I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the choices we make. Choices to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Choices to have healthy relationships. Choices to enjoy our time each day. Choices to be happy or comfortable. Choices to be present or not.

In my moments of quiet and reflection, these statements came forth. I hope you enjoy them. I rather enjoyed documenting them. I invite you to take some time with each sentence. See what it means to you. Where might you make some improvements in your life?

  • Choose Well.
  • Choose love over desperation.
  • Choose patience over judgement.
  • Choose positive over stress.
  • Choose easy over hard.
  • Choose truth over ego.
  • Choose support over isolation.
  • Choose health over medicine.
  • Choose adventure over comfort.
  • Choose conversation over technology.
  • Choose kind over attractive.
  • Choose intuition over rationale.
  • Choose spontaneity over rigidity.
  • Choose freedom over control.
  • Choose receiving over taking.
  • Choose gratitude over resentment.
  • Choose interaction over media.
  • Choose joy over pain.
  • Choose expansion over protection.
  • Choose trust over skepticism.
  • Choose fact over assumption.
  • Choose questions over dictation.
  • Choose food over waste.
  • Choose community over independence.
  • Choose words over silence.
  • Choose humanity over detachment.
  • Choose honesty over protection.
  • Choose purpose over talent.
  • Choose knowledge. Not guesswork.

Which of these needs your attention? Pop over to the Facebook page to talk about it. Or, shoot me an email! I always love to hear from you and I would enjoy hearing your commitment to a more fulfilling life by way of your choices. It’s all within your control after all!

Peace, love and momentum,

MOMENTUM CHALLENGE: Pay attention to how your actions affect those around you. Often, we come from a place of personal happiness in any given moment. But, what if for a while we flipped that perspective and focused on making the people around us happy for a while. How might that shift your life?