beautiful guided exercise where listeners are invited to pause, connect with their intuition, and receive messages from their sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies. Heather encourages listeners to trust themselves and their intuition, suggesting journaling as a way to further explore and remember the messages received.

Join us for this enlightening episode as Heather Dressel shares her wisdom and insights, leaving a lasting impact about exploring your intuitive center.

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