You are a little more than halfway through the year. Doesn’t that just twist your brain into a pretzel!

I recently carved out some time for business reflection to review how my year has gone so far. I looked at my progress on my financial goals, and what I’ve accomplished so far, how my energy is holding up, and what I’ve enjoyed doing most.

Business reflection and the many insights that come as a result are a huge asset to your success. Do you do this for yourself regularly?

It’s so powerful to pause, look back, and use that point of view to plan for the future.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been through a few rounds of burn out, strengthening boundaries, and re-configuring this year as a new mama. Can you believe my little mini-me turned one this month? Time flies. Even with lack of sleep, allll the regressions, and isolation with quarantine at the beginning, our little family unit is doing quite well.

As I looked back, here is what I discovered

What Hasn’t Gone As Planned:

  • I haven’t posted or blogged as much as I intended to.
  • I’ve had to step back from some client work to conserve my energy.
  • I’m still finding a balance with my hours. Specific time set for work can kill creativity, so I’m learning what works for me while still having a set schedule.
  • Baby naps aren’t the same time or length on the days I watch her (who knew!) 😉
  • I’m a little short on my financial goals.
  • The Collective is growing, but slower than I anticipated.
  • My bar for exhaustion comes a lot quicker these days.

What I’m Proud Of:

  • I’ve set boundaries with clients who were delaying projects.
  • I’ve protected my limited energy so that my clients get the best of me.
  • I’ve set a waitlist with reasonable expectations.
  • I’ve prioritized self-care.
  • I launched The Collective in March.
  • I’m close to my financial goals still.
  • I am still posting, even if it’s not as much as I wanted to.
  • I started a guest series on IG TV with some awesome experts who are bringing their wisdom and personalities to the business table. Stay tuned!
  • I’m delegating more (this is super hard for me)!
  • I’m still relatively organized 😉
  • I’ve been featured in quite a few podcasts (some still to be published) this year.

What I know to be true always: if you aren’t able to be present, then you are doing a disservice to your clients. (Same goes for your friendships, relationships, and families!)


Here are some highlights of the incredible conversations I’ve had this year if you’re needing some inspiration today! Most of them are 20 mins or less.


1) Soul Centric Biz Spotlight with Kammie K. Owner, (and longtime friend), Kammie Kobyleski, and I talked about:

      • Intuition and how we can learn to trust it
      • Why action is the key to creating and maintaining, momentum
      • The unique and different ways that we each visualize day-to-day

2) Create Your Daily Momentum with Queen BAE Goals. Owner, Lavelle, and I did a deep dive into:

      • My start in business (and how it was slowwww and bumpy)
      • What I’ve learned about “failures” after navigating a lot of learning curves
      • Why you shouldn’t rush the process

 Guest Appearances

1) How to Focus Your Business Message Without Boxing Yourself In with Ed Troxell

2) Designing Simple Marketing Systems to Create Momentum with Ed Troxell

3) Intuitive Momentum with Dee Montie. How to get the ball rolling in your business by accessing intuitive wisdom and taking guided action.

4) Crafting a Stronger Business on Create Talk Explore. Navigating the “new” normal after Covid.

5) Gaining and Maintaining Daily Momentum with Monique Floyd. How to stop hiding in your business – not just what you consider “professional.”

Momentum Guests

1) How to Create Inner Space with Kammie Kobyleski

2) Leaning Into Life Purpose with Dee Montie

3) Sales Mistakes Your Might Unknowingly Be Making (and how to fix them) with Dr. Nadia Brown of The Doyenne Agency

4) Move With Your Fear to Feel Worthy of Momentum, Abundance and Confidence with Monique Floyd

Your Turn For Business Reflection

As you move into the second half of this year, I invite you to do some business reflection. Some key areas to focus on:

  • Financial goals
  • Progress you’ve made
  • What tasks you’ve enjoyed doing most
  • What tasks do you wish you didn’t have to do?
  • How is your energy holding up?
  • How would you like the second half of this year to feel?
  • What would you like to do differently as you move forward? The same?

Decide if you like the progress you’re making and brag on yourself a bit! Then, use that information to make a plan for the remainder of the year.

If you’d like support as you move forward, join me in The Collective!