Here at Momentum Coaching, I am always talking about creating Daily Momentum. And there’s a reason for it! Throughout my own journey, and the journey of those I’ve had the privilege of coaching, there is one common theme: Little actions lead to big results.

Every business, dream, idea, or goal requires momentum in order to thrive. Momentum isn’t static. But it also doesn’t start all at once. In fact, momentum is defined as “strength of force gained by motion or by a series of events.” Isn’t that beautiful?! Strength of force. We all need the strength of force in our businesses and to accomplish goals in life. The stunning part is that the strength you need is gained by simply adding motion to your goal.


“Strength of force gained by motion or by a series of events.”

Creating daily momentum in your business starts with a series of events…little actions…that grow into HUGE results. If figuring out where to start is holding you back from creating momentum, that’s why I’m here! I’ve outlined 9 great ways to inspire daily momentum in your business, starting now.

1. Create a Self-Care Routine

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Really Katie? I don’t have TIME to take care of myself! What does that have to do with my business anyway?” And I get it. When you’re struggling to make a business grow, it feels like every waking minute needs to be devoted to that business. But hear me out. When you neglect yourself and your needs, you won’t be able to sustain momentum. When you are healthy, happy, rested, and at peace, you are able to give more of yourself to your business. Creativity will flourish. You will have more energy. And you’ll be ready to navigate the increasing momentum of your business.

Self-care looks different for everyone, so find the routine that is right for you. Whether you spend time meditating, journaling, exercising, or even prioritizing a health or skincare routine—set aside time EVERY day to take care of you.

2. Set Up a Time Management System

Time is one of our greatest resources. How we use it influences our ability to create momentum. Implementing a time management process is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a business owner. Not everyone handles their time well. If that sounds like you, I invite you to take my Mastering Time Management training. You’ll learn how to go from swamped to structured in 16 minutes. Set boundaries in your schedule and stick to them, allowing yourself to focus on clients , yourself, and focus on your own business as well.

3. Work on Marketing Every Day

Geez, I can hear the groaning! No, this doesn’t not mean you have to write a blog every day or spend hours fine-tuning the perfect Instagram post. But if you implement a layer of marketing into your daily schedule, those little actions really will build momentum for your business. Identify where your clients are spending most of their time and connect with them there each day. Sometimes it can be as simple as liking a Facebook post, connecting with a few social comments online, or sending an email to your list or an individual. It also helps to devote time each day to some of your bigger content marketing tasks. Outline your next blog, work on your newsletter, post a video training. Strengthen your business by taking little actions. Before long, they become routine.

4. Seek Inspiration

Sometimes momentum requires more than just action, it also requires motivation. Take time to inspire yourself through reading, listening to a podcast, or connecting with other entrepreneurs. Whatever makes you inspired to do the work in front of you is an important element to your daily momentum.

5. Do Some Research

Are you aware of what your competitors are implementing in their business? While comparison is off the table (don’t compare yourself – read this blog instead!) it helps to see what other business owners are doing in order to draw inspiration. What do they do that you like? What seems to be working? What could you do differently or better? Rather than copy what you see is working, use your research to spark new ideas and creative solutions that speak to your clients and business goals.

6. Keep Your Goals In Front of You

It is important to be able to visualize your goals every day. Determine your goals for a given period of time—think about financial growth, number of new customers, number of sales, etc. Create a visual to help you stay focused on that goal. Just like you would track your progress on a health goal, find a way to track your business progress.

For example: if you want 15 new clients this quarter to meet your financial goals, place 15 numbered sticky notes on your bulletin board, and fill in a name every time you book a new client!

7. Create a File of Encouragement

I call it the client love file. Every time a client sends you love—a note of thanks, an encouraging email, or a reminder that what you do has an impact—save it in a file. Whenever you need a fresh reminder of the value behind what you do, pull out that file and soak up some client love! Instant spark and momentum boost!

8. Pre-sell Your Product or Service

Building daily momentum sometimes means looking ahead. If you are in the midst of developing a new program, brainstorm fun and new ways to engage new clients. Sometimes by creating a splash before you launch your product, you can grab a potential audience you might have missed otherwise.

Offering discounts for early adopters or starting a trial group is a great way to build momentum not only for your business but also for your clients. Take some time each day to brainstorm, get creative, and get excited about ways to grab the attention of new customers.

9. Build Connections

We all need the support and encouragement of others in order to thrive in our daily momentum. No man is an island, and no business owner should be without the support of other business owners. When we surround ourselves with others who are motivated, successful and growing, we can’t help but be encouraged and inspired in the process. Whether you join a business group, form your own, take a course, or hire a coach, find some way to stay focused and motivated to build momentum in YOUR business every day.

Grow Your Momentum Starting NOW

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