We all use intuition every day. It’s that silent internal nudge that happens when something feels right or wrong. I wonder how often entrepreneurs tap into this secret, but potent power – their business intuition.

You know you’re using your business intuition when you find yourself saying things like:

  • “I just had a feeling…”
  • “Something told me to ___.”
  • “It just didn’t feel right.”
  • “It was so easy to do ____, because I just got excited about it and things just flowed.”
  • “My gut is telling me to do ____.”

I used to wonder if there was room for intuition in business. I know that I use it in my daily life. I rely on it constantly in my decision making. Yet, I find I question it more when it comes to business. Interesting, huh? I start to wonder if I am overthinking, second guessing, comparing, or trying too hard.

My clients do this, too! I chuckle every time I hear a client express a frustration over a business relationship and then say, “but I knew better!” (No, I’m not laughing at them. Trust me, I’m laughing with them.) I’ve been there 100%. Usually it involves scenarios like this:

  • Taking on a client that felt wrong or had lots of red flags
  • Agreeing to extra requests that you knew would end up tying up your time and energy with little to no reward.
  • Forcing a new service, launch, or offering when the timing just felt wrong.
  • Staring at a computer to do a task when you didn’t feel like it … and not getting it done that day and then feeling guilt.

Business owners deal with a lot of stress. Sometimes we find ourselves ticking off tasks so fast, we forget to slow down. Racing through the day is a sure fire way to cut yourself off from your own intuition.

Think of it as losing signal to your own inner guidance and decision making center because there’s too much static to really hear the message.  

So, the question begs to be asked … can business intuition help you grow your business and feel more peace of mind when you make decisions? My good friend, Dee Montie, says HECK YES! Dee makes a living helping people to tap into their own intuitive wisdom so that they can make decisions in their life with confidence and clarity.

“Using your own intuitive wisdom can complement your logical side, and bring clarity for all kinds of decisions in business (and in life). It’s about bridging the gap between figuring things out (logic) and feeling things out (intuition).” Dee Montie. Intuitive Shamanic Healer

How might you operate differently if you could easily turn inward and quickly feel …

  • Who to work with
  • Who NOT to work with
  • When to take action vs when to wait a little longer
  • If a potential collaboration is a good idea
  • If you should do a certain task today or if it matters
  • If a new idea is one to act on or set aside

Perhaps it’s quite possible that this life is actually very simple to navigate – we just tend to overcomplicate (read: overthink) things. Our decisions can actually come quite quickly and easily. You do, in fact, have an internal intuitive guidance in business. Are you using it enough?