As a business coach, something I hear from almost every small business owner who calls me is this:

“I know what I’m offering is helping people. I feel like what I offer can literally help anyone. I keep hearing I need to have a niche but I don’t want to. I’m afraid I’ll leave some people out or narrow down too much. I don’t want to box myself in!”

My style of niching is quite different. I can promise you it is not about choosing one focus for the rest of your days as a business owner. And, it’s not about narrowing your focus so far that it’s hard to get any variety in your audience. Or, getting so specific that you are leaving out a huge portion of your could-be target audience. 

No, my style of niching is actually quite expansive. I love options! What business owner doesn’t? But, the problem with too many options is that we run into some serious pitfalls in business. Those would be: 

  1. Having an unclear message. If you’re trying to talk to everybody out there, you are literally talking to nobody. If you don’t understand your message, then neither do your clients! 
  2. You overpromise and underdeliver. No business owner wants to do this, but if you are saying yes to everything you’re setting yourself up for failure. You can’t be everything to everyone. 
  3. You attract clients you don’t actually enjoy working with. I’m positive that you are a lovely person who gets along with a lot of different types of people, but guess what? I’m also positive you don’t love everyone. Who does? When you try to help literally anyone, you are sure to attract clients who are high maintenance or who just don’t jive with your style of service. That’s never enjoyable.

So what can happen when you start to niche? 

Well, simply put, your business gets a lot more profitable and you get a lot more joy from it. This means: 

  • More money
  • More time
  • More creativity
  • More happy clients
  • More results
  • More focus and clarity
  • More effective marketing
  • Easier sales
  • More joy in your work

Curious about how to start creating a solid niche that grows with you? 

Last week, I appeared on Ed Troxell Creative to talk all about the benefits of niching for your business. We covered a lot of ground in 40 minutes and had a ton of fun sharing stories of our businesses in their early days, how we turned things around and what we’ve discovered along the way.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Personal stories of our own pitfalls from not niching early on.
  • WHY we both advocate for creating a niche so strongly. 
  • HOW to start forming your niche.
  • HOW to make sure your niche is a direct reflection of you, your personality and your passions.
  • EXAMPLES of how niching can expand to not only give you focus in the short term but give you incredible reach for the long term.
  • WHERE to start narrowing down to your first niche. Hint: not your ONLY niche! 

Curious? Have a listen!

Ed went on to say:

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I took that live and created 9 mini-episodes from it! ?”

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