Today’s blog is *not* about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not even going to discuss goals for this year. My mind has been wandering to other places lately.

My soul has needed a pause these last few years. Even today. It’s 10a and I’ve been sick most of this month so I’m in bed and just resting instead of working today. I’m reflecting on what I want in 2024 and it’s not about more doing/accomplishing/completing.

I’m choosing to focus on creativity/excitement/connection. I wanted to hop on quickly and share the questions I explored with you so you could reflect on them in your own business as well.

(especially if you’ve been feeling stuck)

  1. Who do you wish to serve? 
    Your audience(s) will shift over time. You are an evolving being, so, naturally, your audiences do the same to align with who you are becoming. Maybe you have an audience that you wish to claim that brings up a little trepidation. Maybe you need to get more specific for a little while. Maybe your focus for your audience is a certain goal.

    I’ve found that the core aspects of our audiences stay the same. For example, I’ve always had a focus on loving, honest, driven holistic healers. Yet, the goal is for the focus on how we interact with our audiences to become more specific and exciting. For example, sometimes I want to work with just intuitives or just business owners with specific goals, or just business owners who are launching. I do my best to be as specific as I can when it comes to WHO I’m serving with each of my offers.

    This year, for instance, I’m clear I want to work with holistic business owners who are craving a monthly private check-in to focus on reflection. We spend a lot of time helping others in this world and sometimes we just need a place to come that permits us to focus only on what we want, what we need, and allow our own answers to unfold.
  2. What type of light do you wish to spark in the world? 
    It is often forgotten that where you go this year is solely up to you. Don’t love your job or your business any longer? Make a change. Craving a different path? Dream up new offers … turn things on their head. Go back to school. Need a break? Take one! We forget that life doesn’t happen to us. It happens because of us. Your choices create your future. Each morning, explore some quiet time while you reflect on what type of light you wish to bring into the world as a result of the work that you’re doing. Your work has a direct reflection on how others move out into the world. Consider your influence on helping guide your clients into igniting their own spark and carrying it forward.
  3. Where do you need space this year? 
    I’ve forgotten to ask this question for 42 years! Having my daughter is what forced this question to the forefront. She, of course, demands my undistracted attention. So, if you aren’t asking yourself this question regularly (and creating undistracted time to focus on YOU), I implore you to start.

    ​You don’t have to work as hard as you think you do. So many of my clients have discovered that with a few simple tweaks, they’ve been able to work far less and make double what they were while enjoying the depth of their work with their clients even more.

    Make space to take care of yourself. You’ll be amazed at what answers come through when you make time to focus on yourself without distractions. Your business (and life) answers can come while journaling, taking a bath, meditating, getting a massage, working out, reading, or having lunch with a good friend. What would life look like if you didn’t work so hard?

Next year, you’ll find me taking on web and print projects that light me up to work on, writing more newsletters as I’m inspired (but not out of obligation), posting reflections on social media for the joy of learning new techniques (not to follow a ‘content calendar’), and launching new group and individual offers like the two you see below for the joy of it and because I’m being led to.

  • If having a space dedicated to a quiet mind, gentle reflection, and playing with the embers of your ideas sounds exciting, then I invite you to join the interest list for Playful Embers.
  • If learning, growing, and enhancing your skills sounds more like your jam this year, then join the interest list for the live classes for my business foundations course!
  • Or join both! I’ll send more information out about them in January.

I hope the 3 questions above get your gears turning and help you align even deeper with your definition of happiness. I know they did for me as I rested this morning. My 2024 wish for you is a deeper connection to yourself, more quiet time, and an inner peace with your choices.